The Windsors - They are unobtrusive chic and classically elegant. Just like the fashion label of the same name from the contemplative Bielefeld. Tradition and style. This unites the British royal family and the German, timeless understatement of the windsor designs. Already in 1889 Leo Roos and Isidor Kahn founded their tailoring, which was created for fine men's collections. More than a hundred years of experience that pay off. Clean lines, the highest quality materials and a look that has been found. The processing of quality Italian fabrics was a revolution at its founding stage - providing the ladies of today with an adult, classic sense of style with a blazer, dress and costume.

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Did you know that …

  1. Windsor is aware of its responsibility as a big company: “We have respect for people and the environment”
  2. Windsor is part of a corporate group with Strellson, Joop and Tommy Hilfiger
  3. windsor launched a limited night blue coat in Redingote look with VOGUE
  4. windsor and GQ designed a jacket with the special “Frosted Wool” coloring
  5. in December 2011 the Windsor illustrated book “The Perfect Moment” for the living room table appeared. One of the very popular Coffe Table Books

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The Story of Windsor


Windsor is founded in Bielefeld


Based on the origins of windsor, the Windsor men line is created


Windsor complements the repertoire of new collections for women – windsor women. The designs are quickly becoming a high-quality pillar of the brand


Windsor is a partner of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), which works to promote better working conditions

Catchy’s Windsor Brand Guide

Windsor Dresses – Masculine materials, feminine cuts

The Bielefeld-based company has a penchant for masculine materials – that is, materials with structure that are robust and grippy. Its history and the tradition around the menswear of the house can not be denied. But that’s exactly what windsor’s craftsmanship is all about: the raw material has character and substance, but the cuts of the clothes are extremely feminine and fit snugly into your body shapes. After all windsor claims that the collections of the house are only equipped with sheath dresses, summer dresses or the little black dress, if they were made with care and the perfect curves.

Windsor Jackets – High quality case

Of course, classics like trench coat, blazer or caban must also find their place in a classy brand like windsor. However, the highly esteemed Bielefeld designers always come up with small, but fine reinterpretations that combine cardigan, pleated trousers and more. Windsor’s jackets always protect you from what they should: wind, cold, rain and snow. All this has nothing to do with our chic blouse or satin dress. But from your windsor jacket or your windsor coat pearls percolates perfectly.

Windsor Bags – A great partner

The timeless style is the trademark of windsor. And what accessory presents a classic face better than a noble bag that should accompany us throughout our lives. Sure, for every outfit and every occasion you need a matching bag. But since our handbags, shoppers and clutches are happy to give the handle, it is all the better if we have something of all our favorites for as long as possible. And in ten years’ time with our windsor bag in our hands, we can still remember the birthday party and the long-forgotten memories when we have them back in our hands.

Windsor shoes – Chic Shoes

Women and shoes are inseparable. Men and shoes basically, after all, few leave the house without them. But a true love relationship builds woman then for whatever reason a little faster, right? With windsor shoes, lightning strikes very fast. For once you have it in your hand, you do not want to put the soft leather, the fine stitching and stable, though so delicate, heels out of his hands. Pumps, sandals and peep toes are crafted like boots, loafers and sneakers at windsor and chic chic chic.