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Zenith - already the name of the watch manufactory shows of its excellence. More than 600 designs of different and individual movements have been created at Zenith. Each individual watch usually runs 2,500 steps until it is finally available for sale. Exactly this love for detail, the effort and perfection that the manufactory puts into production, inspires watch lovers all over the world. Creativity, technology and exclusivity - all this agreed in a single Zenith watch. Perhaps you will also like this piece of jewelery. Catchys offers a selection of Zenith vintage watches. You should not miss this!

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Did you know that …

  1. since the construction of the first Zenith manufactory, the city of Le Locle became a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.
  2. Zenith specializes in discoveries in space as well as aviation. Researchers have thus been able to achieve numerous breakthroughs
  3. Zenith has over 300 patents
  4. the series chronograph “Gravity Control” measures even 1/10 seconds and is one of the greatest breakthroughs of the 21st century.
  5. Zenith is one of the most daring watch manufacturers.

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The story of Zenith


George Favre-Jacot develops the first concept of a watchmaker world-wide by taking the entire production under one roof


The first pocket chronograph appears


The year of the El Primero. This measures exactly to the tenth of a second and thus becomes the most exact watch factory in the world


The Elite model is named the ‘Clockwork of the Year’. It is the flattest model of its time


The architecture of the manufactory in Le Locle is a UNESCO cultural heritage

Catchy’s Zenith Brand Guide

zenith watch el primero used
El Primero Original
The bags are available in the sports pocket optics and in the classic Jackwill colors (dark blue-white, dark blue-dark red etc.). One of his most famous cloth bags is the Ambleshire Book Bag, which is designed to remind the students of their origin. They can be combined with washed-out tube jeans and a simple white T-shirt. Jack Wills bags are the perfect companion for the gym, the weekly market and the beach.
Academy Christophe Colomb Tribute To Felix Baumgartner
This model was inspired by the Marine Chronometer. The ‘Gravity Control’ module was positioned here in a horizontal position. The dial is shining in a turquoise blue and is reminiscent of the legendary stratospheric jump by Felix Baumgartner. The movement can be composed of 308 components and 45 bearings.
zenith uhr elite used
Elite Moonphase
The Elite Moonphase model is one of the traditional Zenith watch models. The large date and moon phase display adorns the silver colored dial of this classic clock. The model consists of 228 components and is offset by 27 bearings.