Michael Kors Watches

Running through the pedestrian zone is a thing already quite safe - feels every second woman carries a Michael Kors bag with him. So the designer is not just a fashion designer, but his brand is at home on the streets of the world. But, of course, Michael Kors not only offers bags, but also a wide selection of watches. Michael Kors watches not only look good, but also fulfill their practical purpose. Even the wrists of celebrities like Jennifer Aniston or Dakota Fanning are now and then adorned by a Michael Kors watch. To find your perfect watch from Michael Kors, there is a little guide for you!

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The spring is already in the starting extinguishers and there must be a suitable watch as well as a cool look. Trend colors for this season are definitely pink and pink, as Michael Kors offers the right models. An example is the Michael Kors Wristwatch Nia in pink / gold and zarrosafarben leather bracelet. This watch is very suitable in combination with white jeans and airy blouse, so you are perfectly equipped for a walk in the park. The Michael Kors watch Slim Runway in silver, the special highlight is the pink accents, matching to raspberry and strawberry ice. The men welcome the spring with the model Paxton, with blue dial and yes, also here is gripped to the trendy rose – gold – paired with a casual jeans jacket and sneakers, the look is finished for the beer garden.


Normally it is for many times always a mean disaster, if they forget their mobile phone somewhere, but a Smartwatch by Michael Kors can help. It is not only stylish but also super smart. The Michael Kors watch Bradshaw is even completely customizable. Bracelet as well as digits can be matched to any outfit and in any activities on the smartphone you get a notification. For sporty men and women, the Michael Kors Smartwatch Dylan fits perfectly. With its sporty look and integrated activity tracker you are always up to date with your fitness.


“Learn to invest in the best quality you can afford and wear pieces in different ways,” says the advice of Michael Kors himself. So why not look for high-quality products such as the Michael Kors watches also in the second hand and to create this certain piece many different outfits? In any case, Second Hand always has a very special and unique charm and the parts have often already had a certain history behind them. You can choose between older classics and new models with Second Hand Michael Kors watches. Catchys offers a great selection of different Michael Kors watches. Have fun and have fun!

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Michael Kors watches are among the most popular of their kind and are distinguished by their high-quality materials and their diverse designs. The quality is accordingly almost impossible to fake, but some try it nevertheless. To ensure that you do not fall for counterfeiters during the second hand shopping of Michael Kors, we have prepared a Fake Check Video for you here. With the checklist from our magazine you are completely armed and the search for your personal favorite clock stands nothing more in the way!


Your budget for a watch from Michael Kors is not quite enough, but you do not want to save on quality or appearance, then there is certainly a cheaper alternative for you. A good and stylish watch does not have to be expensive, the look of a Michael Kors watch can also be much cheaper shopping. If you like the Michael Kors Jaryn in silver, then a watch from Casio Collection is perfect for you, which is very close to the original. Fans of the chronograph models will surely find what you are looking for at Fossil. Bijou Brigitte also offers a wide range of low-priced variants in Michael Kors style, such as various types of the Chronograph watch, the Michael Kors Lake or even the model Garner, can be found among jewelery specialists. Have fun finding and finding your perfect watch!


Michael Kors Runway Watches

The model Runway is a real classic among the Michael Kors watches. With the simple design, the clock is timeless and suitable for every occasion. There are clocks in different colors and finishes. Like the Slim Runway, an extra slim model or the Mini Slim Runway, one of the smaller models. One of the most striking Runway watches is the Slim Runway in glossy rose gold with purple dial and a stainless steel case. The price is priced at 199 €, the case is 42 mm. A cult object is the Slim Runway in shiny gold with discreet golden dial, also the case again consists of stainless steel. The price is also here at 199 €. The models are all watertight and run with a quartz movement. All watches from the Runway series by Michael Kors can be worn very well in combination with other bracelets because of their simple appearance.

