Tommy Hilfiger Shirts

The fashion of Tommy Hilfiger is not just fashion but a lifestyle. With the colors blue, white and red in the logo of the design mark, Tommy Hilfiger stands for the All-American look. The shirts of the label are perfect for all fashion-conscious ladies and gentlemen who love uncomplicated clothing. But also true trendsetters will find it here. The label combines the classic college look with modern elements. Both young fashion lovers as well as the older generation will find their way into the collections of the label. At Tommy Hilfiger you can find shirts for every occasion. Whether a poloshirt for the next visit to the golf course or a casual t-shirt for the next Citytrip - the world brand always offers the perfect model. Also international It-Girls like Hailey Baldwin and Gigi Hadid are always seen in the casual shirts. Would you like to know which models are most popular? Then look at our fashion guide to Tommy Hilfiger Shirts. Here you will also learn how to combine them best. Have fun while reading!

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Tommy Hilfiger Shirts for you

On Catchys fashion-conscious women of all ages find a series of stylish Tommy Hilfiger shirts. From colorful tops for sunny summer summers to cuddly sweatshirts for the changing transition period, everything is what your fashion heart desires! With the shirts of Tommy Hilfiger you are always styled – both professionally and privately! Thus the label offers in its collections for every season and every occasion the right shirt. The T-shirts of the label are the fashion must-haves every woman should have in her wardrobe. Casual to jeans and elegant to the skirt, you can style your Tommy Hilfiger t-shirts perfectly. Well-known fashion bloggers swear by the cool logo T-shirts of the label with the distinctive Tommy Hilfiger logo and lettering. Create a cool street style by combining your logo tee with skinny jeans and casual vans. A tip for cool days: this model is also available as a sweatshirt. If this style is too obtrusive, you can also choose a basic T-shirt with the Tommy Hilfiger logo embroidered on the right side of the breasts. One thing, however, all the shirts have in common: They stand for unique designs and high-quality materials, which like a second skin adhere to our body. Choose from the variety of our models and find your favorite Tommy Hilfiger shirt on Catchys!

Tommy Hilfiger Shirts for him

Also the gentlemen of the creation find on Catchys a series of stylish shirts of the brand Tommy Hilfiger. Whether you’re a fan of patterns or classic designs, here’s something for everyone. Basic classics of the label such as simple round neck tees and polo shirts belong in the wardrobe of every fashion-conscious man. Also fans of the maritime stripe look in blue and white come here at their expense. These can be styled perfectly to a casual chinohose and boots. Tommy Hilfiger Collegeshirts are the all-rounder talents par excellence. You can combine them to your everyday looks as well as for elegant occasions. Create a cool casual look by combining your Tommy Hilfiger V-shirt in dark blue to green cargo shorts and skates. A light beige cap and a black Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses round off your style. In addition, male fashion bloggers love the stylish logo sweatshirts the labels. The white logo sweater can be combined with casual blue jeans and Nike sneakers. Make your favorite shirt and create your favorite look!

Tommy Hilfiger Shirts in Second Hand & Sale

Everyone knows it: For a long time we have a particular shirt in mind, we always put it in our imaginary cart and wait for the day when we have the money to buy it. And, oh fright, it’s already sold out! But professional fashionistas are not going to despair. They know that the shirt of their dreams is likely to be found within the next days and weeks in the well-known online second hand shops. Now you are no longer just a piece off the shelf, but a shirt that has already written history. Tommy Hilfiger shirts are second hand still in very good condition as the quality of the garments of the label is very high and also retain their shape and color after repeated washing. A nice side effect is that you can also save a few cents when buying your shirt. True savings are also found among our sales articles. Tommy Hilfiger shirts are true classics that you can wear over many years. They are always fashionable. Enjoy browsing!

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The shirts by Tommy Hilfiger are among the classics of the last years. Unfortunately, there are many counterfeits in the market, which no one would want to hang in his wardrobe. In order to make it easier for you to distinguish fake and original from each other, we have some tips & tricks for you. A first indication is usually the Tommy Hilfiger logo – the white is always front, the red behind it. This is often confused with plagiarism. Also the lettering “TOMMY HILFIGER” you should take a closer look at your shirt. In plagiarism there are always spelling mistakes. Small details should also be examined. Seams should be properly processed and must not protrude. In addition, it helps to remember its sense organs. If the material feels cheap or scratchy, it is very likely a fake and you should be better off your fingers. On the company website you can find detailed information about the material texture of your Tommy Hilfiger shirts. Finally, an important tip: On the safe side, you are in any case, if you only buy at trustworthy shops. On Catchy’s, we only pass on to verified partner shops, which guarantee the originality of your new favorite shirt.


