Dior Lady Dior

The iconic Lady Dior was designed in 1994 in the Dior Ateliers in Paris and initially had the nickname “Chouchou” (in English “darling”). Only two years later she was renamed to Lady Dior in tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales.

What makes the Dior Lady Dior so special?

During a visit to the Cezanne Art Exhibition in Paris, Princess Diana was gifted a black Lady Dior (at that time unofficially called “Chouchou”) by Bernadette Chirac, the wife of then-president Jacques Chirac. Since that day, Princess Diana wore the Lady Dior on many public as well as private occasions and thereby contributed to its cult status.

In addition to its special history, the Lady Dior stands out with its extraordinary design and the excellent French craftsmanship. The unparalleled cannage quilting is characteristic of the French luxury house and and is achieved by a grid  of oblique and vertical seams. The resulting leather cushions inbetween the seams are reminiscent of sparkling diamonds. The bow-shaped handle and the four Dior letters, which clink lightly in motion, give the Lady Dior its elegant and feminine look.

How can the Dior Lady Dior be styled?

The Lady Dior exudes pure elegance with its luxurious design. Actresses like Emmy Rossum and Blake Lively love the iconic model by the French luxury house. Both are known for their feminine clothing style and have been seen with their Lady Dior both on the red carpet and private. Combined with simple-cut dresses and classic stilettos, they let the Lady Dior in shiny patent leather do the talking. In her spare time Emmy Rossum likes to wear her Lady Dior in soft lamb leather with floral dresses and pumps or even Casual Chic with highwaisted trousers, a white frilly blouse and black ballerinas. Blake Lively, on the other hand, prefers to wear the Lady Dior to playful dresses in pastel tones. Supermodel Miranda Kerr shows that a look with the iconic Lady Dior does not necessarily have to be feminine and elegant. In combination with a tight-fitting jumpsuit, a black leather biker jacket and stilettos, the model looks edgy and cool, while the Lady Dior adds a touch of French glamor. For a more casual look, Miranda Kerr wears the iconic piece to highwaisted leather pants, a crop top and an oversized miliatary jacket.

How much is a new Dior Lady Dior and what is a good price for a second-hand Lady Dior?

The price for a new Lady Dior varies depending on size, color and material. In addition to the classic design in lamb leather, calfskin or patent leather, the Lady Dior is now also available in elaborate designs with filigree beadwork and relief prints. The prices for the classic design with silver or gold hardware start at 3350€ for the smallest version, the Lady Dior Mini. Designs from limited collections and with particularly elaborate details can cost up to 6650€. The increased demand for the Lady Dior in recent years, however, also means that the selection in the second hand market has grown a lot. If you bring the patience and have a little luck, you have the chance to call the iconic model your own for just 1000€ or even below. Collectors of vintage pieces may even find particularly rare versions of the Lady Dior.



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