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Terms & Conditions

1. Scope

These General Terms of Use apply to the use of the internet presence,, etc. (hereinafter also referred to as “Websites”) and the use of the services offered there. In each case, the terms of use, which are available online at the time of the specific visit of an Internet user or when a user registers on the website, apply. By using the websites or the registration, the user declares his complete agreement with these General Terms of Use. For individual services on the websites such. For example, free registration is subject to additional and priority special conditions (see below).

Catchys reserves the right to change these Terms of Use, e.g. change the legal situation or supplement our services. The changed terms of use will be sent to the user by e-mail or displayed upon login. They are deemed to have been agreed if the user does not object to their validity within 4 weeks after receipt of the notification. The contradiction requires the text form, so at least one e-mail. We will separately inform the user about the possibility of objection, the deadline and the consequences of his inaction.

If the user objects, both we and the user have the right to terminate the user agreement by termination with immediate effect. of web pages

The websites are intended for end users (hereinafter also referred to as “customers”) who wish to purchase or apply for products or services on the Internet or to inform themselves about them (also mutually). Catchys offers its services only to adults and unlimited business. Customers receive free of charge price lists and sources of products and services offered by catchys registered dealers, providers and service providers as well as other third parties (including white-label cooperation partners) (hereinafter referred to as “online shops”) on the Internet. < / p>

This information is not a legally binding offer from catchys. The information research is largely automated and relies heavily on information received by catchys from online shops and third parties (eg, manufacturers and the media). The details of the respective online shops or third parties are updated by automated processes several times a day. In individual cases, deviations may occur, in particular with regard to the price (and thus also the ranking of the offers), the availability and the delivery time of products and services. Due to the amount of information to be processed, errors, in particular those based on faulty information on the part of the online shops or third parties, can not be completely excluded. For the correctness of the information offered, catchys can therefore assume no liability.

Catchys points out that not all on-line online shops and offers (especially not all insurance or financial services) are considered. The selection is at the sole discretion of catchys and the online stores. Displayed comparison results should serve the customer as an overview of the catchys cooperating online shops and make no claim to completeness. Catchys reserves the right to remove individual products and services from the customer without prior notice.

3. Contract relations

There are no purchase, service or other agreements with catchys for the purchase of the products or services displayed on the Websites. Contracts for the purchase of the products or services displayed on the websites are solely based between the customer and the respective online shops. Accordingly, the respective terms and conditions (as well as revocation instructions) of the online shops can be used for these contracts. As a rule, customers are led by the websites directly to the pages of the online shop from which the offer concerned originates. The customers are obliged to check all information relevant for the conclusion of the contract and their actuality even before the conclusion of a contract or order process on the basis of the information provided by the relevant online shops. Catchy’s points out that customers who pay in advance to the online store generally bear the risk of default.

If a Buy icon is displayed in the respective offer of the shop, the contract offer of the customer can be transmitted directly to the online shop without any forwarding to the websites of the online shop. Also in this case, catchys mediates only the conclusion of the contract and acts neither as a representative of one of the contracting parties nor is catchys itself a party to a contract concluded between the customer and the online shop. All contractual obligations arise exclusively between the customer and the respective online shop. Furthermore, the respective GTC (in addition to revocation instructions) of the online shops and / or payment service providers can be used for these contracts. Catchys does not warrant that the products or services displayed on the Websites may actually be purchased or ordered under the terms specified at the relevant online stores.

Company names, logos and / or product names mentioned on the Websites are protected trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders.


Catchys gives adult, unlimited customers the ability to register for free with catchys, to open their own account, to use extensive features on the website and to enjoy individualized information and offers .

The provision of the registration option by catchys is non-binding and merely constitutes an invitation to submit an offer for the opening of a free customer account by the respective customer. With the registration and its confirmation by the user in the context of the so-called. Double Opt in process, the customer confirms that he is of age and unlimited legal capacity. The acceptance by catchys in the form of providing a customer account is subject to the proviso of check by catchys. The catchys features and services included with the opening of the customer account are free of charge for the customer and non-binding for catchys. The customer is not entitled to the services promised by catchys, nor to their accuracy or completeness.

