Dolce & Gabbana Watches

The label Dolce and Gabbana stands for opulence, detailed decorations, Italian kitsch and always something over the top. The two designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana adore women and femininity. They love the playful and pretentious. And so are their watches today. Golden, striking and not everyday models. However, accessories are becoming increasingly important for men as well, and the individuality of every single one is once again the focus, which is why these conspicuously decadent and almost regal watches meet exactly the moment. Stefano Gabbana describes the creations of the designer duo: "Each of our collections is like a film. We write the script and this Sicilian woman who has traveled the world plays the leading role. "

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Combination possibilities with Dolce & Gabbana watches

Dolce & Gabbana watches for women

The watch designs by Dolce & Gabbana for women are very different because, of course, watches are an accessory to create many different models. In addition, the general style of the Italian label has changed considerably since the 1990s. At that time Dolce and Gabbana stood for trash-chic and brand-name. This can also be seen in the older models of the label. The watches were mostly silver and narrow and had placed on the dial in Swarovski stones large and for everyone to see D & G. These watches fit particularly well with jeans and T-shirt, a chocker and a horse tail to underline the 90’s style. The current models are very decadent and have elaborate details, which is why they are combined into an elegant and simple dress to make the watch the eye-catcher of the outfit.

Dolce & Gabbana watches for men

Men have not adorned themselves for many years, but in the last few years it is fortunately again acceptable and almost normal that even men can wear eye-catching and no simple accessories. This can also be seen in the Dolce and Gabbana watches for men, which we look at the watches for a king from the old days. This accessory can of course be combined with men’s suit, but also in everyday life. It may not have to be the fully gilded watch, but as long as the rest of the outfit is reserved and clean, the watch is like a big dial in shimmering blue. A bit of courage, of course, is part of it, but conversation topics and friends when looking down on the arm is guaranteed in any case.

Dolce & Gabbana watches for special occasions

Many of the creations of the Dolce and Gabbana watches are by no means an accessory for the everyday, but for a special occasion, from the design and the love of the exact and special detail. Whether it’s an operatic visit in a tight midi dress or the waisted dark suit or an important meeting where you want to show that you have something in your head, is punctual, but is also not afraid to show your success something or to one elegant ball in long evening gown or tailcoat. Here one can wear the large, golden, handsome watches or the watches, which look filigree like a bracelet, but also the time also betrayed, but also completely strass models for a very extravagant appearance.

Dolce & Gabbana Watches Second Hand

Unfortunately the watches of Dolce and Gabbana are very high-priced and set in the luxury segment. This is why it is particularly important to find such watches second hand on the search to go and bargain in high quality. Because the fancy and eye-catching models of the brand will always be a statement piece and because of the good quality and the long lasting materials, the watches are still second-hand mostly in super condition. On our site catchys you will find a large selection of second hand watches from Dolce and Gabbana for men and for women, where you will surely find what you are looking for. And at a fair price, which does not burden your purse too much. In addition, you have an accessory that you will have throughout your life. So the investment is worth it. And do not worry, the pages to which reference is made were all checked and also the individual clocks were subjected to a fake check.

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Fake check

One of the most fake designer items is watches. It is very difficult to see at first glance how a watch is processed and whether it is made of good material. But that is the only way to see if it is a fake or an original. The watches of Dolce and Gabbana are often decorated with glittering stones, on which one can quickly see if they are actually really sparkling or more dull in front of them. Even the fakes will flaunt the big D & G, so this can not be an indication of an original. But in addition, the original Dolce and Gabbana watches on the back of the dial have D & G. In addition, “Dolce and Gabbana Time”, which comes through a special polishing of the stainless steel. For more tips and features on how to recognize a fake, check out our Dolce and Gabbana Watches Fake Check Video.

