Fossil Watches

To select the right watch for the day outfit in the morning is almost as important as finding the right shoes. With Fossil Watches you always make the right choice. Fans of the brand love the unique vintage design in high quality and unmistakable style. Whether it's leather strap, stainless steel or titanium - at Fossil there is something for every taste. Engage with Fossil's unique watchmaking models. If you are not quite sure which version you should choose, we have a few suggestions for you in our ultimate Fossil Style Guide. Have fun reading and discovering.

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Combinations with Fossil watches

Fossil watch with simple leather strap for a classy business look

During the day and in the profession, the currency is understatement regarding watches. The elegant watch models with Fossil leather strap perfectly round off your everyday look without applying too much weight and unwanted looks. Furthermore, a watch enthusiast is more interested in quality and design than in a large brand logo when buying and choosing his watch. In order to convey seriousness in business terms, you should therefore leave the eye-catching Gold-Klunker at home and go back to beautiful, simple models. Then there’s nothing to prevent the next business deal.

Fossil watches for a sporty look

Even for a casual outfit, the right watch must be found. For casual outfits, we love the sporty watch models from Fossil. Suitable would be chronographs or diving watches, which are also suitable for sports activities due to their resistance. It is important to wear the watches close to your wrist, leaving little room for the accident risk. But be careful: If the watch leaves imprints on the wrist, you have set them too tight. Wear comfort should always be ensured during sporting activities.

Elegant Fossil watches for festive occasions

For an elegant look you should wear your Fossil watch just above the wrist. With the beautiful, elegant models with metal or leather strap you can express your look. Here it is important to know your own line and to know whether you are the type for leather or metal and which fits better to your outfits. In addition, the size of your Fossil watch should not be more than 40 mm for elegant occasions and be reserved in design. These models should easily underline your elegant outfit without defining a whole new look. In order to be perfectly matched to your color, you should adjust your watch with your remaining outfit and also make sure that you wear gold or silver jewelery. One thing is clear: with our tips you are the star of the next party!

Fossil watches from Secondhand & Sale

The American company Fossil has developed its own unique style in recent years. The retro style has become the hallmark of the label. Fossil watches are also very popular in second hand and sale. Due to their high product quality, the watch models of the label offer the first and second wearers a long-lasting pleasure. The watches of Fossil are also second hand in a good condition to maintain. As a result, the brand has created a loyal customer base. The big advantage we offer from Catchys is that you can absolutely trust the stores to which we can forward you. All shops have been tested by us and meet the highest quality standards. So have fun shopping and be fast – the most beautiful vintage models are quickly gone!

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Popular models from Fossil Watches

Fossil Ladies Watch Tailor ES3712

First of all, we would like to introduce you to a genuine classic from Fossil: the Tailor ES3712. It is a real Allroundtalent. The tailor from Fossil fits both your elegant evening outfit and your casual leisure look. In addition, this beautiful watch is also waterproof at up to 50 meters and you can wear it without problems on holiday at the beach or pool. The simple, elegant stainless steel band can be worn in all possible colors and combined with your other jewelery. The dial of the Tailor is white and silvery, with a subtle spiral pattern. In addition, this model has a display for the day of the week, a stopwatch and a light pointer, so you can easily read the time even in the dark. In short, it combines classic elegance with modern service functions. We love the Tailor ES3712 from Fossil!

Fossil Men’s Watch Chronograph JR 1354

The JR 1354 Chronograph from Fossil impresses at first glance: it covers a width of 5 centimeters. The dark color of the watch gives your wearer a masculine look. The Fossil JR 1354 Chronograph can be easily combined with every outfit, whether it’s a suit, a casual everyday look or an elegant evening event. The black leather strap in combination with the black dial, we find particularly noble. This model also offers additional functions such as a date display and a stop function. We recommend this watch only to men who would like to take a look. However, you have to take good care of them, because it might be that your girlfriend would like to wear her boyfriend style to her outfit.

Fossil Ladies Watch Multifunction Riley ES2811

The Fossil Riley ES2811 multifunction watch is another favorite of our editorial team. The rose gold case with matching rosé-gold stainless steel bracelet of interlocking links can be combined to any outfit. Whether it’s elegant, casual or sporty, the Riley ES2811 is always your perfect companion. The sparkling stones on the bezel are a real eye-catcher and peppy simpler outfits. The high quality of the stainless steel case guarantees the wearer a long durability of the watch. Also in second hand this model is available in best quality. Additional features such as a 10 bar water density and a date display with weekdays and a 24-hour display complete the elegant design of this model. We recommend this watch to women who love a noble sporty design with a certain spark of glamor.

