Mango Sunglasses

The Spanish fast fashion chain Mango has become an integral part of shopping malls and convinces with trend-oriented fashion. But also the accessories of Mango can, with regard to the grabbing of runway rends, with the popular clothes keep up. In particular the sunglasses let fashionista hearts beat faster and score with their great variety, from classic pilots to trendy Cat Eye sunglasses to eyeglasses with mirrored round glasses, something for every taste. Let yourself be convinced in this Style Guide by Mango Sunglasses!

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With a mango sunglasses through everyday life

A sunglasses is not only a cool accessory, but also an important protection for the eyes. Mango sunglasses combine design with UV protection and are so very suitable for everyday life. The class goes with the classic – a pilot’s eyewear. Combined with jeans, shirt and sneakers, you come casually through the day. With a colored retro glasses in combination with jeans dress and espadrilles you are ready for the shopping day with the girls. So you can also enjoy a delicious ice cream in the sun!

On vacation with sunglasses from Mango

Even in the summer holiday, the right sunglasses must not be missing in any case. Whether on the beach, pool or for sightseeing – vacation without sunglasses is simply not. To relax by the sea fits sunglasses with colored mirror glasses super. With a cool bikini, the sun is best to enjoy. With an angular frame in signboard optics, it is easy to stroll over a market. For this, Jeansshorts, off-shoulder blouse and sandals and the holiday look is perfect. And always remember: do not forget sun cream!

Mango sunglasses second-hand and on sale

Due to the fast collection changes, popular sunglasses models are often very quickly sold out. Here it is necessary to look second-hand for the sunglasses. So you can still grab your favorite sunglasses and save money. On Catchys, there is a wide selection of second-hand mango sunglasses in which you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for. Enjoy browsing!

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You could not decide for the right sunglasses so far? Then do not worry, because of course, there are also numerous alternatives to sunglasses by Mango. For all those who prefer a genuine pair of designer glasses, there are many labels that Mango is geared towards. An extravagant model with square glass is available from the French brand Céline. The ultimate pilots are available at Ray Ban . Elegant oversized sunglasses are available at Chanel. Also for the smaller money bag are some models in the style of the mango sunglasses. Fancy round glasses are available at Zara. In addition, & otherstories offers a selection of cool, stylish sunglasses. Also with H & M, ASOS or Topshop you will be guaranteed. For all bargain hunters, here at Catchy’s great second-hand sunglasses in all variants at unbeatable prices. Also find your companion for sunny days, whether with mango or an alternative. Enjoy shopping, styling and sunshine!


Mango pilo sunglasses

One of the most popular sunglasses models is certainly the pilots. What used to be borne by pilots, has become an absolute must-have today. This model belongs in any case to the collection of every fashionista. Mango also has a variety of sunglasses. Padded with cool contrasting stirrups or colored metal frames, the pilot’s glasses are reinterpreted by Mango. Of course, there are also quite classic models. You can get Mango Pilotensonnenbrillen from only € 15.99. Whether for a beach outfit or a business look, the pilots can be easily combined with any outfit.

Mango Cat Eye Sunglasses

Sunglasses in Cat-Eye shape are real trend models. The retro design is reminiscent of past decades and lends everyone a very special charisma. Also these sunglasses are available again in different designs at Mango, whether with plastic straps, metal frame, oversized or with smaller glasses – here are left nothing to be desired. The stylish sunglass style you get from Mango from 15.99 €. With a Mango Cat Eye sunglasses, you can give every outfit the very special something and have the full view.

Mango round sunglasses

Sunglasses with round glasses always bring an extra portion of coolness and casualness with them. Mango also offers an extensive selection of different variations. Above all, round sunglasses with a metal frame are the perfect alternative to classic pilots. Often a round model can look even more stylish and cool. The variety is difficult to choose from, whether mirrored or colored glasses, an oversized model or an extravagant frame, the mango sunglasses with round glasses leave nothing to be desired. The glasses cost between € 15.99 and € 25.99. At the price you can even afford a second pair, if the decision is too difficult. Whether in the summer to relax on the beach or even in the winter on the ski slope, with round sunglasses from Mango, you will be a real eye-catcher and protected from the sun!

Mango square sunglasses

Sunglasses with square glasses are timeless and have a long standing. They can be sporty, sometimes elegant, sometimes casual. At Mango are some exciting models for every taste to be found. The designs of the individual racks are very versatile, whether in the style of the 90s or yet oversized in the vintage look. In the Mango collection you can choose between extravagant and simple glasses, made of plastic or metal, with narrow or wide temples. With a square mango sunglasses you can not go wrong. New one gets the models already 15,99 €. Also here at Catchys you will find sunglasses with square glasses second-hand at real bargain prices. With jeans and sneakers quite casual or even in dresses with pumps, square sunglasses can give the finishing touch to every look.

