Louis Vuitton sunglasses

The successful French company Louis Vuitton was founded in Paris in 1854 and is one of the most traditional and luxurious companies in the fashion industry. Louis Vuitton stands for selected materials, the highest quality and an unmistakable design signature. Louis Vuitton is known above all for his handbags, his luggage and the high-quality small leather goods. However, in recent years, the range of accessories has been continuously expanded, so that the sunglasses of the traditional house now belong to the bestsellers. You can choose from a variety of sunglasses, from classic-elegant over retro-inspired to statement models, so everyone can find the right eyewear for themselves. Learn more about the popular Louis Vuitton sunglasses in this style guide!

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Combinations with Louis Vuitton sunglasses

Louis Vuitton sunglasses for you

At Louis Vuitton every woman can find the right sunglasses for herself. The classic models, for example, in fine black, gray or cognac, are particularly well suited for an elegant office look of tailored white blouse and pencil skirt or even a beautiful shift dress. A pair of pumps with trendy kitten heels and a high-quality leather bag complete the serious outfit. It gets more noticeable with the statement sunglasses by Louis Vuitton. These easily add value to any simple look and are a great eye-catcher. With the sunglasses with colorfully tinted glasses, a colorful accent can be skilfully set, which immediately creates a good mood, especially in summer. The retro-inspired models, for example, in trendy cat-eye shape, give each look a vintage vibe and go well with midi dresses and pumps for a feminine look or casual mom jeans and sneakers for a sporty leisure outfit.

Louis Vuitton sunglasses for him

The men can also choose from a wide range of sunglasses at Louis Vuitton. The classic sunglasses in muted colors are the ideal companion for the way to the office and protect not only the eyes, but give classic-elegant suits a modern, sporty twist. Especially popular are sunglasses models in the trendy aviator and wayfarer form. These can be combined in many ways and can be worn both classically and casually during leisure time. For leisure, the models offer with mirrored lenses, which look very casual in combination with jeans, an oversized cut T-shirt and sneakers. For a sailing trip, the classic Aviator can be great combined with a chino pants, a shirt and boat shoes to a casual look.

Buy Louis Vuitton sunglasses second-hand and on sale

Louis Vuitton sunglasses not only convince with their design, but also with their quality. Accordingly, as luxury products, they also have a proud price that makes them unaffordable for many. However, it is always worthwhile to look for the popular Louis Vuitton sunglasses on sale and second-hand. Especially in the sale and in outlets, remaining stocks from last season are often offered for a fraction of the original price. Bargain hunters and sustainable consumers can also find second hand great deals and even get real vintage treasures. At Catchy’s you’ll find a wide selection of second-hand second-hand Louis Vuitton sunglasses from trusted partner shops, in which you’ll make your fortune. Have fun browsing and discovering!

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Even a fashion connoisseur can fall for a fake Louis Vuitton sunglasses! Before you decide to buy the models, we will inform you enough to minimize or eliminate the risk of counterfeiting as much as possible. Because only with sufficient expertise you will not buy a fake Louis Vuitton sunglasses. We will give you a checklist of the most important aspects to consider when buying a second-hand product.

  1. The stamp of the Louis Vuitton sunglasses: The Monogram blooms detail “LV” must be located on each jar in the top corner of the Louis Vuitton sunglasses. This must not be glued on, but must be high-quality engraved or stamped so that it can not scratch or mask. Make sure that both stamps are identical and correspond to the “LV” of an original. The best way to compare this on the Internet with an original Louis Vuitton sunglasses.
  2. The temples of the Louis Vuitton sunglasses: The inside of the left temple should read: “Handmade in France”. There must be no country of manufacture other than France. The word “hand” begins in the curve of the temple. The engraving must follow “LOUIS VUITTON”. This must be capitalized. Make sure the letters are the same size and placed equidistant from each other. The engraving must be straight and complete. With the right temple, you must pay attention to the following contents inside. There must be the serial number of the Louis Vuitton sunglasses. This may look like this: Z0105W CE 65 8. This is the case with the Louis Vuitton Evidence sunglasses. The first six digits denote the model, the CE stands for the Conforming European Safety Products, while the last three digits refer to the size of the model. The whole serial number starts about half way through the Louis Vuitton sunglasses and ends at the bend. On the other half of the right temple there must also be a 5-digit code. It can look like this: AQ049. Please note that the engraving must be consistent and accurate. The individual numbers of Louis Vuitton sunglasses should not be scratched off or masked.
  3. The nose pads at Louis Vuitton Sunglasses: On the nose pads of the Louis Vuitton sunglasses must find the logo of the label on both sides of the nose pads on the metal. Logically, this must be spelled and stamped correctly.
  4. The workmanship at Louis Vuitton sunglasses: Of course, the processing of original Louis Vuitton sunglasses must be absolutely top and must have no defects. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the material. It must not be scratched quickly and the glasses must be stable and safely incorporated. Also, no screws should fall out, nor may the acetate become brittle.


