Adidas Shirts

I started designing and making my first sports shoes in the laundry room of my parents home." Adolf Dassler, founder of adidas. The brand adidas looks back on a German success story that began more than 60 years ago and continues today. The ambitious athlete and athlete Adolf Dassler began with customized sports shoes and expanded his label with the years around clothing and accessories. The individual collections of the brand offer you a wide selection of trendy shirts, which make your fashion heart beat higher. The creative designs of the shells stand for urbanity, freedom and individuality combined with the highest quality and functionality. For the production of the shirts are used among other techniques such as climacool® or Gore-Tex, which ensure an optimal wearing comfort. But also in terms of fashion technology you will not miss out on the designs of adidas. Even international stars such as Rita Ora and David Beckham wear the stylish shirts with the distinctive logo and the three stripes to their trendy outfits. Would you like to learn more about adidas shirts? In our fashion guide to adidas shirts, you can find out which models are currently on the market and how to best combine them.

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Combinations with Adidas Shirts

Adidas shirts are no longer only sport-friendly, but also an absolute must-have for the Casual Friday at the office, school & co. Because adidas shirts are comfortable, easy to combine and stylish. What are you waiting for? Grab your adidas shirt!

Adidas Shirts for you

Ladies can express their individuality with the shirts by adidas. No matter what look you choose, you can decide whether to combine torn jeans or a feminine skirt with your adidas shirt. The adidas shirts can be styled and combined in a variety of styles. They can not only create leisure looks, but also outfits for the office or the next party. Especially the Originals Shirts are very simple and can be combined to a chic Blazer and a noble cloth pants. In the evening, you simply change the fabric pants through a black leather skirt and high heels and your ready party look is ready.

Adidas Shirts for him

The Gentlemen of Creation are also looking for Catchys. If you are looking for trendy shirts from adidas, then you are exactly right here. For both cool recreational looks, for sports or for casual business outfits, you’ll find just the right thing. The shirts can also be worn perfectly in combination with the sneaker models from adidas. Have you seen the cool poloshirts of the brand? They look very stylish to chino pants or shorts. The originals T-shirts are classics, which may not be missing in any wardrobe. You can also create a cool training outfit by combining your adidas sports shirt with a trendy jogging trousers with the three stripes and a casual adidas hoodie. One thing is certain with the trendy shirts of the brand, you can prove a good taste when it comes to fashion and put on a successful performance on every occasion.

Adidas Shirts in Second Hand & Sale

Have you ever been in the situation that exactly the adidas shirt, which you wanted to have absolutely, was sold out? In such moments you should not despair. Most likely, you will find them within a few weeks in the well-known online second hand shops. A nice side effect is that you are no longer just wearing a piece off the rack, but a piece of clothing that has already written history. Often, however, shirts that are sold secondhand are seldom worn and therefore still in very good condition. Trendy special editions such as shirts from collaborations with Stella McCartney were quickly sold out. If you’re not a fan of Secondhand yet, we can also suggest that you take a closer look at the adidas shirts on sale. In the partner shops of Catchys, you can easily order your new adidas adidas shirt. Clicked on one click!

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Fake Check adidas Shirts

The shirts from adidas are among the cult shirts of recent years. Unfortunately, they have also caught the eye of the counterfeiters, who have a lucrative business with them. Do you think you can distinguish the original and the fake? It is best to rely on your sense organs. Look at your shirt, smell it, and feel the fabric. You should take a close look at the three-dimensional logo and compare size and shape with product photos on the original adidas website. Also the seams of your shirt should be well processed and not stand out or sewn in different colors. Also the wash instructions can give you information about original or fake. If you can recognize Chinese characters, you should keep your fingers out. Also the smell of the shirt can be a hint to you. Smell your shirt very chemically and the fabric does not feel like cotton, although it should actually be made of this material, you should also continue to seek further. On Catchy’s, you’ll be redirected to trustworthy partner shops, guaranteeing the originality of the products. More tips and tricks you can get in our Fake Check video and in our magazine article around this topic.

Alternatives to adidas shirts

Even if you are an absolute fan of the adidas shirts, you will surely want to bring some change into your wardrobe. Our editorial team has a couple of great alternatives for you to keep in mind. First of all, we would like to mention the popular adidas adidas: Nike, Puma and Fila. With these three brands, you’ll also find fashionable shirts in adidas style. Are you a fan of adidas shirts with brand logo on the front? Then we have another tip for you: Look at the cool College shirts from Carhartt. With these you also manage a cool, urban style.

