Tom Tailor Sweater

Knitting is the darling of fashion: fluffy and warm. Knitting is always in demand, in summer and in winter. Knitted pullovers with turtlenecks or cardigans keep you warm in winter and are quickly covered on balmy summer evenings. Cardigans, cardigans and knit sweaters look just great. Fine knit or chunky knit with pattern, V-neck or round neck, long or short sleeves - the possibilities are almost unlimited. But from which brand? After all, my sweater is supposed to be fashionable, warm and of the highest quality. Catchy's got an idea: Tom Tailor. From high-quality yarns for the pleasantly warm, cuddly-soft wearing comfort to decorative extras: the ladies' and men's sweaters from Tom Tailor convince to the smallest detail. We at Catchys give you some good reasons why you should have a Tom Tailor in your closet.

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Combinations with Tom Tailor Pullover

Tom Tailor – sporty-elegant casualness for him & her

Tom tailor sweaters convince above all by their sporty-elegant nonchalance. The sporty and simple designs with their straight cuts convince men and women all over the world. The knit pullovers with V-neck are particularly popular in the fashion industry. These invite you to combine them with a cool polo shirt or a fashionable scarf. Also the pullovers with wide U- or round neck are among the bestsellers of the label. Many knit sweaters are decorated in modern pastel tones that can be styled both classic and modern. Complementing elegant costumes or suits, Tom Tailor sweaters look as confident as a short skirt or rugged jeans.

Tom Tailor Pullover: when to wear?

When it shivers, we need them urgently: sweaters. Tom Tailor sweaters are the perfect companions on cool days. Whether for jeans, for your casual leisure look or for business people, at Tom Tailor you will also find chic, office-ready models that you can wear for pencil skirts or trousers for example. Especially recommended: the fitted pullovers in muted colors such as black, blue or cream. Our tip: With a dainty necklace or a matching loop scarf over the sweater you give your outfit that certain something.

Tom Tailor Pullover: Style with great patterns and colors

The Tom Tailor designers do not think much of unusual pattern games, but more of classic patterns. Strips alone or here and there, a lot more prints do not appear. This is what the striped T-shirts of the Tom Tailor sweater have in store, whether for the fashionable ladies’ or men’s world. Whether white, blue or red, the range of stripe patterns is large, thick and narrow stripes, we love stripes. Anyone looking for unusual patterns at the German label will not find it there either. Whether the women or the men’s collection of sweaters classic discreet colors are used, which is also the main focus.

Tom Tailor Pullovers in Second-Hand and Sale

Since the Tom Tailor pullovers are in great demand and many do not just want to own a piece, sweaters from the last season as well as models on sale are also very popular. Tom Tailor sweater of the best quality and much cheaper? Second-hand or sale can be a wonderful treasure trove for a small budget. For the sum that you would otherwise pay for a single pullover, you already get several second-hand or sale parts of the brand. So you often acquire a first-class combination of different parts for the price of one. Find your favorite new item in Second-Hand or Sale on Catchy’s!

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Alternatives to Tom Tailor Pullover

You’ve been raving about Tom Tailor for a long time, maybe you already have one, but you also want to keep other alternatives open. Maybe an alternative with similar characteristics and good quality could convince you? Catchy’s shows you some cheaper alternative brands with similar designs. Here are our suggestions that we have selected for you:

  1. S.Oliver Pullover – An alternative to Tom Tailor knit sweaters, yet perfectly styled in any situation, but always nice and uncomplicated – that’s what you want? Then you have made the perfect choice with a S.Oliver pullover . Especially for men, S.Oliver offers great cotton jersey looks for every occasion. In this company too, quality is very popular and even received awards. Also in terms of design S.Oliver can keep up very well with the cult brand Tom Tailor. We’re sure, at S.Oliver you’ll find your new trend sweater just waiting to be run by you.
  2. Tommy Hilfiger Pullover – The Tommy Hilfiger Pullover is the must have for lovers of sporty-elegant trend-style. The trend label Tommy Hilfiger uses classic lines with modern accents in its designs like Tom Tailor. The Tommy Hilfiger pullovers stand out with their particularly high-quality materials, which nestle wonderfully gently against your body. The trendy Tommy Hilfiger sweaters are available for women and men and in many different variations.

Popular sweater models of the brand Tom Tailor

Tom Tailor fine knit sweaters & cardigans

With his proper college style in typical American style for the ladies and gentlemen, inspired Tom Tailor with his fine knit sweaters since the eighties, the fans of casual wear. Each sweater and cardigan by Tom Tailor is the perfect complement to your casual style, leaving plenty of room for individuality for your own style. A touch of casual comfort combined with the right dose of creativity permeates the line of the Tom Tailor brand from Hamburg. Tom tailor cardigans or V-neck fine knit sweaters make the perfect combination for the job, the university or leisure. The classic warming clothes look particularly chic over blouses and look particularly stylish to classic trouser suits or to the suit. The fine knit provides for this stunning appearance! The ladies’ and men’s sweaters by Tom Tailor also look more trendy and summery with shorts, bermudas and light summer skirts.

