Wood Wood

Wood Wood

Are you already Team Denmark? The Scandinavians stand for clean designs that play more with cuts and forms than with gaudy color combinations, ruffles and sequins. And yet the designs of the Danish label Wood Wood are very personal. Because Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brian Jensen combine everything they love in their collections. Details that inspire her in her everyday life or on one of her trips. Fashion as a tribute to the individual life so to speak. Not only we, but also fashion brands like Adidas, Nike or Henrik Vibskov, who already cooperated with Wood Wood, like the idea of ​​fashion with "life", with history and personality. Love is in the air! And that does not always have to be expressed with roses and bows - which is also very pure beautiful.

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Did you know that …

  1. The chief designer Duo creates a mix of underground and avant-garde. Because despite the sense of fashion Wood Wood Pieces should be roadworthy. Her motto: “No rules”
  2. Wood Wood launched a Mickey Mouse collection inspired by the 1920’s / 30’s mouse look – All black & white
  3. Wood Wood, in collaboration with Casio, designed 15 limited G-Shock watches exclusively for the German public, which were exclusively available in the Berlin shop of the brand
  4. The “Shanghay” chair by KiBiSi was produced by HAY and colored by … Wood Wood. It is available in six shades, clean and an absolute designer centerpiece
  5. Karl-Oskar and Brian did not just open their first flagship store with fashion. Also books and skateboards tummeled between the premiere pieces under the name Wood Wood

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Die Story von Wood Wood


The two founders grew up with graffiti and streetwear to inspire them – to this day


After completing the Royal Design School of Denmark, Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brian Jensen finally open their flagship store with the first Wood Wood collection in Copenhagen


Wood Wood also presents their designs at Fashion Week Berlin.


Wood Wood also launches a denim line

Catchy’s Woood Wood Brand Guide

Wood Wood Shirts – Streetcouture on top

Which garment do you use most often in the closet in the morning? Jeans? You can also wear it for a second day. Skirts? Attracts only rarely. Shirts? Do we need everything? That’s why we love tops in all its facets. Warm turtlenecks, chic blouses or airy tops. Each shirt has its own permission. Ideally, you should have different materials in the repertoire. Sheep’s wool for the cold days, Lightweight chiffon for the summer heat. Wood Wood loves the play with fabrics and the association to all gentleman countries. Los Angeles and Malibu are among the favorite sources of inspiration for the designer team.

Wood Wood Shoes – Extravagant or Simple?

Wood Wood has a thing for the mix of casual streetwear and extravagant highlights. Of course you should feel comfortable in your skin. And with simple sneakers we rarely wear them wrong. Here and there it may also be a small special highlight. In addition to restrained colors such as beige, gray and white, Wood Wood combines clean-cut flats with skilfully applied splashes of color and prints.

Wood Wood Bags – Not without my bag

Bags, Bags, Bags. Without a bag from the house? No way. Where then with all our vital companions. Cell phone, lipstick and Co are our little valuable everyday treasures, which we want to know safely and nicely stowed away. A Wood Wood bag is such a chic case that would not even have to be filled with precious content as an accessory to be indispensable.

Wood Wood Watches – Simple but chic

Karl-Oskar and Brian, the chiefs and designers at Wood Wood, do not want to showcase their unusual creations to their audience, but authentically, just what they have in their heads. Fascinating encounters, colors or shapes that are immortalized on fabric and leather. For example, in the notorious Berlin Store, which Wood Wood opened in Denmark from the beginning.