Chanel 2.55

When the Chanel 2.55 was first introduced on the market, it was considered a real sensation. Before, handbags always came with short handles which, of course, limited Women in their movement. The Chanel 2.55 was the first bag with a longer shoulder strap that enabled Women to have their hands free when they were out and about. Today, the Chanel 2.55 is more than a practical companion. It is considered an iconic and absolutely timeless piece in the world of fashion.


Why is the Chanel 2.55 so special?

Characteristic features of the Chanel 2.55 include the diamond-shaped quilted look and the strap made of leather straps interwoven with metal chains. On the back of the 2.55 is a crescent-shaped pocket, often referred to as “Mona Lisa’s smile”. The original design from 1955 was initially only available in brown and black leather. Nowadays, though, there is a wide range of different sizes, colors and materials. The 2.55 comes in lamb and calf leather, denim, tweed and also patent leather, often with elaborate applications and details. In the 1980s, Karl Lagerfeld re-designed the Chanel 2.55. Opposed to the classic design with the rectangular clasp, he introduced a lock consisting of two interlocking C’s, the initials of Coco Chanel. Therefore, there are now two variants of the icon on the market: the Chanel Classic Flap Bag with the CC clasp by Karl Lagerfeld and the Chanel Re-Issue Flap Bag with the rectangular closure of the original model from 1955.

How can the Chanel 2.55 be styled?

As versatile as the design of the Chanel 2.55 is, as versatile are the ways to wear the iconic piece. The combination of classic shapes, characteristic Chanel design elements and modern materials and details make the 2.55 the perfect companion to not only elegant looks but also laid-back and sporty styles. Celebrities like singer Lily Allen, model Elsa Hosk or fashion icon Alexa Chung love their Chanel 2.55 and style in their very own sense of fashion. Lily Allen prefers laid-back looks with a rock’n roll vibe and combines her Flap Bag with a black shirt dress, a studded waist belt and black ankle booties. Elsa Hosk, on the other hand, proves that the 2.55 also suits a more sporty and casual look. She chooses flat sandals, a loose-fitted tee and and a miniskirt. Alexa Chung is known for her romantic and feminine style and has been seen wearing her 2.55 to strappy pumps, flared skirts, delicate blouses as well as flowy midi dresses with a floral print.

How much is a new Chanel 2.55 and what is a good price for a second hand Chanel 2.55?

The price for a new Chanel 2.55 can vary a lot depending on color and material. Prices start at around 3000€ and go up to 5000€. With a little luck and patience, though, you might be able to get your hands on a second-hand 2.55 for just 1000€. In addition, many styles from limited editions are only available in the second-hand market.

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