Variety in the wardrobe is one of the most important fashion rules. Every now and then time out, and space for new things to create is also really fun. Even if you love your Tommy Hilfiger shirts, you can be sure of a bit of fresh wind. The first hot tip of our fashion editorial team is the Champion brand. Here you can find cool t-shirts with a small logo on the left breast side. Confident logo fans will especially love sweatshirts with wide lettering on the front. Another alternative is the brand Calvin Klein . The product portfolio offers you a range of classic T-Shirts and Longsleeves that are very similar to the style of the Tommy Hilfiger shirt. You can also find beautiful Crop-Top models here. If you are a true penny pincher, but still looking polo shirts made of high quality in the style of Tommy Hilfiger, then we can you label Tom Tailor recommended. The label offers poloshirts with a simple style of high material quality at absolutely fair prices. On Catchys with a click to fashion luck!


Tommy Hilfiger Sweatshirt with golden print for ladies

First of all, we would like to show you this cool sweatshirt by Tommy Hilfiger. With the distinctive label lettering in gold-shining letters on the front of your shirt, you can express your love for the brand – possibly the love for your partner, child or father, if this is Tommy. The Tommy Hilfiger logo is embroidered on the left sleeve end. The round neckline and the ribbed cuffs at the sleeves and the hem round off the simple design of this cool basic shirt. The material is 100% made of high quality cotton. The sweatshirt can be styled in jeans and chinos. Small tip: There is also a T-shirt by Tommy Hilfiger in the same style, also with the distinctive Tommy print.

Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt Heritage for ladies

Are you more of a sporty type and looking for a new sport top? Then the shirt Heritage by Tommy Hilfiger is for you. Even in a sweaty workout, this shirt offers you an optimal wearing comfort. The high-quality cotton feels pleasantly soft on your skin. Due to the generous arm sections, the racerback and the wide round neck cut, you have sufficient freedom of movement during training. The Tommy logo is attached on the side. The piping at the neckline and the armholes are color-coded from the rest of the shirt.

Tommy Hilfiger Logo T-shirt in 90s style for women

Surely you’ve seen this t-shirt with many stars and fashion bloggers. The shirt in the style of the 90s with a wide logo and lettering on the front is currently totally announced. The classic round neckline and the simple design make the shirt a real fashion classic. The material is made of fine cotton, which gives you an optimal wearing comfort.

Tommy Hilfiger T-Shirt black with logo for men

For the gentlemen among the fans of Tommy Hilfiger, we have found this classic t-shirt in black. This t-shirt should definitely find a place in your wardrobe. It is the fashion basic par excellence and fits the most diverse occasions. The classic cut and the small logo on the left breast side on the front, you can even wear it under your blazer. The material consists of a cotton mix with elastane content.


Men also increasingly have high demands on their wardrobe. They love the sporty designs of Tommy Hilfiger, because they can create so many styles with them. With the poloshirts of the label, they can embody a sportive, noble lifestyle. Our models also love the fashion logo with the small logo on the right side of the breasts in all possible colors. They are easy to wear with any trousers. Whether it’s jeans, shorts, or chino pants – the polo shirts of Tommy Hilfiger simply always fit. Ladies can not get enough inspiration for summer looks with Tommy Hilfiger tops. Your look will be especially sweet when combined with Tommy Hilfiger Shorts and Chucks. Topmodel Bella Hadid wears her gray, belly-free Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt to black leggings and Hightop sneakers. XXL-fashion also makes Tommy Hilfiger fun, because style-consciousness does not stop at a dress size. Tommy Hilfiger also offers great shirts for oversize. In this Pinterest board you will find even more styling ideas. Just click through our selection and go to the Combinationsprofi!


The Tommy Hilfiger brand is one of the best known and most popular fashion brands around the world. No wonder the American designer was even awarded the Bambi for Fashion in 2008. The shirts by Tommy Hilfiger stand for the All-American-Lifestyle in the fashion world. Especially the shirts in the college style, which once made the label popular, are currently extremely popular. First-class materials and classic designs – these are the best ways to describe the style of the shirts. The collections offer casual casual fashion as well as noble poloshirts for your office look. The preppy chic with poloshirts and V sweatshirts is worn by the well-known fashion bloggers and loved by everyone. Gone is the elitist, pithy reputation that the label once had. Tommy Hilfiger creates style awareness with comfort. It is based on natural materials such as fine cotton and fine cashmere. With our styling ideas you are always well-dressed. Also prove your classic style with the cult classics of Tommy Hilfiger!