Tommy Hilfiger Sweater

American Way of Life - for an open, young and especially trendy generation. Casual wear of the particularly casual style. Sustainable trends and attractive collections in blue, white and red. Of course, the speech is from Tommy Hilfiger. But one thing the US-American label can do particularly well: sweaters. Tommy Hilfiger sweaters are very popular with many people, which is probably due to the good quality and brand awareness. Even Hailey Baldwin, Gigi Hadid and Jessica Alba know, Tommy Hilfiger embodies the American dream, a time of departure and longing for freedom, like no other company. Learn more about Tommy Hilfiger Pullover in this Style Guide!

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Combinations with Tommy Hilfiger sweaters

Tommy Hilfiger sweater – the American dream to wear for him & her

The company Tommy Hilfiger embodies the American dream like hardly any other. In the US under poor conditions grew up to the “designer of the year” years later. Today the brand with the typical logo in the colors red, white and blue is part of American fashion history. Tommy Hilfiger is one of the most important designers in the USA and a pioneer of the classic “all-American style”. His sweaters in vintage look are at home in all the wardrobes of the world.

Tommy Hilfiger Pullover for every occasion

Pullover from Tommy Hilfiger are the perfect companions on cool days. Whether for jeans for the casual leisure look or for the anzuchose into the office, Tommy Hilfiger Pullover can be combined in many ways. Particularly recommendable: The fitted sweaters in covered colors such as black, blue or cream. Our tip: with a delicate chain or a color-matching loop scarf over the sweater, you give your outfit the certain something.

Styling Tips Tommy Hilfiger: The right outfit to the right sweater

The Tommy Hilfiger sweaters made of soft cotton convince especially with a casual look and are therefore very popular in the fashion world. The models inspire by their simple design and can be combined in such a variety of ways. Whether it’s pants, dresses or skirts , a Tommy Hilfiger sweater fits all. With the men, the sweaters can be worn wonderfully to a loose linen trousers, a summer Bermudashorts or a casual jeans.

Tommy Hilfiger Sweater Second-Hand and on sale

The quality and design of the brand Tommy Hilfiger has, of course, its price, which is why sweaters from last season as well as retro models are very much in demand. Tommy Hilfiger Sweaters of the best quality and also much cheaper? Second-hand can be a wonderful treasure trove for a small budget. Because for the sum, which you otherwise paid for a single sweater, you get already several second hand parts of the brand. So you are not infrequently buying a first class combination of different parts for the price of one. Find your new favorite piece of second-hand or on sale at Catchys!

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Fake Check by Tommy Hilfiger Sweaters

Tommy Hilfiger is a world-famous fashion brand and is therefore especially fond of product pirates. The counterfeits are preferably offered in online shops. Product piracy is a million-dollar business, but it damages the company’s operations sustainably and heavily. We at Catchys explain to you briefly how you distinguish an original Tommy Hilfiger sweater from a fake.

  1. To avoid buying a counterfeit, check out Tommy Hilfiger Sweaters only in approved online shops. Avoid buying Tommy Hilfiger branded sweaters from non-certified retailers.
  2. Watch the Tommy Hilfiger logo. The logo must always look perfect on the sweater. The two existing colors of the logo must be in the correct order. Namely first white and then red.
  3. Fingers away from offers, which promises an original sweater for 20 €, which was supposedly bought for 140 ¬. Tommy Hilfiger sweaters in good condition do not have such a large value loss.

Alternatives to Tommy Hilfiger sweaters

You’ve been dreaming of Tommy Hilfiger’s sweaters for a long time, but do you have a small purse? Catchys shows you some cheaper alternative brands with similar design. An alternative to Tommy Hilfiger Strickpullovern, nevertheless perfectly styled in every living situation, but please always nice uncomplicated – that would like you also? Then you have made the perfect choice with a S.Oliver sweater. Especially for men, S.Oliver offers great sweaters for every occasion. In this company, too, quality is a top priority and has even been awarded for it. In terms of design, S.Oliver can also keep up with the cult brand Tommy Hilfiger. Tom Tailor is also a real alternative to Tommy Hilfiger. The company Tom Tailor strives to produce good timeless fashion in high-quality, uncompromising quality. In addition, Tom Tailor also perfectly implements the Preppy Style. At competitive prices, sweaters are offered in charming and sporty design. In addition, the label strives to offer an impeccable design and perfect fit at a fair price in high quality. Convince yourself of Tom Tailor sweaters, you will be delighted.

