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"I want people to feel happy when they wear my shoes"

You have your own talents and discover more and more - Just like your favorite fire. In the case of death, that is without doubt the Moccasin. The classic models, which today also name the slipper or Loafer hear are a key piece in the ladyliken wardrobe. A later, but no less talented hand proved the traditional brand with the handbags, which you with their timeless design and the high quality Processing for a lifetime. Imagine you can Pass your favorite bag to your daughter. An idea that appeals to us. Just like the unique second hand copies you can find here at Catchys in a well-guarded vintage variation. Yes, there are these treasures once only.

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Did you know that …

  1. Tods is just a shortcut to the original name of the fire. At the beginning, it was JP Tods. The “JP” will probably remain a small mystery. The founder was Diego Dellavalle. Without J, without P
  2. The famous Gommino running shoe has exactly 133 knobs. You can count
  3. The name “Gommino” comes from the Italian word Gomma (eraser)
  4. Model for the moccasins was the Italian shoe brand Car Shoe
  5. After Princess Diana’s death her favorite model was renamed “D-Bag”

Why is Second Hand at Tod’s?

Loafer are again in full swing – Tod’s has been manufacturing high quality shoes at relatively affordable prices for about 40 years. Second hand makes you an extra good bargain. Find the perfect pair Loafer for you in our selection of authenticated partnershops with authenticity guarantee and buyer protection.

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Catchy’s TOD’s Brand Guide

Gommino Mokassins – A shoe for eternity
Tods Key Piece is the moccasin. And there are in countless colors. The fine leather should finally fit perfectly into all your looks. The color nuances vary from season to season. Try your luck and maybe get the sold out model in Pink, after which you have already turned the head four years ago … You will be assured of a 100-step handmade model that Lady Di has worn.
Tod’s Ballerinas – The girlish Italian
A new school year begins? So also have new ballerinas. The summer and long walks or city strolls? Time for high-quality ballerinas, which are still chic even after the Rome holiday. The evening can be long? You pack ballerinas. We could go on forever – Ballerinas are one of our best friends and we are glad that there are vintage copies of Tods that never let us down.
Tods sandals – summer feeling al italiano
One of the most beautiful summer feelings is running the first sandals. Suddenly you feel wind again around your toes and feel free! The sandals from Tods accompany you to the office and then to the lake and give you a feeling of Italian ease every day.
Tods D-Bag – Princess Diana is unforgotten
Diana loved deaths. And a very special model of pocket collection. After Lady Di was deadly injured, the fire of the English princess dedicated the name of the handbag and renamed it into “D-Bag”. With a little luck, you’ll find your vintage bag that will never forget you.