Mango oversized sunglasses

Long danced nights, a jet lag or the usual Monday tiredness are best hidden behind a large sunglass. There are also the oversized sunglasses from Mango. They are not only practical but also look pretty good. You can choose between models in signboard optics, with dark or colored glasses, in light cat eye form, round or angular – main feature oversized! With the mango sunglasses you can feel like Audrey Hepburn, like Victoria Beckham. The oversized models are priced at 15.99 € and upwards, with more than 30 € you do not have to reckon. For even bigger deals look also at Catchys, there are oversized sunglasses cheap second-hand. The mango sunglasses in oversized shape make you look like a star, no matter what look, the glasses makes you a real eye-catcher. Beware of the paparazzi!

Mango Shieldpatt Sunglasses

It has long been no secret that sunglasses in Schildplatt optics are the absolute must-have. In every well-stocked sunglasses collection there is at least one model in the noble shield plate design. The pattern gives each pair of glasses an elegant touch and is always in high quality. Also Mango offers many sunglasses with shield plate, whether oversized, round, angular or cat-eye sunglasses, the shield plate look matches any model. The glasses cost between € 15.99 and € 29.99. Also here at Catchys, many second-hand sunglasses from Mango are available in this design. The Schildplatt sunglasses are perfect for everyday life, but also as beach accessories or business companions.

Mango Men’s Sunglasses

Of course, Mango offers not only a wide selection of sunglasses for women, but also for the men among us. For men, too, the sunglasses are an important accessory. What James Dean and Co. have made, anyone with the right mango sunglasses can easily imitate – namely, the noncharge factor by at least 100% increase. From the pilot’s eyeglasses to the round model, the male shopaholics have at least as much choice as the female. The sunglasses from Mango you get new from 15,99 €. For sports, work or simply in everyday life, the men’s sunglasses from Mango make every outfit super casual.


Sizes and Passforms of Mango Sunglasses

There are no specific sizes available for Mango sunglasses. All glasses are available in one size. They are thus adapted so that the models should suit everyone. The lightest materials also ensure the best wearing comfort. Due to the uniform size and the pleasant fit, the mango sunglasses can be worn well in summer even at hot temperatures. Before you buy a pair of sunglasses you should still try, if the good piece fits.

Sun protection for mango sunglasses

What should never be missing in sunglasses is a good protection. Because the UVA and UVB rays of the sun are very harmful to the eyes and should under no circumstances be underestimated. All sunglasses from Mango guarantee protection from the dangerous rays. With mango sunglasses you can look not only good but also can protect itself. So you can enjoy the summer even better and more enjoyably.

Style of mango sunglasses

The design of the sunglasses by Mango is always at the forefront when it comes to trends. For example, mirrored glasses, contrast bars and designs like the Cat Eye form are very high in the course. Also classic styles such as the pilot glasses, square glasses or frames in signboard optics must not be missing in any collection at Mango. Among the numerous models and styles, everyone is sure to find something.

Popular styles with mango sunglasses

Actually you should be able to combine the perfect sunglasses with every outfit from the wardrobe. But sometimes a pair of sunglasses can be the center of the complete look, or just a nice accessory. There are endless possibilities to combine sunglasses from Mango. For example, a retro Cat Eye sunglasses combined with a white crochet dress, basket bag and espadrilles. A mango pilots to boyfriend jeans, sneakers and oversized shirt. Or perhaps a round model with mirror glasses, as well as shirt blouse dress and lacquer loafers. Of course, these are just a few ideas from quite a few. For inspiration, we have put together a Pinterest board with styles around Mango sunglasses. Enjoy!


If you want to have an absolutely modern and stylish sunglasses, this is the right address at Mango. Here everything from new classics up to trendy parts just everything. Mango is perfect for those who love fashion on the catwalks of the world, but the budget for a designer is not enough. The brand takes up the creations of international designers and reinterprets them for themselves. And it’s incredibly fast. Therefore, if you want to be a bit ahead of the trend, to have the ultimate part before all others, you can count on mango. The sunglasses from Mango unite everything that is shown on Céline, Gucci or Prada on the runway. You have to be very fast, if you want to get the favorite piece. Because just as fast as the parts are in the store, they are also out of print again.