Popular sweaters from Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Knit sweaters & cardigans

Tommy Hilfiger has been a fan of casual wear since the 1980s with his correct college style, which is typical American style for the ladies ‘and gents’ world. Every sweater and sweater by Tommy Hilfiger is a perfect complement to your leisure style, leaving you plenty of scope for individuality and style. A touch of casual comfort, combined with the right dose of creativity, goes through the Tommy Hilfiger brand from New York. With cardigans or V-Neck sweaters from Tommy Hilfiger, the perfect combinations for job, university or leisure time can be conjured. The classic, warming garments look especially chic with blouses and also look stylish to classic trousers suits or even to the suit. The fine knit makes for this dazzling performance! Trendy and summerly, the men’s and women’s sweaters from Tommy Hilfiger also look like shorts, bermudas and light summer skirts. Of course, the characteristic Tommy Hilfiger logo can not be missing in any sweater.

Tommy Hilfiger Sweatshirts & Sweaters

You’re more of a casual type? The relaxed style of men’s and women’s sweatshirts and sweaters is represented at Tommy Hilfiger with a comprehensive selection for every taste. Naturally and authentically, high-quality sweat jackets complement the business shirts and classic blouses. Stylishly designed hooded sweatshirts with a wide variety of designs not only warm but also create attractive accents in your fashionable wardrobe. With these models of sweaters and hoodies, Tommy Hilfiger inspires sportive women and men of all generations. The upmarket style of this brand is the guarantee that the knitwear of fashionable clothing is just as portable as casual casual wear. In addition, you are not restricted in the choice of your shoes: sneakers or lace-up boots are matching to your Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt, but also boots made of fine leather make these sporty garments to the advantage. Just choose your favorite from our offer.

Tommy Hilfiger Sweater in Preppy Style

Preppy is on everyone’s lips. But hardly anyone dominates the straightforward East Coast look as loosely as designer Tommy Hilfiger. The American preppy style came into fashion in the 50s and is currently back in fashion – but what exactly does it matter? The Preppy-Moderegelgel number one is: Sportswear. Tommy Hilfiger is currently one of the roots of the “Preppy with Pop” collection. Preppy Style Tommy Hilfiger Sweater Overall, the style of the Tommy Hilfiger Preppy sweater is traditional, formal and conservative. A “Prepster” worries about his appearance, but not so much so that it is set up. Our styling tip: Combine pleated skirt or chino pants with your new Tommy Hilfiger sweater. Or poloshirt and boots with a silk scarf, a vintage bag – the preppy look is finished. Without the college sweater collections by Tommy Hilfiger between sporty and tidy, a whole generation of graduates would have been at a loss. Above all, however, we would not have one: the straight-forward look in the right colors blue, white and red. Find your new preppy sweater at Tommy Hilfiger and you are absolutely in the trend!

Tommy Hilfiger Pullover: Style with great patterns and colors

The Tommy Hilfiger designers do not hold much from unusual patterns, but from classic patterns. Just stripes or here and there a plait pattern, a lot more prints do not appear. For this, the design of the Tommy Hilfiger sweaters, whether for the fashionable ladies ‘or gents’ world, has in it. Whether white, blue or red, the range of striped patterns is large, thick and narrow stripes, sometimes diagonal, sometimes horizontal. Do not you want to be the captain? Of course, fresh and vigorous trend colors of the respective season such as red, berry or pink also characterize the modern appearance of the timeless Tommy Hilfiger sweater. Anyone who is looking for failed designs on the US label will not find it there. Whether for the ladies or the men’s collection, classic decent colors are used, which is also the main focus. But who says decent is not modern? Also great classic colors like blue, gray, white, beige or black you will be able to keep long in your wardrobe with good care.

Frequently used materials at Tommy Hilfiger Sweaters

You are still undecided? Perhaps the materials of the Tommy Hilfiger sweater can convince you, because the label sets the highest quality requirements. Tommy Hilfiger has top know-how regarding the selection of the materials used for the production of the sweaters. These are made of 100% cotton, which is a 1A quality which guarantees a stable fit. High demands are also placed on processing. The materials used in the production process do not enter the washing machine and are color-coded, so your brand does not fade. However, it is by no means suitable for the dryer.

Popular styles with Tommy Hilfiger sweaters

Casual or elegant? Now you are spoiled for choice. Business-like are narrow-cut Tommy Hilfiger sweaters under a blazer, everyday and sporty-chic in combination with a pair of jeans. A classic combination for the office are sweaters by Tommy Hilfiger with a discreet V-neck, which is for example about the appropriate Poloshirt of the brand. On a plain plain Tommy Hilfiger sweater, even opulent statement chains or beautiful silk towels can look particularly good, combined with an elegant skirt, a feminine-elegant outfit for the evening.