Women’s Sneakers

If we had to choose a fashion word of the moment, it would be quite clear - Athelisure! The times when jogging pants, leggings, hoodies and sneakers were strictly suitable for the gym, are over! And it comes much better - sneaker-technology is every combination allowed - whether to coat, pleated skirt, dress or blouse - the imagination is no limits and no-go's hardly any. Whether you're looking for sneakers from Adidas, Nike, Reebok or New Balance - you'll find it here!

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Style Guide Women’s Sneaker

For everyday life

Style or comfort in everyday life? Fortunately, this question is a thing of the past. The largest fashion icons are now both stylish and comfortable. Take a pair of sneakers, a cool mop jeans and a light knit sweater – then a leather jacket, a cool scarf and the last it bag, and the Everyday look is ready. If you want something more “fashion”, combine sneakers with leather leggings or pants and an Oversize sweater. Très chic and popular on the fashion week is also the combination sneakers + coat.

For the office

Also in the office the clothing regulations are now much more relaxed – sneakers in the office are (mostly) allowed! Here you should best to a simple couple in white or black grip – the Adidas Stan Smith are for example well suited for this. In addition, a loose cut, black cigarette pants and a white blouse and the ladies in suits and costumes for nothing.

For the evening

Heels im going out and the club? Very unpractical – you can not get to dance long and then everyone in the dark is going to the chic Jimmy Choos … Anyone who wants to avoid the anger and are tired of having to unpack the ballerinas from the clutch on the way home now is attacking Sneakers go to party. Mini skirt or dress are still going on – the high contrast of glamor and athletes is best matched with a piece that fits both on the one hand and a different one – a leather jacket, for example, keeps the look good. So the outfit does not look like randomly thrown out and the evening can take its course chic and comfortable. As you can see, you can get your sneakers from Reebok, Nike, Adidas, New Balance and co. almost everywhere. Are you missing the right pair? Have a look now and find the perfect pair of secondhand or on sale!

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