Superdry Sunglasses

Especially in Germany, Superdry was known for its sporty, casual hoodies. Thus, the brand has entered the family of Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister. Fashion from Superdry has become the prestige object of many teenagers and young people. However, the label has even more to offer than simple hoodies. Like sunglasses in different styles. Superdry stands for sporty, urban fashion for all who live a young and active lifestyle, as does the sunglasses collection. All important information about Superdry sunglasses can be found here in our guide. Let yourself be convinced and come to your taste.

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With Superdry sunglasses through everyday life

To be always protected against dazzling sunlight, of course, it needs a pair of sunglasses and should not only protect but also look good. With Superdry sunglasses, you can play with it and by the way, you can also improve every everyday outfit with a pair of sunglasses. For example with the Freida sunglasses, the blue mirrored glasses are already an eyecatcher anyway. Combined with boyfriend jeans and high-top sneakers you are perfectly equipped for the way to the university. The Superfarer model with the angular glasses fits well with chino pants and woolpulli. This is how to go shopping with the girlfriends. For a picnic in the park, go in skinny jeans and leather jacket, matching the Superdry Huntsman sunglasses in classic pilot form. Many of the sunglasses are also available unisex, so the men with the pilot’s glasses and jeans and T-shirt for the picnic or the barbecue party.

Ready for the beach with sunglasses by Superdry

Even on the beach, the right sunglasses must not be missing. Whether it’s simply relaxing in the sun or sporting action, sunglasses from Superdry promise the best view. The Shockwave sunglasses in white, combined with colorful bandeau bikini, is very good under the umbrella. With the round Sorrento sunglasses combined with high waisted shorts and crocheted top, you can go to the summer promenade on the beach promenade. The model Maverick is very sporty and therefore is combined with Kappi, bikini top and shorts just the right for a game of beach volleyball. For the men, it goes to the beach and into the water with the Superdry model Yakima. Here, too, the right beach trousers are provided with the appropriate swimming trunks and you are well prepared for sports and sunbathing.

Sunglasses by Superdry in Second Hand and Sale

Secondhand is always a good choice when you are looking for a certain part, but it is not found in the store any more, and especially if the budget is not as high as the desired brand. Also in sunglasses from Superdry, Second Hand is a very good way to find real bargains. Catchys have different models of the brand. Whether retro or modern, no wishes remain open. A real mark sunglasses and then save money, sounds super. Let us convince you of our selection!

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You like the Superdry sunglasses, but the right model was not yet? Then of course we have some alternatives that are still similar to the Superdry glasses. And that is actually for every purse. If you like the Superfarer model, then you will love the original of Ray Ban , the original Wayfarer. If the Huntsman pilots are particularly close to your heart, the aviator of Ray Ban can also be used here, or on a similar model of Abercrombie & Fitch. The Premium Stud Detail Sunglasses from & otherstories are also available for the Freida model from Superdry. For the smaller money bag are a lot of alternatives at H & M, Zara or also Asos , there remains really no wishes open. Have fun shopping!


Superdry Huntsman Sunglasses

The Huntsman model from Superdry is available in the iconic pilot form and in four different colors. The Pilotensonnenbrille is one of the most sought after models, no matter what brand, there is almost no collection in which the pilot glasses do not show up. So also with Superdry. In the colors silver, black, gold and black / delicate violet is something for everyone. The sunglasses have a classic wire frame. The Superdry logo is located in the upper corner of a glass and the temples. Of course, the sunglasses have sufficient UV protection and are available in a single size. The Huntsman model costs 49,95 €. Also here at Catchys there is a similar model for 35.95 €. The sunglasses are very suitable for every occasion and every outfit, whether it is everyday, holiday or sport.

Superdry Superfarer sunglasses

The Superfarer sunglasses are next to the Pilotenbrille likewise a real classic. The rectangular, rounded shape has long been one of the favorites of many. The Superdry Superfarer model is available in six different colors. Namely in glossy gray crystal with blue glasses, in gummed violet, matt shield sheet, in gum black, rubberized blue-green and in glossy black. Here, once again, no wishes remain open, from simple and covered to bright colors, everything is there. The special thing about the sunglasses are the small metal details on the front of the frame and the strip near the ear. Also the Superdry logo is located again in the upper corner of the glass and the inside of the brackets. The new price of the sunglasses is € 44.95. At Catchys, there are similar Superdry Superfarer models starting at 35.95 €. The retro glasses fit perfectly into a casual big city look and gives each outfit an extra portion of coolness.

