Hugo Boss Sunglasses

"The sunglasses are my mobile eyeshadow. Through them everything looks a bit younger and more beautiful. "We find this beautiful quote from Karl Lagerfeld applies perfectly to the sunglasses by Hugo Boss. The timeless design and modern frames accentuate your outfits and beautify your day. They are perfect for a business outfit or casual at leisure. The brand Hugo Boss stands for highest precision as well as noble materials and offers models for young and old as well as for men as well as for women. Discover our wide range of Hugo Boss sunglasses and get your new favorite model!

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Combinations with Hugo Boss sunglasses

Hugo Boss sunglasses with mirrored lenses for the perfect festival outfit

With the first warm temperatures, the festival season is slowly starting. High time to think about his perfect festival outfit. With mirrored Hugo Boss sunglasses you are absolutely in fashion. Combine the eye-catching pieces with a light white boho dress and rugged desert boots, or wear color-coordinated shorts and a cool band T-shirt. No matter which look you choose, mirrored Hugo Boss sunglasses add value to any of your looks.

Hugo Boss sunglasses with olive green lenses for the business look

Hugo Boss sunglasses with olive green lenses are the new it-piece for your business look. The masters of creation can easily combine the beautiful sunglasses into a classic suit. In terms of color, soft beige is the perfect choice and brave fashion lovers are recommended to wear it in a burgundy colored velvet suit. But classic black also fits perfectly with the olive-green glasses. Even women can wear these sunglasses to their business look. Simply combine these it-pieces into a classic costume to spice up your outfit.

Golden Hugo Boss sunglasses as eyecatcher

A special highlight for us are the golden Hugo Boss sunglasses. However, they are definitely only for brave fashionistas among you, as you are guaranteed to draw their attention with them. We recommend the men a look with a classic white long-sleeved shirt, a beige suit trousers and brown suede slippers. For this, the golden sunglasses by Hugo Boss are the icing on the cake. For the female fans of sunglasses we recommend a combination of the glasses with white or black garments. You should not combine the eye-catching models too wildly, otherwise you’ll quickly slip into the ridiculous. Have fun combining!

Hugo Boss Sunglasses from Second Hand & Sale

Also in Second Hand & Sale Hugo Boss sunglasses are in high demand. In online portals like Catchy’s, you’ll find a number of second-hand favorites that already have a history and are not straight from the big factories of fashion mass production. You’re guaranteed to find a unique model to emphasize your individuality and set you apart from everyone else. Second hand portals also offer the possibility to find sold-out special editions or to get popular designer parts from Hugo Boss, which would otherwise not be payable for some of us, up to 80% cheaper. Also find your key piece for you and your unique style!

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Fake Check Hugo Boss Sunglasses

Designer sunglasses have become a popular fashion accessory for women and men. But unfortunately you have also attracted the attention of the counterfeiting industry. So we need to figure out how to distinguish the original sunglasses from the plagiarism. Genuine designer sunglasses are made only from high quality materials that guarantee 100% UV protection for the eyes. Another clue is definitely the price of the sunglasses. Compare here some offers. If you find your favorite model for € 100, although it actually costs € 400, it is relatively unlikely that this is a trusted offer. In all likelihood, you will then be plagiarized. You should also check the company logo and pay attention to a model number on the inside of the temple. The material is also an indication of the originality of the sunglasses. Counterfeits are often made of cheap plastic. You are on the safe side when you only shop at trustworthy shops. We at Catchys will only redirect you to our partner shops. Click through our selection of Hugo Boss sunglasses and find your new favorite model!

Alternatives to Hugo Boss Sunglasses

You really like the look of Hugo Boss sunglasses? The only drawback is that you currently lack the necessary change for these designer parts? You’re not alone with that. Also we fell in love with the beautiful sunglasses models of Hugo Boss, because they go great with different outfits. If only there was not this damn high price. We at Catchys have therefore searched the net for some cheap alternatives and found it. A very hot tip are the beautiful sunglasses by Even & Odd. For all fashionistas among you, this brand is just right. From romantic to rocky you will find everything the fashion heart desires with this brand. And that too at an absolutely low price of less than 20 €. For the male fashion lovers among you, the Kiomi brand offers some wonderful models that are absolutely trendy and based on current styles. If you have not found the right model under these brands, we recommend that you also browse the vintage models of Hugo Boss or look for cheap models in the sale. Have fun shopping!

