Nike Sweater

Ever since sneakers have been so focused, the brands are also more popular than ever. This is exactly what Nike is all about. What is a popular sponsor in sports is also reflected in the looks of a wide variety of people around the world. The sweaters from Nike are also very popular, from the fashionable logo sweater to the casual hooded sweater, for women, men or children - Nike leaves nothing to be desired. What was originally a sportswear label has now become a true lifestyle brand. Whether hip-hopers, sportsmen or fashion fans, sweaters from Nike wear them all. To put you on the taste, we have compiled a guide with all important information about Nike Pullis. Enjoy!

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Combinations with Nike sweaters

With a Nike sweater through everyday life

They also have double-needle stitched bottom and hems. They also come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With a sweater from Nike you can easily handle even the most demanding everyday life. The university is in a Nike hoodie, plus sneakers, jeans and leather jacket. With this look you certainly can not go wrong. At the weekend to the Croissants buy around the corner is a warm Nike Sweatjacke and comfortable jogging pants. Here, of course, the appropriate sneakers may not be missing.

For sports in the Nike sweater

Needless to say, Nike still stands for sportiness and sportswear. That’s why some of Nike’s sweaters are just perfect for sports. There is the right model for each type of workout. For jogging outdoors, over the woods and meadows, a breath-taking sweater suits best, along with well-fitting running shoes and you run off. With a hooded sweater by Nike, the day can be greeted with a relaxing yoga unit in the cool morning of the morning. The yoga pants have to fit perfectly.

Nike Sweater in Second Hand and Sale

Since Nike was founded in the 60s, the brand can look back on a long and eventful history. Since we still have some vintage parts. And they still get the best of the second hand. Here at Catchys you will also find a large selection of Nike sweaters for him and her as well as for children. From older models to new pieces, everything is there. Perhaps even the one or the other vintage treasure. Enjoy browsing!

Fake Check Nike Sweater

Since the popularity of Nike is so great, the brand unfortunately is not spared by unscrupulous counterfeiters. Especially the popular logo sweaters are predestined to be badly copied and then simply sold to unsuspecting people. However, these copies can not keep up with the quality of the design or the high quality of the processing with the originals. To ensure that you do not get a supposedly genuine Nike sweater in the hands, we have put together a video and a check list here, there is everything at a glance, which can be a copy of the original. Because online and also around second hand, one often does not know exactly where the product actually comes from. So check it out!

Alternatives to Nike Sweater

If you are not yet fully convinced by the sweaters from Nike, we have of course also some alternatives in all price classes for you. So you can really find the perfect sweater. Stylish and sporty design pieces can also be found at Calvin Klein, there are casual hoodies. With Tommy Hilfiger you will surely find a great sweatshirt. The right sports sweater is perhaps also available at Adidas or Puma. A fashionable logo sweater is also available at Levis. Models for the smaller purse can also be found at H & M. If it is even more extravagant to go, Zara is surely the right thing for you. Topshop also offers a selection of different trend sweaters, also in the style of Nike. Make your choice now. Have fun shopping!

Popular sweaters from Nike

Nike Sweatshirt

nike Sweatshirt gray
Sweatshirts have long since ceased to be just there to sit comfortably at home on the sofa or to jog around a round to the blog. Much more, the sporty sweaters have become a real streetstyle must-have. In all sorts of variations, sweaters are worn on the streets of the whole world, and stars and it-girls love them. Nike is also cool, casual sweatshirts for those who love a casual look. Whether with a logo, in colorful colors or quite simply in black or gray, sweatshirt is not the same sweatshirt. There are of course also models in the trendy Cropped or Oversize look to have. For men and women there is the sporty classic – so you get not only stylish, but also cuddly warm through the day. New sweaters from Nike are priced between 55 € and 80 €. Also here at Catchys you can find Nike sweatshirts in second hand and at low prices. Whether it’s jeans and sneakers or sweet skirts and loafers, a sweater from Nike makes every outfit even more casual.