Superdry round sunglasses

Superdry ‘s round sunglasses make every retro heart beat faster. The round or oval shape and colors like a bright red, classic black or noble shield sheet looks like fresh from the 70s. The models are all made of plastic. Again, the Superdry logo is located in the upper corner of the glass as well as in the front and rear area of ​​both brackets. Of course, this model also has adequate UV protection. The Superdry sunglasses are available here at Catchys and thus second hand. The cost of the model is around 85 €, but the second hand at Catchys is available from 35,95 €. A real bargain. The sunglasses are a real eye-catcher, above all in the striking red, so every simple outfit can be made an absolute highlight.

Superdry Sorrento Sunglasses

Superdry Freida sunglasses

Another trend model is the Freida sunglasses from Superdry. It stands out through the frame in glossy shield sheet and gold optics as well as the blue mirrored lenses. The glasses have round glasses and is made of plastic. Also here is the Superdry logo in the upper corner of a glass as well as on the hangers. The model has UV protection and costs 44,95 €. The sunglasses are best suited for a casual everyday look. Thus, the Freida glasses can shine even more and stick out.


Superdry plastic

Plastic has grown over the years with one of the most popular materials in eyeglass manufacturing. Whether for racks or glasses, plastic is often and gladly used and also looks very modern and high-quality. In addition, a lot can be taken out of plastic glasses, one is in color and form very open and it can be realized almost everything. Another plus is that glasses or sunglasses made of plastic are very light and comfortable to wear, which is also important in the summer when it is hot. Also plastic can be easily bent during heating and can be adapted to the wearer perfectly. For a very good wearing comfort is thus guaranteed. Also at Superdry there are some sunglasses made of plastic

Superdry Schildpatt

Eyeglasses and sunglasses in Schildpattoptik have been around for quite some time and it seems as if they would not disappear so quickly. The brown golden color not only look super noble and high quality, but also stylish and modern. Eyeglasses in shield sheet optic mostly consist of plastic, so the pattern and intensity of the shield can be easily determined and varied. Real tortoiseshell is won by the tanks of various sea turtles. However, this method can be dispensed with nowadays, since a deceptively real optics can easily be obtained. In addition, the endangered animals remain protected, and yet everyone gets a cool pair of sunglasses. Also Superdry offers different models in Schildpattoptik.

Superdry gold / silver

Above all, pilots are held in gold or silver tones. This is classic and timeless and belongs simply to the design of the glasses. Most of the pilots are made of stainless steel or wire, which makes them very filigree and the gold or silver fits even better. Not only Pilotenbrillen, also other models with gold- or silver-colored frame always look noble and high-quality. So the sunglasses Huntsman and Sorrento by Superdry.


Sunglasses are always a favorite accessory and they can create many different looks. Time is the sunglasses themselves the center of the outfit, times it is only a nice supplement, there are many possibilities. Even with Superdry sunglasses you can try out numerous combinations. How about the Superdry Freida with blue jeans and light top camisole, the round sunglasses in red with flared jeans and high-knit blouse in white, the pilots with short shorts and sneakers and hoodie or the superfarer sunglasses in combination with a casual shirt blouse dress? Find your favorite spot!


The style of Superdry is distinguished above all by the striking Japanese characters and the sporty American look of the clothes. It was not until 2004 that the very first Superdry store opened in London. Since then, the brand has been developing steadily and has been so successful with its casual streetwear. The Superdry lettering is well-known and moves from the familiar hoodies to stylish sunglasses. The Superdry sunglasses are also characterized by urban, sporty casualness, which is reflected in the different models very well. On the sunglasses, too, the characteristic Japanese characters can be found on closer inspection. All sunglasses are available in single sizes and depending on the model for women and men.