Popular models of Hugo Boss sunglasses

BOSS 0777 / S sunglasses

We start with an absolute fashion must-have: For the BOSS 0777 / S we do not even need sunshine, because we just want to wear it all the time. This sunglasses model by Hugo Boss stands for modern design and self-confidence. For the BOSS 0777 / S, the glasses are completely enclosed in a full-frame frame. The version of the model corresponds to the classic Panto look. In terms of color, the BOSS 0777 / S, with its combination of classic black and brown temples, is in vogue and can be combined with virtually any other color of your outfit. Of course, these sunglasses are also available in many other color combinations. This model exudes both classic elegance and modern design. This UGG Boots model is the perfect companion for the winter and guarantees you warm feet and full comfort.

BOSS 0892 / S sunglasses

Another favorite of our Catchys editorial team is the BOSS 0510 / S. This sunglasses model is the accessory that gives your outfit that certain class. With her as a companion, you’re in no way inferior to celebrities like the Kardashians in terms of style. Especially practical with this model: The metal frame is very light and comfortable to wear. Due to the high quality of the materials, it has a very high resistance and is stylish at the same time. The BOSS 0510 / S with brown lenses has a very gentle effect on every skin type and radiates a certain amount of warmth. These aviator goggles add a twist to any of your looks. Now the sun can come!

BOSS 0853 / S sunglasses

The BOSS 0853 / S is sure to add that extra something to your outfit. No matter what style you decide on, you’ll be attracted by this model. One thing is clear: the BOSS 0853 / S is above all something for the cosmopolitans among you. Especially with brown glasses, we love this model because they are absolutely harmonious to the complexion. Of course, this model also offers 100% UV protection.

BOSS 0742 / S sunglasses

Finally, we present you the BOSS 0742 / S sunglasses. Again, there is again the full rim frame, which stands for the high resilience of the sunglasses. Of course, special eye-catchers are the round glasses, which never really get out of style. They were especially popular in the fashion world, especially by John Lennon, who was very cool recognized and since then practically no longer without sunglasses with round glasses can be seen. The BOSS 0742 / S is lightweight and very comfortable on the nose. For a romantic look, we recommend the model in rose. It fits perfectly with a light floral dress. Have fun wearing!

Popular styles with Hugo Boss sunglasses

They are practical as well as fashionable all-round talents: Sunglasses by Hugo Boss. We’ll tell you the hottest styles with these gorgeous jewels. We love Cat Eye models by Hugo Boss in combination with bright red lipstick and a skin-tight shift dress in classic black. With the Cat Eye Sunglasses by Hugo Boss you are guaranteed to get the Hollywood diva look. Pilot-style sunglasses, such as the BOSS 0510 / S, we find absolutely casual to a classic cotton blouse and a boyfriend jeans. Men simply combine these models into a classic casual shirt or a simple T-shirt and casual jeans or chino pants. For more inspiration please also click through our Pinterest board with style ideas with Hugo Boss sunglasses.

Popular sunglasses frames by Hugo Boss

Panto Sunglasses

Panto sunglasses have been one of the trendiest eyewear since the 1920s. This model consists of round, slightly flattened glasses above. In terms of color, the spectrum of these sunglasses usually ranges between black and dark brown. Especially dark types with tanned skin, these models are particularly good. Lighter skin types should resort to newer color combinations of panto sunglasses in pastel summer tones. Since actor and director Woody Allen was a big fan of these models, these glasses are also called Woody Allen glasses. Celebrities like Johnny Depp or Ryan Gosling are big fans of Panto sunglasses.

pilot Sunglasses

The pilot sunglasses with their teardrop-shaped lenses and thin frame are classics by Hugo Boss. The company Bausch & Lomb brought out the first model in this pilot design. She created sunglasses for US fighter pilots, which should provide optimal sun protection and better visibility. Even if Hugo Boss’ models are more in the foreground of fashion today, they still provide optimum protection for the eyes from the sun with their large lenses and their individual workmanship. We love the pilot sunglasses by Hugo Boss!

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Another popular sunglasses form by Hugo Boss is the cat eye shape. This has an oval, pointed outward frame. Its so-called cat-like shape gives the face an elegant look with sensual expressiveness. Style icons like Marilyn Monroe loved the cat eye look. Grace Kelly has also given these sunglasses models their feminine look the finishing touch. Especially cool: the Cat Eye model fits almost any face shape. Find your favorite Cat Eye style model by Hugo Boss.


Another popular sunglass shape by Hugo Boss is the butterfly shape. This elegant shape dates back to the 50s and will probably never go out of fashion. It is mainly heart-shaped, square and round faces. In addition, it combines both stylish and functional components in itself. The large lenses protect the eyes over a large area from UV light and at the same time look absolutely stylish.