Mexx Sunglasses

In 1986, the birth of Mexx, then Rattan Chadha brought together his two labels Mustache (M) for men and Emanuelle (E) for women and sealed this with two kisses (XX), Mexx came out as they all know today. The Dutch brand stands for timeless, casual styles without much frills. These attributes can also be found in the Mexx sunglasses. There is a variety of simple but always cool models for women and men. On every occasion, you can find the right sunglasses, which certainly also enhance every outfit easily. Check out our Mexx Sunglasses guide and find your favorite item!

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On vacation with sunglasses from Mexx

No matter if it is summer or winter holidays, the sun is longing for you, as well as the right sunglasses. Mexx has a lot to offer, sporty, trendy or just practical, for every vacation there is the right model. The round model Tortoise Lilac is very stylish and is combined with jeans shorts and bikini top perfect for the beach. The pilot’s eyeglasses in silver with blue mirrored lenses protect the skis against the sun and look super-cool. With the square model dark brown on white matte you can go hiking in the mountains, in combination with Parka and hiking boots you are armed for all weather conditions. The men shine with Mexx’s pilots on every holiday. Whether on the beach volleyball field or on the snowboard, the iconic model simply fits always.

Mexx sunglasses for every day

The perfect pair of sunglasses is the one you just put in your pocket and when you need it anyway fits to any outfit. Whether business or casual, Mexx sunglasses are very versatile. A model would be for example the Mexx pilotenbrille in gold. Combined with jeans, sweaters and sneakers, you come casually through a shopping day. The model in light cat-eye shape in black fits well with Marlene pants and blazer and is thus perfect for the way to the office. With the rectangular sunglasses in black and silver straps you are equipped for a relaxing day in the city park. In combination with black skinny jeans, Oversize sweaters and Loafern, the urban look is perfect. For men, the rectangular model black gray-crystal fits perfectly. The Mexx sunglasses take on the business look with a suit and tie as well as the casual jeans and hoodie look.

Mexx Sunglasses in Second Hand and Sale

Mexx stands for products in absolute premium quality, which also applies to sunglasses. Good quality is also usually associated with a higher price, so Second Hand is the best way to look for branded products. In the second hand, real bargains can be beat and that does not diminish the quality in any case. High-quality offers and true treasures, but can be second hand. Catchys also offers sunglasses from Mexx at a very good price. Let yourself be convinced! Café you can enjoy your ice cream and look mü-hehless cool – this can only be done with a Marc Cain sunglasses.

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If you have already fallen in love with the style of the Mexx sunglasses, but you have not yet found the right model, then there are of course some alternatives from other brands. You like the rectangular Mexx sunglasses in pink crystal, then Calvin Klein offers the model Tea. If you like the Pilotenbrille best, then you will find at Ray Ban . Of course, there are cool and stylish sunglasses for a smaller budget that are very similar to those of Mexx. At Zara you’ll find the alternative to round sunglasses in dark shield sheet optics. & otherstories offers a slightly more striking alternative to the rectangular Mexx model in black. Also with Mango, H & M or Asos there is a diverse selection of sunglasses in the style of Mexx. The right model for you is certainly the right one. Have fun shopping!


Mexx womens sunglasses in purple

The frame of the Mexx women’s sunglasses is very simple and without much detail. But through the deep dark purple color, the model becomes a real eye-catcher. The oval shape is more sporty, the wide temples with the silver application and the metallic Mexx lettering add a noble touch. The frame is made of dark plastic, the inside is held in a lilac tone. The glasses are light brown. The Mexx sunglasses are second hand here at Catchys available and costs 13,95 €, the new price is about 55 €, a real bargain. Both for the sporty everyday look as well as for the more elegant evening outfit, the sunglasses can be easily combined according to the occasion.

Mexx round womens sunglasses

The round model from Mexx in Schildblattoptik, belongs to the more striking sunglasses in the family of the premium brand. It is distinguished by its round shape and the trendy shield pattern. The glasses are available in two different colors: the lighter tortoise lilac with gray glasses and the darker model in dark havana brown – blue with brown glasses. On both models, the Mexx logo is inserted in metal on the bracket. The glasses and the frame are made of a light plastic, which ensures a very light wearing feel. Of course the glasses are also equipped with a UV protection. The Mexx sunglasses are priced at 98.95 €. Above all, the dark model is very suitable for men and is therefore a great companion through the summer, for him and her.

