Women’s Jeans

Denim is a way of life

The jeans were designed as a pure workhorse for gold diggers - the fabric is very durable and does not tear as fast as ordinary cotton. Thus, at first she fulfilled only a purely practical function and it was not foreseeable to what sort of style object the pants of denim would develop. Hardly anyone has at least a pair of jeans at home - quite right! But now there is a big selection of brands - from Levis over 7 for all manking to Citizens of Humanity and Lee, and all offer so many models and washes that you could create a whole jeans dictionary. Our Style Guide gives you an overview of the best known jeans models.

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Style Guide Women’s Jeans

Flared Jeans

After a great success in the 70s, the flared jeans are already celebrating their revival for the second time – tightly cut on the lower body and thigh, and from the knees onwards, the flaps can cover the entire shoe depending on the foot width. With high shoes – at the best plateau – the legs look longer. Casual boho blouses or crop tops complete the look.

Skinny Jeans

The skinny jeans is even tighter than the tube jeans and sits, as the name already betrays, hauteng. Especially in the last 10 years, it has gained increasing popularity. The Skinny Jeans is now so popular that some can not imagine wearing any other jeans model at all. With a lot of freedom of movement and countless combinations, it is no wonder that the skinny jeans got a firm place in our cupboards.

Mom Jeans

“Mom-Jeans” is a humorous name for a jeans that is known as misshapen – usually high waist, it makes the butt wider and longer than it really is. In the past it was a good laugh, the biggest fashion icons and the most famous street-style stars have ventured into the Mom jeans. The 90s trend will be fashionable when you wear the jeans and wear cool boots – a tight top, a loose blouse or a loose knit sweater that you put into your pants and a waisted blazer or coat over it.

Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans sit comfortably and slightly far – as if you had lent them to you from your friend. If you wear boyfriend jeans, the style looks a bit masculine, a little undone and always very stylish. With a blouse and heels the look looks more feminine, with leather jacket and sneakers very cool and with a simple shirt and Loafer the look is suitable for a relaxed weekend. Shop now famous jeans brands like Levis, Lee , Citzens of Humanity and 7 for all mankind secondhand, vintage or on sale!

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