Philipp Plein Shirts

Eye-catching appliqués, skulls, sparkling stones, colorful bright colors: With these words, the style of the shirts by the designer Philipp Plein can be summed up very well. If you want to notice, these shirts are a perfect match. They fit both casual jeans and a noble suit for men. US starlets like Rita Ora or Paris Hilton are big fans of the brand and wear its designs on one or the other red carpet. But also in the men's world, the shirts of the German designer are popular. For example, recently, ex-prisoner Jeremy Meeks, who almost overnight became an Internet phenomenon or model, was seen in his designs. America's "hottest criminals", as it was called by the press, even opened the Philipp Plein Fashion Show in February this year. Would you like to get more information about the shirts by Philipp Plein? Then we have exactly the right thing for you: An exclusive Philipp Plein Shirt Guide.

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Philipp Plein T-Shirts for an elegant look to the blazer

With a classic T-shirt, you can quickly think of a casual leisure look. Usually these are basic parts, which are rather simple and do not appear to be suitable for the first time. Many forget that you can combine t-shirts with the blazer . Especially for evening the models are suitable with eye-catching skulls or glittering stones. The important thing here is that your remaining outfit and accessories are rather simple so your look does not look too extreme. The best thing to combine with your Philipp Plein T-shirt is a simple, plain-colored blazer, cool jeans and plain shoes. We also advise you to unobtrusive, discreet jewelry if you have chosen a glittering t-shirt. In general, the rule is that you should only draw attention with you with a piece of clothing on you.

Philipp Plein sweatshirts for summer skirts

Who does not know it in the summer: sometimes it is broodingly hot, sometimes there is a small shower. Which outfit could fit better than a Philipp Plein sweatshirt combined with your favorite skirt . For this combination, you may also like to grab colorful sweaters in bright colors. Especially cool we find the Philipp Plein sweatshirt with sequins to a long maxi skirt. This outfit is, for example, absolutely perfect for the evening. It is also practical that Philipp Plein sweatshirts are made of high quality cotton and they can not develop unpleasant welding odors. This can happen to you with cheap polyester fabrics very quickly. So thumbs up for the Philipp Plein sweatshirts!

Philipp Plein Printshirts with lettering for a cool everyday look

Whether you’re looking for a word or phrase, both currently fit T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and Tops by Philipp Plein. What is crucial is not necessarily the message that you convey with your new trend shirt, but you are more a fashion statement with it. Very cool are the sweatshirts with the lettering “200% Plein” or the “Superman” T-shirt. Narrow-tube jeans and cool biker boots offer themselves as perfect combination partners.

Philipp Plein Shirts Second-hand and on sale

Surely you were in the situation, that the Philipp Plein shirt, that you absolutely wanted to have, is out of print. Do not despair, with very high probability you’ll find it only a few weeks or sometimes even just days later online in second-hand shops. Beautiful side effect is that you get here pieces with history. Perhaps you will find some favorite pieces in our selected second-hand partner shops, which can help you underline your individuality and which does not have everyone at once. Also the Philipp Plein shirts in the sale should you take a close look under the magnifying glass. Second-hand and sale make fashionistas accessible to fashion designers, which they could never otherwise afford. Especially trendy special editions by Philipp Plein in limited edition are usually sold out quickly. You might find them in the partner shops of Catchys. Enjoy browsing!

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Fake Check Philipp Plein Shirts

No question, the great thing about second-hand is, of course, that you can purchase designershirts from Philipp Plein at a lower price than the original one. Nevertheless: be careful with the second-hand purchase. Also designer merchandise from second hand has its price. For example, a shirt that costs 500 € can not cost 50 € or less in sales or second-hand. As quality has its price, you should definitely check on the Philipp Plein website the original prices and consider with a good mind, because if you are plagiarized, you really wasted every penny. In addition, it is important that you only shop at trustworthy shops. On Catchys we only forward you to reputable online shops, which always check the authenticity of their articles. Always pay attention to the spelling and grammar errors at the shops in general, they can quickly identify a fraudster page. In addition, the designer label has developed a new technology with which it wants to announce the fight against product piracy. The shirts by Philipp Plein contain a special security label in the form of a hologram, which reacts additionally to heat.


You’re an absolute fan of the eye-catching Philipp Plein shirts, but your current budget is not enough for one of these designer shirts? No problem! At Catchys, we also search the net every day for cheap versions to make every fashion heart happy. Fans of shirts with skulls should remember the brand Alchemy England. The shirts convince by a good quality and with fair prices. If you are totally in love with Philipp Plein’s statement shirt, “You’re monday, I am friday night”, then we have a very hot tip for you. The brand Rich & Royal offers a t-shirt in a similar design with the words “Do more of what makes you happy”. You can also find many cool print shirts at Rich & Royal that you might like. More affordable alternatives are offered every season by fast fashion chains such as Zara , Mango or Topshop . In addition to classic shirts, these also have many shirts, which are inspired by the designs of great designers. Have fun shopping!