Nike Hooded Sweaters

In addition to the sweatshirt, the good old hooded sweater is not to be underestimated. Coming from the sport and, above all, the hip-hop scene, the hoodie has also blossomed into the clothes closets of many fashionistas and has thus become an absolute cult object. Comfort plays a very important role here, because who does not like it loose, soft and warm? Of course, Nike also has a lot to offer in hoodies, and there certainly will remain no wishes open. From the classic, namely the logo hoodie to the more striking and colorful models, the selection includes a lot more. And if you like it, you can also look into the men’s department or steal the boy’s favorite hoodie. New hooded sweaters from Nike cost between 55 € and 190 €. For second hand friends there is of course also a selection here at Catchys. To the sportdress or trendy street style, everything is possible with a Nike hoodie.
nike hoodie red

Nike Sweatjacket

nike sweatjacke red
A good alternative to hoodie and sweater is the Sweatjacke. The zip-up hood with or without a hood makes sweatshirts jackets versatile and easy to combine. Whether for sport or as the ultimate casual factor for the casual look, everyone in a cool sweat jacket makes a more than good figure. Of course, Nike also offers a wide selection and leaves nothing to be desired. In the fashionable color-blocking style, cropped, oversize or classic and sporty, the choice is not so easy. Nike sweat jackets are available for women and men. The models range from 50 € to 190 €. Also here at Catchys, there are some sweatshirt jackets from Nike in second hand at cheap bargain prices. Whether as a classic to jogging pants or re-interpreted as a feminine hippie dress, there is no limit to creativity.
Nike Sports Sweater
The brand Nike is, of course, first and foremost for high-quality sportswear and, of course, sports sweaters also play a very important role. Whether the workout in the gym, jogging in the park or yoga in the local garden, the right sports clothes are more than important. Comfortable, elastic, free space to move and, of course, also breathable, a good sports sweater should offer everything. If the part looks good, anyway, everything is won. The sport sweaters from Nike combine perfect design with functionality and offer the perfect piece of clothing for sports. Especially in simple colors, there are the models, but you can also go back to something more bright variants. Whether for indoor training or for playing tennis, the Nike Sportswear is tailor-made for all your individual needs. New models cost between 55 € and 110 €. Here at Catchys you will also find some sports sweaters for him and him in Second Hand. Matched with your favorite sport outfit, you are perfectly prepared for your next workout.
nike sportpullover red

Nike Kids Sweater

nike children sweater black
Also for children Nike offers an extensive selection of sweet children’s sweaters. So the little ones with the big ones can even go in the cute partner look. From the colorful hoodie to the sporty sweatshirt to the cool Sweatjacke, there is also everything for the children everything your heart desires. The colors may also be a little more colorful and colorful. But of course the well-known Nike logo can not be missed. With Nike children’s sweaters, even the very youngest can feel quite big and make the playground unsafe. The Nike sweaters for boys and girls are priced between 40 € and 90 €. If you are looking for a cheaper variant, this is the right place at Catchys. There are children’s sweaters from Nike second hand and at super cheap prices. Since all models are super comfortable, there is nothing more to prevent an exciting journey of discovery.

Popular styles with Nike sweaters

At first glance, Nike sweaters deliver only sporty styles, but far from them. With the right combination, the casual parts become something completely new and the sweater can be put into a whole new light. How about a Nike logo sweater, plus a maxi-skirt with flower pattern and rough boots? Or maybe a Nike hoodie, combined with jeans and jacket, then again sporty sneakers. Of course, the classic, skinny jeans, sweatshirt and white sneakers always go. No matter what look you choose, the comfort is guaranteed in any case. In order to give you even more suggestions how to combine Nike sweaters, we have put together a Pinterest board around styles with the cool sweaters. Get inspired. Now the wild combination can go!

Facts about Nike Pullover

The size

The sizes at Nike Sweaters are indicated in the EU standard sizes and fall out accordingly. The sweaters range from XS to XL. The sizes of the sweaters for men also go from XS to even 2XL. On some models there may also be deviations. The sizes of children’s sweaters range from 122 to 170, for boys and girls. However, an exact size table is always given on the website. But try on of course never forget!

Materials at Nike Sweaters

The main components of Nike Sweaters are mainly cotton, polyester and elastane. The sweaters consist mostly of mixtures of these three fibers. These material mixtures ensure that the clothing is particularly comfortable to wear, as well as super-clean and elastic, which is of course very important for the sport. In addition to this, some of the materials are also breathable, which is a special plus in sports.

Shopping from Nike Sweaters

In the online shop of Nike, the purchase of clothing, shoes and of course the sweaters is made especially easy. You can look for the very personal model according to your needs. For example, you can narrow the selection by deciding whether you want to have a leisure sweater or a model specifically for the sport, since again one can specifically search for the sport. Since everyone is guaranteed. Of course you can also find a lot of Pullovers from Nike.