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A well-fitting shirt is worth gold. And not just for businessmen or businesswomen. Anyone who has ever worn a perfectly tailored shirt on a hot day, has been cooled by the light fabric and has felt effortlessly chic, knows the value of the smooth shirt, which is unfortunately far too often badly seated or not designed with high quality , This is quite different with van Laack. The German traditional company based in Mönchengladbach is famous for your high-quality shirts. And this success is no coincidence. The van Laack production sites only leave perfectly tailored tops with a guaranteed feel-good factor.

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Did you know that …

  1. Heinrich van Laack founded his brand in Greifswalder Straße 5, Berlin in 1881 with two partners, Wilhelm Schmitz and Gustav Eltschig
  2. one still sees a messing board on the façade of the foundation, and an ornament with the initials of the founders
  3. until today the fine designs with the slogan “van Laack – the royal shirt” are advertised
  4. the van Laack stores are a blessing for the right eye. The shirts are arranged in chic wooden shelves according to colors
  5. because van Laack attaches great importance to an experienced, ever-evolving tailoring art, the logo of the label often adds a scissors

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The story of Van Laack


van Laack is founded by his founder founder in Berlin


The brand comes into the possession of the German-American Mrs. Bennaton. The three founders had left no descendants


Alfons Schnoeckel enters the traces of his aunt and takes over the company until the Second World War


Rolf Hoffmann is rebuilding with Alfons the Brand in Mönchengladbach


The first collection is presented


Neckties and bedclothes supplement the repertoire

Catchy’s Van Laack Brand Guide

van laack shirt

van Laack Masterpiece – THE shirt

Master craftsmen are at vaan Lack. Designers and tailors who devote themselves to every seam and every stitch with the greatest dedication. And because passion is often rewarded with success, the designs by van Laack are also small works of art. The heart of the masterpiece shirt is the hand-sewn sleeves that fit perfectly to the wearer’s wearer. The fine hem of the shirt perfectly completes the fabric at the other end. Distinctive is the van Laack Dreilochknopf, which gently glimmers with its mother-of-pearl and is exceptionally grippy. An innovative tailoring sleeve embellishes the complete button strip. Weber from Italy and Switzerland, together with van Laack, developed a unique flowing yarn which promises a luxurious wearing feeling which you do not yet know. This fabric has to be felt on the skin – try your luck, maybe you’ll find a second hand bargain at Catchys. A happy vintage catch that will not get you out of your head so quickly. At the latest, of course, when you bring your van Laack shirt to a talk or date out of the closet. Give yourself a good feeling!