Ralph Lauren Sweater

You want to be a part of a stylistic movement that's more creative and energizing exclusive fashion? The unmistakable flag with the policeman is of course: All Eyes On Ralph Lauren. But there are the sweaters that make it Stylelovern. Hollywood stars like Robert Redford or Diane Keaton appreciate the very own mix of preppy style and casual wear as well as the Sportprofis Luke Donald and Webb Simpson. Ralph Lauren - a fashion medium that has been around since 1967 people with exclusive collections and the American stylistic concept constantly redefined. The label created a new world - a world of lifestyle in the People. Also dive with Catchys into a world full of high quality Sweaters in smart and sporty style, which inspire the fashion industry.

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Combinations with Ralph Lauren Pullover

Luxury meets casuality – Ralph Lauren Pullover for the whole family

“Style is very personal, it’s nothing to do with fashion. – Ralph Lauren. The combination of luxurious elements such as the scarf collar with the button row on the side of the knitted sweater combined with the classic colors in light blue or white convince both the experienced gentleman, the classic lady and the youthful daredevil. With his sporty yet extremely stylish and elegant collection, Ralph Lauren has now become several categories over a classic sports brand for the whole family.

More than just the cult polo: Ralph Lauren Pullover

The simple, yet exclusive design of the sweaters by the American label Ralph Lauren convinces with pleasant fabrics, which are of high-quality quality to you and give you a wear feeling of the extra class. Due to the light and natural materials of each individual sweater you do not have to freeze even on colder days on the golf course in the casual sportswear. Even non-athletes get their money’s worth and can enjoy the trendy preppy Ralph-Lauren-Lifestyle in a business outfit with fine knit sweaters.

Ralph Lauren Pullover – the preppy chic for the fashion industry

In the high-quality fashion of the traditional label Ralph Lauren we celebrate the Preppy-Style! Because hardly anyone dominates the cool look as loosely as Ralph Lauren. The American Preppy style came into fashion in the 1950s and is currently topical again – but what exactly does it matter? The Preppy-Moderegelgel number one is: Sportswear. Overall, the preppy style of the Ralph Lauren sweater is traditional, formal and conservative. Without the college sweater collections of the label between athletic and orderly, a whole graduate generation would have been at a loss. Above all, however, we would not have one thing: the straight-lined look in the striking classic colors. Find your new Preppy sweater at Ralph Lauren!

Ralph Lauren sweaters in second-hand and sale

The quality and design of the Ralph Lauren brand has, of course, its price, which is why sweaters from last season as well as retro models are very much in demand. Ralph Lauren Sweaters of the best quality and also much cheaper? Second-hand can be a wonderful treasure trove for a small budget. Because for the sum you pay for a single sweater, you already get several second hand parts of the brand. So you are not infrequently buying a first class combination of different parts at the price of one. Find your new favorite piece in Second Hand or Sale on Catchys!

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Fake check of the brand Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is a cult brand and stands for the highest quality. The Ralph Lauren sweaters are world famous and popular. Great colors and high-quality fabrics characterize the all-rounder. It is precisely for these reasons that the brand often falls victim to product piracy. Fake sweaters have not only an inferior quality, but also harm the company. We at Catchys will briefly explain how you distinguish a copy from an original.

  1. The world-famous polo player on Ralph Lauren sweaters: Ralph Lauren used a polo / rider on his sweaters as a logo. This logo is sophisticated in its manufacture and therefore can not be copied easily. It is important for the embroidery that the horse’s harness, as well as the leg and arm of the polo player are clearly recognizable. The polo sling has to be just embroidered. Unclean embroidered logos can only be found in plagiarism.
  2. NIF number for every Ralph Lauren sweater: This item is now available in all the clothes of Polo Ralph Lauren, if it is not to be found it is clearly a plagiarism.
  3. Ralph Lauren Label: The main label of Ralph Lauren Pullover is marked with a “Polo by Ralph Lauren”. To the right of the main label is a small label with the size of the sweaters. The labels are always sewn with a yarn in the color of the shirt.
  4. Basically, it is a good idea to keep away from offers that promise an original sweater for 20 euros, but which was supposedly bought for 140 euros. Ralph Lauren sweaters in good condition do not have such a large value loss.

Alternatives to Ralph Lauren Sweaters

You’ve been drinking Ralph Lauren sweaters for a long time, but you have a small purse. Maybe an alternative with similar characteristics and an additional fit in your budget? Catchys shows you some cheaper alternative brands with similar design. Here are our suggestions that we have selected for you:

  1. Lacoste Pullover – Timeless companion in the big city jungle – the Lacoste sweaters offer the best quality, cuddly fabrics and classic cuts that never go out of style. Sporty, yet elegant, with a trace of luxury and, of course, the world-famous crocodile on the chest: fashion for men and women who just want to be well dressed. In addition, Lacoste sweaters are available in many classic and modern colors for a smaller budget. Convince yourself, Lacoste sweater you can find also in second-hand and Sale on Catchys!
  2. Tommy Hilfiger Pullover – The Tommy Hilfiger Pullover are the absolute must-have for lovers of sporty and elegant trend-style. The trend label Tommy Hilfiger sets on classic lines with modern accents in his designs like Ralph Lauren. The Tommy Hilfiger sweaters are characterized by particularly high-quality materials, which gently adhere to your body. The trendy Tommy Hilfiger sweaters are available for ladies as well as men and in many different variations.

