You always know exactly what time it is? Then maybe that's because you have a Tissot watch on your wrist. Because with the high-quality models from the land of watches, you can no longer turn your gaze from your jewelry on your wrist. An elegant ladies' watch or a sporty chronograph for men are from the Swiss watch manufacturer a companion for the tick tack ... eternity! The long-established company has been around since 1853 and continues to send its lovingly crafted specimens from the serene Le Locle en Suisse to the world - to the astonishment of all at affordable prices.

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Did you know that …

  1. the plus in the logo of the label should symbolize the Swiss thoroughness and quality
  2. In 1929, the watchmaker merged with Omega to become the Société Suisse pour l’Industrie Horlogère SA (SSIH)
  3. Tissot belongs to the family of the well-known Swatch Group
  4. in the movie strip Ladykiller’s Professor Marcus wears a Tissot chronograph
  5. also James Stewart in Alfred Hitchcocks The window to the courtyard chose a Tissot watch

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The story of Tissot


The Swiss born Charles Félicien Tissot. And he will be blessed with happiness, as his name predicts. With his son Charles-Emile he runs a manufactory in Le Locle, which produces pocket watches with the help of collected small parts


The Tissot watch workshop is founded in Switzerland. Charles Félicien likes to travel to the USA and Russia in order to present his business on an international stage


After the death of his father, Charles Junior takes over the family business


His son Paul advises his dad to make wristwatches


The first own works leave the hallowed halls of Tissot


Reconstruction of the Tissot works


Crises coming to the Tissot family due to the oil and quartz crisis in the 1970s are being overcome


The Swiss watch brand is finally brought on board by the Swatch Group. Since then, the global success story continues

Popular models from Tissot

Tissot Quickster – timely chic

Getting cheap Tissot online is a stroke of luck that’s even better with good preparation. In other words, if you know exactly which one makes your heart beat faster, or which one is the perfect match for your loved one. To make your choice easier, here we present the first classic: The Tissot Quickster. A timeless chronograph with (of course) Swiss movement and top price among the Tissot family members. The design meets the 12th, because you always recognize it by the prominently placed number on the dial. The trick: Despite Signature display the bracelet of the Quickster models is variably selectable. Whether sporty with classic black fabric band, noble with hazel brown leather band or feminine chic in rose metallic – Every style deserves its watch.

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Tissot T Sport – athletic class

The speedboat among Tissot’s flagships is the T Sport Chronograph. It scores with playful additional functions and unusual features, as well as a waterproof, which can be seen. Here, too, one of the key pieces of the Swiss family home is set up in a wide range: the Tissot T Sport is available in retro finishes or with modern, shiny silver high tech. The sturdy case withstands your sporting challenges and stops every sprint with precision. The run on your cheap Tissot model starts … now!

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Tissot Couturier – Watch Couture

You are a fashion girl, who likes to take the trouble to search all forums and websites for the great piece from your Instagram feed, because you recognize the combination of Vogue and quality at first sight? And you can make the most beautiful gift, if you even reduced your highlight ergatsst? Catchy’s will make your life easier now. The high-quality fashion pieces from Tissot frolic here in the world of watches couture at sale prices. With rich smooth leather in a simple golden case … Or crystal clear silver that meets clean snow white … Here the spirit of the time is ticking in all its nuances.

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