If you’re a fan of Louis Vuitton aesthetics, then you should also check out the labels Linda Farrow and Dita Eyewear. We guarantee you: you will be in shock. The Linda Farrow rose gold-plated aviator sunglasses are similar in design to the Louis Vuitton aviator sunglasses, but are much cleaner than the Louis Vuitton model. The frame is made of gold-colored metal and has mirrored lenses. Overall, the model is much looser and more casual than the Louis Vuitton aviator sunglasses. Nevertheless, it is still an elegant model that works very well as an all-rounder. We are in love with the Dita Eyewear Cat-Eye Sunglasses Sunbird. This is a bit more eccentric than the Louis Vuitton Cat-Eye sunglasses and therefore only suitable for true fashion girls. Here you have a cat-eye version made of acetate in tortoiseshell look. This is rounded off by ironing and details in gold. The glasses with gradient provide additional glamor. Overall, the model is slightly larger and the sides of the socket are a bit sharper than you would be used to at Louis Vuitton. For reasonably priced alternatives, without sacrificing quality, we recommend the labels Ray Ban and Ralph Lauren. Zara and H & M also offer trend-oriented models for a small budget in every collection.

Popular sunglasses models from Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton “Petite Viola Pilote”

lv sunnies petite viola
This sunglass model by Louis Vuitton is a modification of the classic aviator sunglasses. It has a golden semi-rim and a double nose bridge. Some of the Louis Vuitton aviator goggles are covered with the brown Louis Vuitton Damier Azur canvas or the iconic monogram. In addition, there is an engraved Louis Vuitton signature on the hinges. The legendary Monogram flower details can be found on the glasses, on the nose pads as well as on the temple tips. The brown tint, which becomes brighter towards the bottom and thus creates a color gradient, completes the model and also reliably protects against UV rays. The Louis Vuitton sunglasses are available for a new price of about 410 €. It is particularly suitable for elegant looks, but as an all-rounder, it can be effortlessly integrated into any style. She looks especially good on leather jackets, denim jackets and shirts.

Louis Vuitton “Rosalie”

The Louis Vuitton sunglasses Rosalie has a round shape and is designed in a retro look. The full edged frame as well as the temples are in a brown acetate frame in a Havana design, an engraved Louis Vuitton signature on the metal hinges in gold makes for an eye-catcher. Louis Vuitton pays homage to his legendary suitcase line with its retro look and small decorative nails. For oval and triangular face shapes, these Louis Vuitton sunglasses are the perfect companion. The glasses are held in a light gray, so this model fits any style. Especially for bohemian looks and casual outfits, this model is a must-have. The special feature here are the missing classic nose pads, which have been replaced by the acetate version. So this Louis Vuitton sunglasses sits very light and comfortable. The new price is around 385 €.
lv sunnies rosalie

Louis Vuitton Amber

lv sunnies amber
The latest must-have is definitely the Louis Vuitton Cat-Eye Amber Sunglasses. The special feature of the model is the full rim frame made of acetate, which is surrounded by a thin metal frame again. The use of these two materials creates a very extraordinary model. The acetate is held in a dark brown, while the metal captivates with a golden tone. This Louis Vuitton sunglasses is the epitome of style and is perfect for oval and heart-shaped face shapes. The Amber model fascinates with many refined details, such as Monogram metal flowers on the temple tips, which create a glamorous appearance. The tips of the cat-eye socket are reinforced again by the golden metal. The result is a subtle retro touch that makes this Louis Vuitton sunglasses standout piece. For a price of 465 € this model is available. A trendy style can be with the Amber sunglasses and maxi dresses, strapless Create tops and blouses as well as leather jackets and bomber jackets.

Louis Vuitton “Obsession GM”

The Louis Vuitton Obsession GM Sunglasses is an oversize model with seventies flair. This is ensured by the slightly thicker full rim frame made of acetate in a Havana design. The rectangular frame pays homage to Louis Vuitton’s classic obsession line, featuring elegant monogram inlays in gold on the temples. The special feature of the Louis Vuitton sunglasses is that it is suitable for every face shape and every occasion. It is also available in the three colors Glitter Honey, Brown Glitter and Dark Tortoiseshell. For business looks, these Louis Vuitton sunglasses are the perfect companion. For a stylish look, you can also in a casual style of skinny jeans, leather jacket and T-shirt care. But also for the summer months this item is your must-have. You can not do anything wrong with this standout piece. The new price is 395 €.
lv sunnies obsession gm

Commonly used materials and colors in Louis Vuitton sunglasses


The Louis Vuitton Monogram has been part of Louis Vuitton’s DNA since the beginning of the company’s history. So, the Monogram blooms and inlays can be found on almost any of the sunglasses. If that is not the case then it is only because it is replaced by a full Louis Vuitton signature on the hinges.


The straps of the Louis Vuitton sunglasses are predominantly covered with brown Louis Vuitton Damier Azur canvas or the iconic monogram. The reason is that this aesthetic defines the identity of the label and thus creates a high recognition value. A Louis Vuitton sunglasses are recognized immediately, just like a Louis Vuitton bag. Here the same effect is created.


Louis Vuitton usually resorts to covered color codes. The colors are usually the ones that are also known to you from the Louis Vuitton bags, as the sunglasses line is based on them. So mainly brown and gold is used. Bright colors or Art-Pop color codes are not used by Louis Vuitton.


Louis Vuitton stands for a timeless, elegant retro spirit. And this is exactly what the label also transfers to its sunglasses line. The models are timeless and very elegant, yet they can also create casual and informal looks.

Popular styles with Louis Vuitton sunglasses

What do Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy and Sophia Loren have in common except that they are true style icons? That’s right, all three Hollywood beauties have Louis Vuitton sunglasses. But maybe that’s just their style secret. To give you more inspiration for your new or second-hand Louis Vuitton sunglasses, we have summarized the most beautiful looks in a Pinterest board. Get inspired!