Popular sweaters from the brand Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren sweaters and sweatshirts

You’re more of a casual type? The relaxed style of men’s and women’s long sleeve sweatshirts & sweaters is represented at Ralph Lauren with a comprehensive selection for every taste. Of course, authentic and masculine are presented high-quality sweat jackets, which complement business shirts and classic blouses excellently casual. Stylish sweatshirts not only warm, but also add attractive accents in your fashionable wardrobe. With these models of sweaters and hoodies, Ralph Lauren inspires sportive women and men of all generations. The upscale style of this brand is the guarantee that the long-sleeved sweatmode is as well as wearable as casual casualwear. In addition, you are not restricted in the choice of your shoes: sneakers or lace-up boots are matching to your Ralph Lauren sweatshirt or Sweatjacke, but also boots made of fine leather make these sporty garments to the advantage. Just choose your favorite from our offer.

Ralph Lauren cotton sweater and knit sweater

Whether in your spare time or in the office – depending on how you want to combine the Ralph Lauren Jumper from the current collection of Polo Ralph Lauren, you can wear it from casual sportive to classic! 100% cotton, high-quality workmanship and a timeless design – the perfect basic and in conjunction with business shirts and suitcases suitable for office use, when it is a little more casual and to jeans or chinos for leisure time just right! A sporty classic is the versatile sweater in knitwear by Polo Ralph Lauren. Long-sleeved sweaters of the label have it in themselves and nobody will be surprised that these models are very popular among the customers. Due to the pure cotton and the usual high-quality workmanship it is particularly comfortable to wear. Of course the cotton sweaters and the knitwear of the polo players can also be missing, with the embroidered logo as an unmistakable symbol, the US tradition brand Ralph Lauren stands for distinctive upscale leisure clothing.

Ralph Lauren Pullover: Style with great (plait) patterns and colors

The Ralph Lauren designers do not hold quite so much of unusual patterns, but of classic patterns. Just stripes or here and there a check pattern or even the American flag, a lot more prints do not appear. The braid designs of the Ralph Lauren sweaters, whether for the fashionable ladies’ or gentlemen’s world, have in it. Whether white, blue or red, the range of cable patterns is large, thick and narrow braids, sometimes diagonal, sometimes horizontal. Of course, fresh and vigorous trend colors of the respective season such as red, berry or pink also characterize the modern appearance of the timeless Ralph Lauren sweaters. Anyone who is looking for failed designs on the US label will not find it there. Whether for the ladies or the men’s collection the sweaters are used in classic subtle colors, which is also the main attraction. But who says decent is not modern? Also great classic colors like blue, gray, white, beige or black you will be able to keep in your wardrobe with good care.

Beauty has nothing to do with dress size: Ralph Lauren sweaters in oversize

Beauty has nothing to do with dress size, because with Ralph Lauren long sleeve sweater is great to dress up fun! The large-size Ralph Lauren sweaters dress you at work or for special occasions. You have the possibility to buy sweaters of the label in many great colors and you are no limits. Fashion is there to flatter the wearer – and not vice versa! Ralph Lauren is self-confident about the great forms and presents to his customers what we like. Refined sliced ​​plus-size sweaters deliberately emphasize the chocolate side and conceal problem areas on the belly and hips. No matter what the reason, the sweaters in big sizes by Ralph Lauren make you a good figure everywhere. For around € 150 you can welcome your new Ralph Lauren sweater in oversized in your wardrobe.

Frequently used materials and colors by Ralph Lauren Pullover

As today, the name Ralph Lauren stands for high-quality products, which can be easily combined into different styles. But exactly the materials, as well as the fashionably used colors make the style of the sweaters by Ralph Lauren so unique. The material of the Ralph Lauren Pullover collection consists mostly of 100% of high-quality cotton, which offers a comfortable wearing comfort. The advantages of high-quality cotton in the Ralph Lauren sweaters are that it is very absorbent and also tear-resistant. The beauty is that they are wonderfully skin-friendly by the 100% cotton used and will never scratch. The material has a low allergy potential and is very heat resistant. With the carefully chosen fiber in the Ralph Lauren sweaters, you can be sure that every single piece of clothing is easy to clean and definitely very durable and will have a long place in your wardrobe. However, the cotton’s cotton pullovers and the stretchability of the cotton match each figure and create a beautiful silhouette. However, Ralph Lauren also uses blends of artificial fibers for his sweaters. Chemical fibers are more economical, more stable and easier to maintain. This is especially a big advantage in the Ralph Lauren sweaters, because you want to wear a sweater so not only until you have the first spot. So it is very handy that the Ralph Lauren sweaters consist partly of chemical fibers very easy to care, because the dirt is not absorbed into the fiber, but adheres only superficially and thus can be removed effortlessly. This also saves you a lot of time cleaning. Most of the time, they are already flashy in the morning. Stains often disappear with the simple cold or hand wash. The Ralph Lauren garments made of or with chemical fibers generally require smaller amounts of detergents. The sweaters dry quickly and find their fit again.

Popular styles with Ralph Lauren Sweaters

We recommend the courage to relax for the coming winter season. We have compiled some outfit inspirations in our article as well as in the following Pinterest-Board for you. #Gents: Combine with the Ralph Lauren sweater in a slim fit look in classic colors like light blue, beige or white a gray jeans with a few cool sneakers and a down jacket with stand-up collar. You want it a bit more colorful and do not feel like a classic understatement? No problem, then combine a pullover in red, purple or green with a deep v-cut neckline with a light brown khaki pants, boots and a parker. #Ladies: Combine wrinkle skirt or chino pants to your new long-sleeved Ralph Lauren sweater. Or poloshirt and boots with a silk scarf, a vintage-it-bag – the preppy-Ralph Lauren look is finished. At the office or at a glamorous dinner, wear a classic Ralph Lauren sweater over a light blouse and combine it into a pencil skirt. High heels or classic pumps can not be missed at this point. This way, your elegant appearance is no longer in your way.