Tom Tailor Sweatshirts & Jackets

You’re more of a casual guy? The relaxed style of Men’s and Women’s Sweatshirts & Jackets is represented at Tom Tailor with a comprehensive selection for all tastes at a good price. Because a sweatshirt costs a new price to the 40 €. Of course, authentic and masculine high-quality sweat jackets, the casual and colorful shirts perfectly complement casual. Distinctly designed sweatshirts with a variety of pattern variations not only warm you up, but add attractive accents to your fashionable wardrobe. With these models of sweaters and hoodies, Tom Tailor pullovers and cardigans inspire sporty men and women of all generations. The upscale style of this brand is the guarantee that knitwear is as wearable as formal clothing, as well as casual casual wear. In addition, you are not particularly limited in the choice of your shoes: sneakers or laced boots are suitable combination partner to your Tom Tailor sweatshirt or sweat jacket, but also boots made of fine leather bring this sporty clothing to advantage. Just choose your favorite from our offer.

Tom Tailor round neck pullover

Round neck is the new black! Of course, this Tom Tailor knit pullover with wide U-boat or crew neck (new price about 50 €) is one of the bestsellers of the label. Many of these cotton jerseys are decorated in classic shades of black, gray or green, which can be styled both classic and modern. Is you boring? How about a bright red? Of course, also for our fashionable men’s world! The sporty-purist style of the sweater with round neck or submarine neck by Tom Tailor are the ideal choice for sports and leisure. But that does not mean that the sweaters would be masculine, but rather that the dynamic chic joy of life sprinkles. But also as a complement to elegant costumes or suits see Tom Tailor sweater as confident as a short leather skirt or shorts.

Tom Tailor children’s sweater – made with attention to detail

Of course, Tom Tailor does not forget even our little ones. Tom Tailor children’s pullover brings out the little ones fashion really big! The German company, known for its casual looks in adult fashion, remains true to its style in kids fashion. Tom Tailor sweater for little individualists is absolutely trendy and cool. Unlike in the adult collection, the design here may also like to be a little cheekier. Exactly the right thing to pay tribute to the creativity of the kids fashion and to emphasize the fun of pretty hoodies or knit sweaters. After all, anything that pleases children’s fashion is allowed without having to stick to dress codes and dress codes. Tom Tailor takes advantage of this freedom to inspire the little fashion fans with colorful colors, all-over prints and imaginative patterns. And this succeeds the cult label with each sweater collection again! Also the range of sizes is very pronounced for children, which makes the sweater by Tom Tailor even more popular with parents. Tom Tailor offers sweaters from age 0 up to 16 years. For about 10 € -30 €, the children are not only trendy on the move, but also equipped with the best quality. That does not only inspire Jung!

Common materials and colors of Tom Tailor pullover

You are still undecided? Maybe the materials of the Tom Tailor Pullover can convince you, because the label places high demands on the quality. Here we present you the different versions in detail. Tom Tailor has a good know-how in the selection of materials used to make the sweaters. These are similar to many 100% cotton, but also viscose or polyester which guarantees a stable fit. In addition, high demands are made on the processing. With the Tom Taylor sweater you can be sure you have a good quality pullover that is easy to care for. The materials used to make it should not run into the washing machine and are colourfast, so your brand’s sweater will not fade. However, it is by no means suitable for the dryer. One thing you can be sure of, when you buy a Tom Tailor pullover, you can assume that only the highest demands on the quality of the material have been made and in terms of processing no compromises. That’s what the label Tom Tailor stands for years.

Popular styles with Tom Tailor pullover

Timeless companions for every situation – Tom Tailor’s jumpers offer the best quality, cuddly fabrics and classic cuts that never go out of fashion. But how best to style? We at Catchys show you: Style it right! -Tom tailor sweater in style guide. #Casual: You are a fan of casual looks? In everyday life, your Tom Tailor crew-neck pullover in classic colors like light blue, beige or white will wear gray jeans with some cool sneakers and a down jacket with a stand-up collar. Prefer something more stylish? Skinny jeans and ankle boots give you the right pep. So your new Tom Tailor cotton jersey becomes your favorite basics, perfect for a relaxing day at the university or for a purchase at the discount store. #Elegant: In the office or during a glamorous dinner, wear a classic Lacoste pullover over a light blouse and combine it into a pencil skirt. Of course, high heels and opulent statement necklaces or beautiful silk scarves should not be missing here. So nothing stands in the way of your elegant appearance.

Sustainability and responsibility of the label Tom Tailor

For some years now, the Tom Tailor Group has voluntarily committed itself to the fulfillment of the respective country-specific environmental protection laws through its BSCI membership and commitment to its Code of Conduct. However, depending on national legislation, local regulations are not sufficient to adequately protect the environment in the producing countries. Since completing the pilot phase in 2012, Tom Tailor has been conducting climate change seminars with suppliers in Bangladesh, China, India, Vietnam and Turkey. What makes the company especially likeable. At present, numerous suppliers of the group are involved in the climate project. Once the current situation has been established, a roadmap for each individual supplier should be used to define savings targets for climate and environmental protection, adopt and implement measures taking into account their individual starting situation. We think that’s great, keep it up Tom Tailor!