Vero Moda

Vero Moda is an international model with subsidiaries, where no modem girl passes. No matter if you click through or stroll through the city, Vero Moda is a fixed part of the Fashion scene. The Danish brand is young, fresh and provides its customers with all the latest fashion highlights. With a nap for the latest trends, Vero Moda's design team dresses you with the hot-selling shirts, dresses or accessories every season. Hippe Styles paired with a pinch of femininity. Vero chic!

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Did you know that …

  1. at about 45 million sold pieces in the year Vero Moda on the fashion streets image properly mixed
  2. under the umbrella of Vero Moda, among others, Only, Jack & Jones or Selected Femme and Homme
  3. next to Vero Moda Denim, the house also runs Noisy May – an edgy jeans line for small rebells
  4. Vero Moda is the biggest fashion label from Denmark
  5. The campaigns already adorned Supermodels such as Claudia Schiffer, Kate Moss or Gisele Bündchen – The Crème de la Crème

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The story of Vero Moda


Vero Moda is part of the “Bestseller” family, founded by the Danish Troels Holch Povlsen


The beginning is made by ladies ‘fashion, complemented by children’ s fashion in 1986.


Finally, the mens drafts


To this day, Vero Moda continues to expand and is an integral part of European cities

Popular models from Vero Moda

Vero Moda dresses – Danish swing

Vero Moda’s success is no coincidence. From the outset, the label has confidently represented its looks and was able to win the top models for its advertising campaigns right from the start. Despite this, Vero Moda does not raise prices as a consequence, but also continues to offer its collections at Best Prices. Even when it comes to dresses that scream after their big performance at the New Year’s Eve or the final ball. Maybe you have also spontaneously in love with a summer dress with paisley pattern, in a simple feminine, cream-colored lace dress or a Maxikleid with sexy slit in love. We could not blame you …

Vero Moda Jeans – The classic for all styles

The jeans à la Vero Moda – it is as diverse as denim can be. And shall! For what is better than a favorite pants, which can be worn to the knit sweater as well as to lace top and sandals. Especially when it comes to jeans, we would like to warmly recommend Vero Moda Second Hand. Because denial-sucks suck on life – with time become more and more beautiful, softer, more comfortable. Take a look at the Catchys Vero Moda Shop and you will definitely understand what we mean and discover a copy of this comfy vintage spirit. Vero Moda at your fingertips is perfect for a weekend getaway, but Vero Moda Online is unbeatable in its selection and second hand personality.

Vero Moda Blouses – Chic, Madame

You are currently totally enchanted by velvet? Top? Silk? Satin? Then it is not surprising that you have landed right here. In the blouses of Vero Moda, which also provides you with a small purse with the most feminine of all tops. The Vero Moda online shop at Catchys, we’ve got the ladies in a dream … And we can bring all our top looks in our heads to life. Thank the best prices of the great Danes! For example, a successful application meeting, a family meeting at the grandma or a chic dinner is nothing more than an obstacle to style. On the contrary, who knows, perhaps the perfect blouse has already opened a door …

Vero Moda Jackets – The sweet ending

The best comes last. Because desserts like Vero Moda make jackets and coats happy with their little seductions. A fake fur vest with small pockets. A wool coat with an eye-catching waist belt. A jeans jacket with hip patches. Or a parka with a generous hood under which we can feel comfortable even with a spontaneous rain shower – the last piece of clothing is cool Season is the most important and convinces us with its details, which are elaborate with love.