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Never underestimate the effect of good knitwear. With soft, comfortable stockings, many a cold winter day can be saved. Not to mention warm wool sweaters. On the other side of the medal are hot lingerie and opaque pantyhose that do not mend with their charms. A spectrum that probably nobody is as good as Wolford. Since 1949, this Austrian traditional company has impressed with exclusive designs, delicate fabrics, cuddly pieces and sexy particles. Reinhold Wolff from Voralberg and Walter Palmers from Vienna have succeeded in making what modemmen are longing for all over the world - their own empire.

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Did you know that …

  1. the names behind a brand are always interesting: Today’s bosses of Wolford are Axel Dreher and Ashish Sensarma
  2. While the repertoire for the ladies is always being supplemented, for example with swimwear or underwear, the men’s line consists mainly of stockings
  3. Wolford is a popular cooperation partner. Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood, Karl Lagerfeld and Emilio Pucci already designed with the Austrian label
  4. Grit Seymour, Creative Director at Wolford, was at the design table at Hugo Boss before
  5. in December 2011 the windsor picture book “The Perfect Moment” appeared for the living room table. One of the very popular Coffe Table Books

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The story of Wolford


The two Austrians Reinhold Wolff and Walter Palmers founded their brand Wolff & Co KG in Bregenz on Lake Constance – their trademark: nylon stockings


A year later, the Labelname Wolford is launched – the new favorite fabric: knitwear. The name is an acronym for “Wolff” and the city “Oxford”


Wolford starts with the design of women’s outerwear


Wolford becomes a stock corporation


Wolford is going public with the “Lady share” in Vienna and Paris


Grit Seymour takes over the head designer post

Catchy’s Wolford Brand Guide

Wolford Body – Newly discovered favorite

In the past years, the body has once again blossomed into a freshly inflated fashion star. Bodys are combined with pants and skirts, or with the finest materials chosen as the favorite of the seductive lingerie. Wolford has it available in all versions for modem girls. The edgy summer lover is delighted by the combination of tight jeans and a soft cotton body. The feminine lady is equipped with a top body in the color of her choice and her outfit to a special date.

Wolford Stockings – From warm to hot

Stockings – This sounds like a mundane accessory that we all need – but do not appreciate it, we are convinced of it. After all, it is wonderful that we have the choice every day. Between socks, pantyhose, stay ups or leggings. Warm knee highs or the transparent version with hot embroidery – you alone decide. The nylon stockings in sexy black, with or without hole pattern, cuffs and luster finish can be combined perfectly to Wolford panties, panties and bras.

Wolford Tops – Like a delicate touch

You stood before the mirror and you were annoyed that you do not feel comfortable in your great new blouse, because it appears in the daylight more transparent than the lighting in the cabin of the shop have had? Exactly then a Wolford top is worth in decent black, white or cream gold. You do not show any involuntary skin and round your look perfectly and high quality. Wolford tops adorn your skin and feel like your second (figure-shaping) jacket.

Wolford Pullover – Wollliebe on top

Wolford loves his fabrics and is constantly working on new, even more exclusive techniques and materials. Your particular circular knitting machines produce seamless sweaters with comfort of the extra class. A sweater by Wolford envelopes you with simple elegance and luxury – from which we want more! The wide range of roll-neck sweaters, shirts and longsleeves in puddle pastel colors or classic black is complemented by models with leoprint or rhinestone details. And they can be combined perfectly with hats, belts and scarves from the Wolford accessory collection, which offer the same colors and prints.