The respective customer is responsible for the confidentiality of his customer account. In particular, it is his duty to protect the access data from being viewed and made public by third parties.

Catchys reserves the right to exclude its customers from its services if it uses the services in a manner that is intended or likely to jeopardize the functioning of the services or to commit crimes or promote.

5. Contributions from customers

Customers can comment on online shops, products and services (hereinafter referred to as “service”) with text and picture contributions as well as ratings (hereinafter “ratings”) on the web pages. Participation is not enforceable and can not be enforced or demanded in any other form. There is no right to publish customer contributions.

The customer may only rate if he was the actual user of the service in question and is not the owner of the service and was not commissioned or remunerated by the service. The assessment must be demonstrably true by applicable law of the customer and may not contain any abuse or be unlawful for other reasons. Evaluated services can address their justified objections to ratings to: catchys will then immediately review and, if necessary, remove the rating or request customization from the customer.

With the submission of opinions and text or picture contributions the author grants catchys the simple, free, unlimited transferable as well as spatially and temporally unlimited right of use (including the right to edit, as far as the processing and transformation under preservation of the mental nature of the work and the translation right) to the submitted contribution in addition to the submitted rating. The author refrains from naming as author.

5.Free Release Regarding Customer Contributions

The respective customer indemnifies catchys from any claims that third parties assert against catchys for the suspension of his text and picture contributions. The Customer assumes the costs of the necessary legal defense (in particular, court and attorney’s fees) incurred by the defense against such claims.


The following disclaimers and limitations apply to any responsibility of catchys – for whatever legal reason, without prejudice to other statutory eligibility requirements: Catchys is liable if it is charged with intent or gross negligence. For simple negligence catchys is liable only in case of breach of an obligation, the fulfillment of which enables the proper execution of the contract in the first place and on the compliance of which the contractual partner may regularly rely (so-called cardinal duty). Incidentally, liability for damages of any kind, regardless of the basis of the claim, including liability for negligence on conclusion of the contract, is excluded. Insofar as catchys is liable for simple negligence, the liability is limited to the damage which was typically caused by the circumstances known at the time the contract was concluded. The aforementioned exclusions and limitations of liability shall not apply in cases of mandatory legal liability, in particular under the Product Liability Act, upon the assumption of a guarantee as well as culpable injury to life, limb and health.

The above exclusions and limitations of liability also apply to the benefit of employees, vicarious agents and other third parties whom catchys uses to fulfill the contract.

Catchys assumes no liability or guarantee for the type, extent and quality of the online shops and other third parties to which directly or indirectly z. Links, products, services or information offered. In particular, it assumes no liability or guarantee for the functionality and compatibility of systems, programs, etc., which do not belong directly to their offer and to which they have no influence. Catchys can therefore assume no responsibility for the accessibility, the graphic, content or technical design and functioning of the websites of the online shops or third parties and the products or services, information and other services offered or not offered thereon.

7.Instructions on intellectual property rights

The web pages contain data, search results, text, graphics, software and other information protected by intellectual property rights in favor of catchys and its employees, in particular under copyright and trademark laws. Reproduction, public reproduction, modification and other interference with these rights are permitted in whole or in part only with the written permission of catchys, unless a legal barrier is involved. Any unauthorized interference will constitute a violation of the above legal provisions and will be prosecuted. In particular, the automated reading out of the database and web pages (eg through scraping) and the inclusion of contents of the web pages in the frame are not permitted without the consent of catchys. The user may use the application only for the individual comparison of offers from online shops for their own needs.

8.Geltung deutscher Rechtes

The use of the web pages and these general terms of use is governed exclusively by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, excluding the UN Sales Convention (CISG).

9th Jurisdiction and Salvatory Clause

If the customer is a merchant, a legal person under public law or a special fund under public law, the place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from contractual relationships between the customer and catchys is the place of catchys’. < / p>

Should individual provisions of these General Terms of Use be or become invalid in whole or in part or ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In place of disclaimed or ineffective terms and conditions, the law of law. In addition, the parties shall, instead of the void or ineffective provision, come to an effective provision which comes as close as possible to their economic effect as far as no supplementary contract interpretation is prioritized or possible.

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