Mexx pilote sunglasses

No sunglasses manufacturer comes without a pilot model, so these sunglasses can also be missing in the stock of Mexx. It is an absolute cult model and finds its place in the collection of many women and men. At Mexx there are the pilots in two different colors. On the one hand in silver with mirrored glasses in green sky or alternatively in gold with mirrored glasses in gold / gray. Both models have a metal frame with two-sectioned temples and engraved Mexx logo as well as plastic lenses. Again, adequate UV protection is provided. The Mexx Sunglasses cost 38,95 €. Combined with summer dress or sports outfit, the pilots eyewear fits all and can be worn by women and even men super.

Mexx Rectangular Sunglasses

The rectangular sunglasses model from Mexx is perfect for hot summer t-shirt weather. The sunglasses are available in two colors and especially the model in pink crystal / silver makes you want summer and ice cream. In addition to the pink plastic frame, the glasses have plastic glasses in brown-pink gradient and thin metal hangers. The Mexx logo is located here in the upper corner of the spectacle lens. The second variation is somewhat more classical. With black frame and glasses in gray Gradient the sunglasses are very timeless. These Mexx sunglasses also bring back the important UV filter. The models are priced at 48,95 €. The rectangular sunglasses look at every summer outfit and above all the pink model is a real eye-catcher.

Mexx angular women’s sunglasses

Another very simple, timeless model is the angular women’s sunglasses by Mexx. The glasses impress with their deep purple color and a refined detail on the temples. Here, the Mexx logo was combined with a metal application and highlighted. The glasses are held in a brownish tone. The model is here at Catchys and is thus second hand and an incredible bargain. The original price of Mexx sunglasses is around 55 €, second hand it costs only 19,95 €. The classic, yet casual design fits the glasses to every outfit and occasion and reminds you almost a bit of the 90s.


Mexx plastic

Whether for glasses or the frame, plastic is a very popular material when it comes to sunglasses and eyeglasses. It is light, easily deformable and durable, so comfort and a good and comfortable feel are safe. In addition, plastic can be quite a lot rausholen. It can be designed in a variety of colors and shapes, so the designers have numerous possibilities to make the customer happy, and model owners are offered a huge variety of models. Plastic is therefore a very good material for sunglasses and also at Mexx there is a very wide selection of models from the varied fabric.

Mexx metal

The good old pilot’s glasses are made of metal and many other sunglasses are enhanced by metal details or metal straps. Metal is also very popular with the production of glasses and sunglasses. Metal is even more stable and stronger than any other material and can also be processed much nobler and finer. Sunglasses made of metal always look very high-quality and noble. Moreover, metal glasses are very durable, filigree and a true classic, since from the beginning metal is one of the most important components of glasses and sunglasses. Up to now, the material is used gladly, also with Mexx the stable material in some models again.

Mexx Schildpattoptik

The shield sheet optics have long been an integral part of the sunglasses collections of this world. In various colors and patterns, the shield sheet can be found in a large variety. Not only does it look incredibly elegant, it also gives each pair of glasses an individual touch. Real shield sheet is obtained from the tanks of various sea turtles and this makes the animals a very endangered species. A much better method is to produce a shield sheet optic. This can be achieved by means of different procedures and so sunglasses made of plastic with shield sheet can be refined without a turtle.


The best thing to wear sunglasses in the summer is that they belong somehow. With sunglasses you always get a certain feeling, maybe you long for warmth, summer and beach holidays or you feel incredibly cool and would like to be a rock star, whether sunglasses belong in enclosed spaces is another question, at least they can very helpful when you have tired or tired eyes hiding. There are all sorts of occasions to wear sunglasses and even more possibilities to combine them. Maybe the rectangular Mexx sunglasses in pink crystal to an all-white look, the square women’s sneakers to bohemian midi dress or the Mexx pilots to leather pants and white shirt. With our Pinterest board around styles with Mexx sunglasses you will be able to choose from the right look!


Mexx is not just known to make particularly fancy or crazy fashion, but that is exactly where the brand stands. At Mexx it is about simple, timeless but also modern fashion, which is always at the pulse of the times, but never to the extreme chasing the trends. Clothing and even Mexx sunglasses are aimed at those who have both legs firmly in their lives and have already found their style. Nevertheless, Mexx lovers have fun in fashion and like to emphasize their uncomplicated lifestyle with their outfits. Sunglasses from Mexx reflect precisely this vitality. Whether it is striking or classic, there is something for every situation and mood.