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Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Tiffany has been around since 1837 - yes, that 's a long time in which exclusive jewelry has always evolved. You see in the cinema today Tiffany blue jewelry box or small bag with suspicious lettering flashing, you know: the happy main actress - she is richly presented or even with a marriage application. It is no wonder that the color name "Tiffany-blue" meanwhile even is patented. Tiffany & amp; Co is one of the most famous American jewelers. And not just that alone because of Audrey Hepburn's breakfast at Tiffany. With the collection "Return to Tiffany "will revive elegant classics. And the well-guarded treasures Audrey's times are gaining in value and charm anyway. Maybe you'll soon be among the happy girls, who are here at Catchy's Second Find Hand Traumpiece ...

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Did you know that …

  1. Tiffany initially sold stationery
  2. the name of the brand was earlier Tiffany & Young
  3. in Japan, 41% of sales are achieved only with the coveted engagement rings
  4. in the campaign “Will you?” from the year 2015 for the first time two enamored men – really enamored men, because it was a real couple – were pictured? The pictures also shot star photographer Peter Lindbergh
  5. the Super Bowl Trophies designed by Tiffany

Why is Second Hand at Tiffany & Co. worthwhile?

The traditional jeweler has been creating heart-felt hearts for generations – so Tiffany & Co.’s second hand and vintage jewelery, for example, tell a special story. Whether you want to buy an engagement ring from the 50s or a bracelet from the 80s – at CATCHYS you’ll find in a selection of authenticated partner shops with authenticity guarantee and buyer protection the Vintage Tiffany & Co. jewel of your choice.

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Catchy’s Tiffany & Co. Brand Guide

Tiffany Engagement Ring – Yes, I want!

You have found your person with whom you want to spend your life? We are looking forward to hearing from you and will be happy to help you find your unique engagement ring. It is supposed to be as unique as you and you always remember a special moment. There is no more beautiful jewelery than a ring of Tiffany. Sparkling – with or without a magnificent diamond – you decide. Your engagement and your vintage ring with Wow factor.

Tiffany earrings

You want to be elegant and radiate as a wedding or birthday party? Then do it yourself. Do the same to Jessica Biel or Amy Adams and let your eyes sparkle with earrings from the house of Tiffany.

Return to Tiffany –

“Back to the origins” is an excellent idea when you call Tiffany. After all, those who have designed the first shipping catalog in the United States in 1845 know how tradition and trends can be combined. The classic of the new “Return to Tiffany” collection: the bracelet.

Tiffany infinity – An endless love story

Charles Lewis Tiffany founded his empire because he was simply fascinated by the world of diamonds. The fascination is boundless and there is a sign on hand: the infinity symbol. In the truest sense of the word: as a charm on the silver bracelets, worked in a noble rose-colored arm cuff or as a golden chain pendant …