Fossil Grant Mens Dress Mens Watch ME 1162, Chronograph

As a last highlight we present the Grant Mens Dress ME 1162 from Fossil. At first sight it can be seen that this was set to absolutely the highest quality and design. The time display of this model consists of stylized Roman numerals with the small-part analogue digits. A special highlight is the small cut-out on the left side of the dial, which gives a small insight into the inner life of the chronograph. The blue leather strap convinces by its high wearing comfort and high resistance. If, however, you do not like the blue leather strap, you can simply change it through another one. This elegant model is the eye-catcher to the suit or an elegant evening outfit.

Popular styles with Fossil watches

For a long time, we consider watches not only as a pretty accessory worn on the wrist but as part of our lifestyle. The women among you we especially recommend the filigree watch models from Fossil such as the Tailor ES3712. Since this model is a real Allroundtalent, it fits almost every outfit. The Tailor model is particularly beautiful, however, to a nice classic white cotton blouse and a classic blue jeans. More striking models with flower patterns, animals or Swarovski crystals on the dial, you combine best to simple outfits, such as the little black. Fashionistas who like to take a look, combine their favorite watch from Fossil with their remaining jewelery in matching colors. We also put together a great outfit for the gentlemen among you. For an elegant men’s outfit, we recommend the Grant Mens Dress Clock ME 1162 from Fossil to combine a dark blue cotton shirt, a light chino trousers, a black Burberry trenchato and dark brown Budapester. Also with a casual leisure look with a simple v-shirt and torn jeans, this chronograph is your perfect companion. For more inspiration, we have put together a Pinterest board with outfit ideas.

Watches by Fossil Watches

Quartz works

Many watch models from Fossil run with a quartz or full electronic watch movement. This movement is preferred because it runs particularly precisely and only loses about 1 to 2 seconds per minute. In addition, the battery is very durable and needs to be replaced every 3 to 5 years. Positive side effect for all Fossil-Shoppers: Fossil watches are often cheaper, because the production costs are lower.

Automatic movement STP1-11

The automatic watch movement STP-11 is a work with 11 ½ lines. This watch employs hours, minutes and seconds, and includes a powerful lift spring that allows increased gait mobility. The automatic movement STP1-11 is based on the Eta movement and the first own movement of the label. Therefore it is used for most of the new watch models from Fossil.

Typical Fossil Watches

Fossil watches impress with their unique vintage design. Also second-hand and on sale are these great models so much sought after. Thanks to their high quality of materials such as stainless steel, titanium or leather, both the first and second wearers still have a lot of fun with their new favorite watch. The collections of Fossil offer everything the fashion heart desires from large dials with narrow bracelets to eye-catching rosé-colored models with jewelery stones. They combine elegance with meaningful and casual style. All models are 100% Swiss-Made. We find it particularly practical that the Fossil models can be combined into virtually any outfit and have a completely timeless effect. With these models you are always up to date.

Alternatives to Fossil watches

You love the unique vintage style of Fossil, but would like to get to know a few alternatives? Then you should absolutely continue to read, because on our Fashionradar watch brands are dipped, which are at least as cool as Fossil. If you are a fan of digital clocks, we recommend you Brand Casio more precisely under the magnifying glass. The company is particularly distinguished by its unique features, such as stop watches, a digital compass or a height and air pressure meter, which are integrated into the watch. Particularly cool are the models of the G-Shock and the Baby-G line. Above all, the G-Shock series is known for its resilience and popular with many athletes. But you will also find the coveted retro design in the Casio Collection. As a further alternative we recommend the watch brand Seiko. Special highlight: Seiko offers watch models in all price categories. The hallmark of the Seiko watches is that every part of the watches is manufactured in own factories. The label offers both great clock models for both women and men. This makes the joint shopping even more fun. Last but not least, a hot tip: fans of Fossil watches should consider as an alternative also necessarily times the clock models of Jaques Lemans. The noble watches stand for longevity and high quality. The collections offer beautiful models in a top price-performance ratio for him and her. Have fun shopping!