Alternatives to Dolce & Gabbana watches

Dolce and Gabbana watches are a bit higher, but if you compare them to other luxury watches like Cartier, Rolex or Breitling, the prices are almost bargain. Of course, this can be explained by the fact that the watch movements are of course hand-made for the mentioned brands, which is an art on its own, which requires a lot of patience, time and sensitivity. The watches of Dolce and Gabbana, on the other hand, have an automatic movement. Nevertheless they are definitely an accessory for every outfit because of their eye-catching and kitschy look. If that is too much 90’s trash and sparkling, you will surely find the Michael Kors watches or the watches from Fossil. These move in the same price range, but are simpler, with small decorations here and there and also a few glittering stones. If this is too expensive, but still crafted crazy watch models are looking, you can browse Swatch watches. There are many colorful and abstract shaped clocks, which will attract all eyes.

Popular watches from Dolce & Gabbana

Prodigious watches from Dolce & Gabbana

The fastest recognizable watches from Dolce and Gabbana are those that are striking, showy and decadent. They are characterized by a large, almost giant, usually round dial, and almost always stick the acronym of the “D & G” brand in glittering stones in the center where the hands come together. Sometimes the famous “D & G” is also held in the middle of the clock in Leoprint Optics, or the entire dial is decorated with glittering stones, and only the outlines of the letters D and G are omitted in the middle. These models are conspicuous, but still suitable for everyday use. At an expensive price, however, you invest in an accessory that you can wear every day and on special occasions. Besides, you wear a watch every day and there would be a restrained model but actually totally boring.

Watches from Dolce & Gabbana in the look of the bracelet

Another very popular model, especially for women, are the watches of Dolce and Gabbana, which at first glance look like a beautiful bracelet and turn out to be the first watch as a watch. These models do not have a leather bracelet or a bracelet of string-like watch elements but are, for example, made from interlocked circles or look like a begging bracelet, with a pendant the dial with the D & G emblems in the middle. Another variation is a series of golden, small circles decorated with pebbles, the circle being decorated in the middle not with a stone, but with a dial. These watches are usually more filigree and not as conspicuous as the other models of Dolce and Gabbana and are so perfect for everyday life or even for the evening dress. The number is thus also smaller, which is why the designers have sometimes decided to leave the numbers completely and to place only thin hands on the dial.

Watches with leather strap by Dolce & Gabbana

The watches of Dolce and Gabbana, which have a leather bracelet, like the other watches of the brand also, a large and eye-catching dial. It is either colored, gold or decorated with glitter. The leather strap is available for men as well as for women in various leather optics. There are models made of crocodile leather, made of smooth leather or processed leather. The leather bracelets are available in a variety of colors ranging from black, beige, red, blue, green and white.

Decorated watches from Dolce & Gabbana

The designer duo loves details. Some accessories of them seem like a single work of art, as there are so many decorations and decorations that you can not imagine the handwork behind it. They also now decorate their watches with golden flowers, a dial with Roman numerals and sparkling Swarovski stones. Because of these small and painstaking details, these special watches are in a very high price range, which is why you should be well advised to invest in such a statement piece, as it is only suitable for a few very extravagant occasions.

Materials of Dolce & Gabbana Watches

Dolce and Gabbana used stainless steel for their watches, which is highly polished. This material is especially used for jewelery, because it is sturdy, yet glossy, but also easily pliable and lends itself perfectly to the arm. Another material is genuine leather. This comes from Dolce and Gabbana from Italy, where they also produce all their designs, which stands for a particularly high quality. Some of the watch models from Dolce and Gabbana are also made of rubber, so the watch’s watch. This gives the wearer a comfortable feel and gives the watch a rather casual and sporty look. The watches are not just limited to gold or silver, but there are also Rosè-Golden models, and colorful models in different colors.

Popular Looks with Dolce & Gabbana

The motto of Dolce and Gabbana is: The more, the better. Meaning, you can style the mostly very conspicuous and overloaded watches even with a fancy and crazy outfit. Thus, men can style their Dolce and Gabbana watch, for example, to an outfit of different patterns, such as check pattern and points socks. Bloggers style their Dolce and Gabbana watches to the otherwise overloaded outfits, so prints everywhere, unusual accessories and crazy hairstyle. This makes the look particularly authentic. A decent portion of courage is needed. On our compiled Pinterest board you can get more inspiration, because the wide and varied model selection of Dolce and Gabbana watches, the combinations with different outfits are no limits and it goes naturally also restrained and casual.