By Wolfgang Joop

Every German modem girl knows and loves Wolfgang Joop. And not just since Germany's Next Topmodel. It was hard to believe, but already in 1944 little Wolfgang was born in Potsdam. When the magazine "Constanze" launched a fashion contest in 1970, the young Wolfgang quickly won him and started his career as a moderator at the magazine "Neue Mode". Freigeist Wolfgang soon decided to be better off as an independent journalist and creator. In 1978 he presented his first own collection in NYC and made a breakthrough with his pelts. But all fashion people have a special presentation: Paris, 1982, ready-to-wear. Unforgettable. Art lover Wolfgang Joop is traveling with his label Wunderkind on eccentrically innovative paths. The draftsman designing fashion, which understands itself as an art form, spreads sophistication in a glamorously modern way, which combines young Berlin with traditional aristocratic influences. Contrasts ultimately make life interesting. Wolfgang, you are unique, you miracle child!

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The story of Wunderkind

Catchy’s Wunderkind Brand Guide

Wunderkind Bags – High Fashion in perfection

Wunderkind Bags represent Wolfgang Joop’s flair for haute couture perfect! Here, the French influence can be seen, which, together with Wolfgang’s understanding of art, bring about unique pocket creations. If you’re a bag addict who would like to add new artworks to his collection, then you’re in the right place at Wunderkind. After all, a bag is an accessory that is not only indispensable in everyday life, but can also turn a simple look into turning something special … If this creates a bag, then the one from the house Wunderkind. The high fashion models are in high demand, but maybe you have the unique chance to get a copy that will look at your wrist or over your shoulder in the future. Très chic!

Wunderkind Dresses – artistically valuable

Artistic prints, colorful prints and geometric patterns – Whatever is on your favorite dress from Wunderkind, it is a fashion statement of the extra class. Wolfgang Joop designs light summer dresses in flowing chiffon or feminine blouse dresses in delicate silk, which would show us ladies from their best, most self-confident side. For the creator Wolfgang is a heartfelt person who loves women and wants to strengthen them. You’ll always do this with your clothes, dear Wolfgang! We feel puddle in a Maxikleid of you, in which we feel during a walk on the beach promenade like a star. And at the next Vernissage, we are the art object with one of your dresses.

Wunderkind shoes – Wolfgang’s chicest footwear

Anyone who loves fashion and admires haute couture from afar, should sooner or later enjoy a design piece. Because with you it is best kept, with Argusaugen protected and with bright eyes. And they will shine even more with the prospect of the second hand selection of catchys and the vintage prizes. Shoes by Wolfgang Joops Wunderkind not infrequently with extravagant cuts, fresh colors and special comfort. Not just for their unique comfort, the pumps and sandals from Wunderkind are therefore rare. Have you fallen in love with a model? Boots with avant-garde lacing, wedges with a bright pattern mix or espadrilles with lace inserts? These are the details that make our passion for Wunderkind so great!

Wunderkind Geldbörsen – Small works of art

For his latest collections, Wolfgang Joop is always inspired by the couture of the 50s and 60s. When traveling, the designer always discovers new pictures and materials, which he also integrates into his accessories. Thus, a Geldbörse from Wunderkind can recall a thousand and one night, when Wolfgang took a holiday in the Middle East from the oriental mood it also Yves Saint Laurent has already done. You may even get a wonderkind wallet from the luxury line – from the highest quality materials and fine highlights that you can always discover when you are at the supermarket checkout. To shop at the heart of the city, you do not have to fly to London’s first international flagship store – you can sit on your sofa – and snorkel through the fashion world of Catchys.