Women’s Watches

Oh, is it already that late?

Even if we read the time mainly from the smartphone, nothing stands in our way, nevertheless, wearable wrist watches. Whether you are looking for a fashionable and enchanting classic by Casio, the perfect women's watch you will find at Catchys for a lower price - whether vintage or on sale.

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Style Guide Ladies Watches


First of all, it is necessary to differentiate between the watch types. There are quartz clocks in which quartz crystals are vibrated by means of electrical impulses. These are more precise than mechanical clocks and hold decades – but these batteries, which should be changed every few years. Digital clocks are especially equipped – from date or weekday display to the stopwatch you can find some specials. Automatic watches or mechanical watches are somewhat more sensitive than quartz clocks, but can easily be repaired. Under luxury clocks a mechanical clockwork is regarded as an absolute prestige object. Chronographs have a characteristic stop function – they are “timers” and start and stop the time using two pushers.

Materials for the watch strap

A popular material for watch straps is artificial or genuine leather. – Welding and dirt resistant, leather bracelets are skin-friendly and easy to wear. So they are especially suitable for a watch that you would like to wear in everyday life. Daniel Wellington or Fossil offer cheaper models, while brands like Gucci or Hermès offer watches with leather bracelets in the high-priced segment. Stainless steel bracelets are particularly durable – they are easy to care for and are robust. But they also weigh a lot – lighter alternatives are bracelets made of nickel-free titanium. There are also watches, such as Casio, Michael Kors or Nixon, which are suitable for everyday life but also more refined, more formal models from Cartier or Omega – these value a chic outfit all the more.

Materials for watch cases

Since a wristwatch is worn on the wrist and often almost every day, the case must be stable. Stainless steel is a favorite and is available in matte or glossy finish in different metal shades such as gold, silver or rose gold. Watches made of plastic are very light and suitable for sports or leisure. Watches with square housings often look very classy and classic, while round housings make a loose, sporty impression.

Materials for the watch glass

The dial, pointer and clockwork must be protected from external influences and damage. The highest quality material is sapphire glass – this is especially scratch resistant and five times harder than a diamond – especially luxury watches are protected by sapphire glass. More economical alternatives are provided with mineral or plastic glass. Plastic glass is impact-resistant, light and comfortable to wear – unfortunately, it is prone to scratches – but these can be polished. Mineral glass is scratch-resistant and harder, but breaks faster than plastic glass – but it can be exchanged favorably and easily. So you should go with the choice of the watch glass entirely according to your own requirements and requirements. No matter what design or brand you choose – from Nixon and Casio to Daniel Wellington, Michael Kors and Fossil to Omega and Cartien – you’ll find everything here.

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