Women’s Clutches

For cozy bartende or long club nights, for first dates or cozy coffee-cakes - there is not much to be rumschleppen with itself. So, Clutches are an exciting change, in which we just pack the most - some money, the cell phone, key and a lipstick. But which looks can be combined with the clutch? Read about it in our Style Guide.

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Style Guide Ladies Clutches

For long party parties – Valentino, Michael Kors and co.

There were enough Friday nights with jogging trousers and serial marathons – today you want to be sexy and to go with your girls around the clubs? Grab your tight bodycondress from Herve Leger, your favorite Manolo Blahniks, style your hair with a generous amount of volume mousse and do not forget your clutch! The Valentino Rockstud Clutch or a model of Michael Kors make your party outfit complete.

For the cozy coffee parlor – Saint Laurent, Chanel and co.

You meet with your best friend for coffee? You do not have to bring much. The clutch turns out to be absolutely day-to-day and gives a trendy touch to knit sweater, jeans and Loafer. A Monogram Clutch with Saint Laurent or a vintage Chanel Clutch can be a fashionable outfit to a relaxed outfit and your girlfriend will be happy with you when you tell her what you did for a great deal at the Secondhand purchase!

For the Date Night – Stella McCartney, Givenchy and co.

Whether you are going to eat or a casual Kinobesuch pending – even there you would not have to carry much with itself. The beautiful wraparound dress or the classic first-date outfit consisting of a white T-shirt, skinny jeans and boots can stand up well with a clutch with straps – the Falabella Clutch by Stella McCartney or the Pandora Clutch by Givenchy make you look chic without distracting.

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