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The great love of every fashion enthusiast - the handbag. In addition to shoes, handbags are the fashion accessories that are most celebrated and collected. Just think of all the beautiful It-Bags, which will become more and more year by year and make Fashionestas worldwide soft knees. It is often difficult to decide for a model and to know what actually suits your own style - because nothing is more annoying than investing in a designer bag and later to realize that you have nothing to do with what you wear could. Read more in our Style Guide and find out how you can avoid such errand.

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Style Guide Ladies Handbags

For the Boho-Babe – Chloé, Gucci

You love romantic maxi dresses, plateau wedges and long, open hairs? Then brands such as Gucci and Chloé are just right for you. These brands not only make beautiful handbags in the Boho and Seventies style, they are also very popular. Whether you are looking for a vintage Bamboo Bag from Gucci, or if you are looking for a baby Marcie, it is up to you.

For the minimalist – Céline, Loewe, & other stories

Your wardrobe is mostly white, black, gray and beige, and consists largely of Oversize blouses, well-cut trousers, classic boots and loafers? Your motto is “less is more”? Then you should definitely buy an investment bag, which is stylistically komlpex, but not too much – the branding should be as inconspicuous as possible. How about a Céline Trepeze Bag or the Loewe Puzzle Bag? Perhaps you will also find a cheaper alternative of & other stories – also these offer high-quality, relatively cheap handbags without much tamtam.

For the tradition-conscious – Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Chanel

You do not run behind the scenes – you have found your own personal style and remain faithful to it – there are seldom purchases. Instead of getting the it bag of the moment, you invest in a timeless classic, which has already proven itself for generations. After all, you know you can wear it in 30 years. Classic models like the 2.55 from Chanel, the Speedy from Louis Vuitton or the Birkin Bag from Hermès are just right for you.

For the model off duty – Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Givenchy

When you get up in the morning, you do not have to be long to get ready – your leather leggings, the Oversize hoodie and the leather jacket have already established themselves as your everyday uniform. What better fits than a bag from the model-off-duty label par excellence? With a Rocco Bag by Alexander Wang you could mean straight, you’re on the next fashion show. Other good alternatives include the Antigona of Givenchy or the City Bag of Balenciaga. Shop now the matching second hand, second season or sale handbag on catchies!

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