Vera Wang

"A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes"

Vera Ellen Wang grew up in New York City and has Chinese ancestry. Her parents came to the United States in the 1940s. There, they lived their dream - as did their successful daughter. In 1967, the young Vera graduated from the Captain School before studying at the famous Sarah Lawrence College in Paris. Already as a little girl, she liked to draw for her life and finally started her fashion career as her entry into the US Olympics team failed. Today she is one of the most famous designers in the world and is loved by women from all countries, especially for their wedding dresses hot and heartfelt. Vera Wang has also included accessories and her own perfume in her repertoire.

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Catchy’s Vera Wang Brand Guide

Vera Wang Dresses – A Dress of the Queen Dresses?

The dresses by Vera Wang are in great demand. No wonder, the designer knows how to design dresses that allow freedom of movement despite their opulence and elegance. In a Vera Wang wedding dress, you can dance all night without feeling the swirling layers of fabric and tulle. “I love the idea that something is practical and yet looks fantastic.” We too, Vera, we too. That’s why we love not only your wedding dresses, but also your lace dresses slip dresses or case designs that make us shine as a wedding guest to both ears.

Vera Wang shoes – Feminine to the tips of her toes

How is a chices dress perfectly rounded off by Vera Wang? Of course with Vera Wang shoes! Anyone who chooses Miss Vera shoes will, like Cinderella, enchant all men on the dance floor. Just lose a shoe, that does not happen to us, because the designer heels are too precious to give them into the hands of a stranger. Feel like a series star and shop at Catchys a pair of pumps or sandals that will make you float to the next big event. Prince Charming, we are coming!

Vera Wang T-Shirt – From the Top Designer

A lifeblood designer like Vera Wang, of course, takes care of our full wardrobe and so the world of shirts and tops is not spared by Vera’s creative fingers. Delicate blouses, feminine printed sweaters or perfectly flowing coats have been created so far. Even those who like edgy and cool, will find the savvy American. Because she wants to equip ALL ladies and loves to celebrate the cultural diversity of their homeland in their collections. We celebrate with you, Vera! Not only at our wedding …