Philipp Plein Balinay Prussian T-Shirt

This gorgeous t-shirt has captivated us with its applications immediately. Hearts, roses, pigeons and stars are spread across the shirt and surround the big heart with rhinestones and the inscription “Plein”. Particularly pleasant is the soft material made of the finest cotton, which guarantees a long wearing comfort without scratching effect. Its short sleeves and plain white make this t-shirt perfect for your spring and summer outfits.

Philipp Plein Ariell T-Shirt

Another highlight of the T-shirts of the brand Philipp Plein is the T-shirt Ariell. But beware: This shirt is definitely just for brave fashionistas among you, as it has a very eye-catching print. In the center is a tiger head, which keeps the logo of the designer in the mouth. In addition, red flowers with strass adornments and printed golden chains adorn the shirt. The practical round neckline and the short sleeves make the T-shirt perfect for your summer look to a cool jeans in the used look.

Philipp Plein T-shirt with tropical print

If you are looking for a holiday feeling, you should definitely choose the Philipp Plein T-Shirt with a tropical print: Hawaii-Feeling inclusive. The shirt has a practical round neckline and short sleeves. The tropical print on the front of the shirt is decorated in warm colors and decorated with Swarovski crystals. Particularly sweet are also the two parrot-overprints. The material of the T-shirt consists of a high-quality, load-bearing synthetic fiber.

Philipp Plein Dramatic T-Shirt

This beautiful Philipp Plein t-shirt is definitely something for the fashion-conscious man. It has a large print with two skulls wearing Indian headdress. Small pieces of jewelery were placed on the prints in fine craftsmanship. The plain white makes this shirt to combine with many outfits. The delicate cotton fabric and the practical round neck cut make it particularly comfortable to wear.

Philipp Plein United Sweatshirt

A slightly simpler shirt is the United sweatshirt by Philipp Plein. You do not want to notice too much, but still wear a cool sweatshirt? Then this is certainly the right choice. This black shirt from the designer label carries a cool yellow-black skull print on the front and has black ribbed accents to the elbow. The material is a mix of cotton, polyester, polyurethane and elastane. Due to its long sleeves, this sweatshirt is definitely suitable for colder summer nights or the fresh transitional season.



The designer Philipp Plein always focuses his women’s collections on specific themes. We would like to introduce you a selection with the most beautiful shirts of the label. The “Baroque” collection skilfully takes up the stylistic element, the skull, which is typical of Phlipp Plein and adds a golden chain design and flowers that are placed in the mouths of the skulls or placed on the head. Also the leopard was printed on many t-shirts and sweatshirts. In color, the shirts are almost exclusively in gold, silver, black and white. Another very well-known collection of the designer is the “Chains and Turquoise” collection. The garments and accessories are only black, white and turquoise except for a few color spots. The shirts are decorated with golden chains and eye-catching prints. Finally, we would like to introduce you to the ladies’ “Hearts” collection. As the name suggests, hearts are printed on the shirts or in the form of crystal stones. The T-shirts and sweatshirts of this collection are definitely a must-have for those who are just in love or those who want to bring a little more love and romance in their lives.


The men’s collections are inspired by many different styles and demonstrate their own theme. The “Samurai” collection includes shirts with skull and crossbones and Chinese characters. Also swords and samurai are printed on some shirts. The colors of the collection are red, white and black. Another popular collection of men is the “Striped Skull” collection. Also here is the typical skull for the designer label printed on the shirts. In addition, the shirts contain blue-white and red-white stripes. Last but not least, we would like to introduce you to the “Multi-color Python” collection. As the name suggests, the label used in this collection the pattern of a Python for its designs. This collection is one of the most colorful with shirts in colors from bright orange to covered snake green.


Striking, flashy, Philipp Plein Shirts. At last you have found it: your favorite shirt by Philipp Plein. But how do you combine it best now? We have collected some cool styling ideas for you in our Pinterest Board. Statement t-shirts from the design brand can be combined with a black jeans skirt, a black leather jacket, black high-heel sandals and a matching black velvet clutch for a rocking look. The practical thing about these statement shirts by Philipp Plein is that you can change their look with a few simple hand movements. For a noble look you wear your statement T-shirt to a gray woolen skirt, a black blazer and black, pointed lacquer ballerinas. Click for more outfit suggestions simply by our Pinterest board and become a combination pro!