Chanel Boy Bag

The iconic Boy Bag by French luxury house Chanel has become a firm favorite amongst fashion lovers all around the world. Its design combines classic Chanel characteristics with modern elements.

What makes the Chanel Boy Bag so special?

The Chanel Boy Bag has the classic Flap Bag design. The rectangular shape and the iconic chain strap are characteristic of the Boy Bag and materials such as calf leather, lamb leather or even python leather ensure its high quality. The Chanel Boy Bag is available in a variety of different colors and styles, from classic black to neutrals such as cream or grey and bold colors such as vibrant red or bright yellow. Limited editions come with embroidered and bejeweled leather or can be made of fabric such as the typical Chanel tweed. Despite its size, the Chanel Boy Bag is quite spacious and can fit all necessary things one might need throughout the day. The design of the Boy Bag is influenced by Coco Chanel as well as by current Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld: classic meets cool. Actually, the Chanel Boy Bag owes its name to a lover of Coco Chanel. Captain Arthur Edward “Boy” Capel was a polo player and also considered a muse of the designer.

How can the Chanel Boy Bag be styled?

The Chanel Boy Bag is not only very diverse in its design but also in terms of styling the variations seem endless. Many celebrities love the Chanel Boy Bag and have found their own way of combining the iconic bag. Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker is well known for being a true style chameleon. She likes to combine her Boy Bag to laid-back looks such as jeans, simple tees and a leather jacket. A pair of big sunglasses completes the look. Supermodel Joan Smalls likes to mix it up and doesn’t hesitate to reach for a casual oversized sweater and sneakers. French it-girl Caroline de Maigret styles her luxurious designer piece quite casual with a jumpsuit and a belt to accentuate the waist. Naturally, the Chanel Boy Bag is also perfect to elegant evening looks such as a LTB.

How much does a new Chanel Boy Bag cost and what is a good price for a second-hand Boy Bag?

Depending on size and material, a new Chanel Boy Bag costs between 3660€ and 7450€. With a little luck though, you can find a second-hand model for less than that. However, prices for limited editions might go up pretty fast even in the second-hand market as they are seen as worthwhile investment pieces. Therefore it (literally) pays off to be quick when it comes to making your purchase!

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