Popular adidas Shirts

The Adidas Ultra Running Jacket for Women – Offwhite / Coral

adidas shirt ultra running shirt
Are you looking for the perfect running shirt that gets the grade 1 in terms of functionality as well as design? Then look at the adidas Ultra Runshirt for ambitious runners. The material of the shirt consists of a high-quality wool blend fabric, which ensures optimal temperature management. Moreover, it is odor-resistant and pleasant to wear on the skin. On the sleeves and waistband are ribbed cuffs. The reflective details are particularly practical. From a color point of view, the adidas adidas running shoes look very nice to this shirt.

The Adidas Freelift Prime T-shirt for men

With the Freelift Prime T-shirt, you are the star in the gym. The flexible fit offers you an optimal freedom of movement and does not slip you up with complicated exercises. The material is made of the high-quality climalite® polyester, which dries very quickly and can be worn softly on the skin. The round neckline and the contoured fit round out the design of this stylish shirt.
adidas freelift t-shirt

The Adidas Originals TNT Trefoil Sweatshirt for Men

adidas sweatshirt trefoil
Actually, this casual sweatshirt in the 90s style is from the men’s collection of Adidas. We find, however, that female fashionistas could occasionally lend this shirt out of their loved one’s wardrobe. The shirt consists of a high-quality double-knit material and a woven, jacquard-tape with the distinctive Trefoil print. On the front is the adidas lettering.

The Adidas Originals 3-Stripes T-Shirt for Ladies

The adidas Originals 3-Stripes T-Shirt is among the classics among the shirts of the label. With this casual shirt you get the perfect retro look in the style of the 80s. It is perfect for sporty recreational looks as well as torn jeans and pumps. The material is made of high quality cotton, which feels pleasantly soft on your skin. On the U-neck and the arm closures, contrasting ribs are found. On the left is the flocked Trefoil logo.
adidas shirt three stripes

The Adidas Originals Trefoil Tank for Men

Fans of the classic adidas original designs do not come around this tank of adidas. The material is made of 100% soft cotton, which is comfortable to wear on the skin. With the distinctive Trefoil logo on the front of the shirt you show that you are a fan of the brand. In addition to sporting activities, you can also wear this t-shirt perfectly on festivals or raves.

Adidas shirts

Adidas does not want to put only sports fashion, nor fashion statements. That is why they are very successful in pursuing a multi-brand strategy so that you can find both fashionable designer pieces from a cooperation such as the Stella McCartney as well as functional sportswear. The adidas brand is another plus for us for its sustainability. For the production of their T-shirts they use only recycled, sustainable materials.

Sustainable Cotton – Better Cotton

In the future, Adidas would like to purchase only Better Cotton Cotton, which is won by the Better Cotton Initiative. This places great emphasis on a reduction in the pesticide burden, as well as on resource-saving water use and fair personnel policy.

Recycled polyester

In addition, adidas uses only recycled polyester made of synthetic fibers for his shirts. These are obtained from secondary accidents such as plastic bottles or old clothes. They are also committed to finding additional sources of recycled polyester. Thus, the waste in our environment can be reduced and the dependence on oil can be reduced. In addition, the trend label distinguishes between two different types of polyester: 1. climacool® polyester shirts from the climacool® polyester are mainly worn in professional sports. The material is breathable and directs the sweat to the surface where it evaporates. The climacool®-polyester also provides good ventilation through mesh zones on the shirts. The national team’s jersey consists, for example, of the ClimaCool polyester. 2. climalite® polyester shirts from the climalite® polyester are also characterized by the technology of the shirts made of climacool®-polyester. However without the additional ventilation effect.

Recycled nylon

Recycled nylon is produced from industrial waste, such as fishing nets. The use of recycled nylon also helps to avoid waste production and reduce dependency on petroleum.

adidas leather

For small leather details on the shirts, adidas basically does not use raw material from animals that have been bred for extracting. In addition, threatened animal species are generally excluded. They attach great importance to the good living conditions of the animals and feed their raw material from the by-products of the food industry.

Popular styles with adidas shirts

The trend label adidas offers you the right shirt for every occasion. From professional sportswear to trendy shirts for your party outfit, you’ll find every cap that you should have in your wardrobe. We have collected some cool styling ideas for you in our Pinterest board, which you should definitely look at. For a cool summer look you combine your crop shirt from adidas to Jeansshorts, a gray leather backpack and white superstars sneakers. We also find the cool Trefoil Oversized T-Shirt, which fits very well with a black Rayban Aviator sunglasses, black leggings and boots. The Originals Longsleeves are perfect for your leisure looks. Combine a red longsleeve with a boyfriend jeans and white Stan Smith sneakers from adidas. Also for men we have found a cool style. The original sweatshirt in gray with turquoise stripes fits very well to torn, black jeans and blue sneakers. For a particularly casual street style you wear under your sweatshirt a white long-top that looks out under the shirt. You can create another cool style by wearing your adidas California T-shirt to a dark gray suit and black sneakers from adidas. Just click through our styles and become a combination pro!