Michael Kors Chronograph Watches

The watch model chronograph by Michael Kors impresses with its stylish elegance and the classic design. Again, different species are available. A modern model comes with a color mix of white and rose-gold, the special are the 150 glossy glass stones, which adorn the case. The watch is made of stainless steel and is even waterproof, the price is 299 €, the measurements are 39 mm diameter, 12 mm height, bracelet width 12 mm and length 19 cm. The Michael Kors chronographs are available from silver to gold over color mixes, but chronograph models not only shine with their chic design, but also with integrated stop function and date display. All watches can be closed with a folding lock and run with an analog quartz movement. The combination possibilities with the Michael Kors chronographs are endless, whether to an elegant evening dress or a sporty everyday look, the watches always fit.

MMichael Kors World Map Watches

Weltkarte or Layton is a special watch model from the Michael Kors collection. In addition to the classic form, the dial is a special eye-catcher, as the name implies is a world map, filled with glass stones. The stainless steel frame and the band are available in gold, rose gold and also black with blue dial and golden world map. The watch is watertight and can be closed with a folding lock. The models cost 279 € each. The housing diameter is approx. 43.5 mm, the housing height is approx. 12 mm. Because of the extravagant dial, the watch is a real eye-catcher and can be combined with a monochrome look, so the watch can shine even more and show her wearer that she is a woman of the world.

Michael Kors Lake Watches

The model Lake by Michael Kors is also characterized by timeless, luxurious design. The square version is optionally available with embossed or smooth leather bracelet in white, black, red or pink or with a bracelet in stainless steel in silver, gold and rose gold. Some of the models are additionally decorated with glass stones and offer an extra portion of elegance. All models are waterproof, run with analogue quartz movement, the diameter is about 32 mm, the height is 8 mm, the bracelet width is 20 mm and the length is about 17.5 cm. The Lake models range from € 229 to € 399. The watch fits to a white blouse and Pencil Skirt, as well as to skinny jeans and wool pullies, through its noble design the Michael Kors Lake evaluates every outfit.


Michael Kors Gold

Gold is the precious metal at all and is coveted all over the world. The metal is not a trend, it persists times and it has been several hundred years. Gold, together with copper, is among the few naturally colored metals. Through the collapse of the Supernova nuclear system – yes, it sounds quite gigantic and it was also – the gold came into the earth’s core and at some time to the surface, where it can then be obtained in laborious labor. The highlight is, most watches do not consist of genuine gold, but mostly made of stainless steel, which has the color gold, but a watch made of pure gold can not afford any simple fashionista anyway. Michael Kors offers a wide selection of classic and precious watches in gold, with which one can certainly never go wrong.

Michael Kors Silver

Silver is also one of the ultimate jewelery metals and is next to gold the most worn. Silver belongs to the heavy metals, is soft and well formable, is made from silver ores and has the largest occurrence in North America. Already the ancient Romans and Greeks used silver, in time it was even considered more valuable than gold. Even the Olympic gold medal consists of almost 93% silver and only a small portion of pure gold. Michael Kors also uses silver-colored stainless steel for some of his watch designs, a bit more untroubled than gold but still always casual and chic.

Michael Kors Rose Gold

Nobody is currently passing rose-gold, whether it is jewelery, home accessories or watches, rose-gold is the trend material at all. Rose gold always consists of different proportions of gold, silver and copper, depending on intensity and strength. The gold content can be between 33% -90%, the silver content between 9% -21% and the copper content between 16% -45%. For harder alloys instead of silver, aluminum is used. Rose gold is a very good alternative to the eternal classics silver and gold and has long since entered the watch collection of Michael Kors.


Michael Kors watches are timeless and therefore fit to everything. A clock can be a side-effect of an outfit, but just as well the absolute view. Whether it is a simple model such as the silver chronograph or a striking smart watch with a replaceable strap, the list of options is long and therefore it is difficult to find the right watch and the appropriate outfit for the right occasion. We have created a board for you with various styles around Michael Kors watches. Get inspired!