Guess sunglasses

Guess sunglasses are easy to wear in any wardrobe of a fashion-conscious fashionista. In recent years, the label has made a name for itself with high-quality design and fine materials. And at fair prices. Especially women with courage to color will love the models of this brand. Whether it's striking XXL sunglasses or a sporty, wind-like design, the Guess portfolio leaves every fashion heart high. Both ladies and gentlemen will find the collections of the designer label. Also fashion blogger Anni of fashionhippieloves is big fan of the brand. Let yourself be convinced by the Guess sunglasses in our Style Guide!

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Combines with Guess sunglasses

Transparent sunglasses by Guess for the classic look

For the Classic look you should have access to transparent sunglasses from Guess. Also models with a Plexi frame work very well for this look. In terms of color, both soft pastel tones and strong colors such as poppy or blood red match, but then in combination with the plexiglass so that the look does not lose its lightness. The romance lovers among us may also like to put on the rosarote glasses. This color also fits perfectly to the classic look. A bit of color must be easy in spring and summer. And in winter we love this trend to have a reason to laugh even on cold, snowy or rainy days. The Guess GU 7466 24G sunglass is a popular choice for those who prefer the white version to suit the snow or the beach.

Sunglasses by Guess in the style of the 90s for a sporty look

For a sporty look, we recommend sunglasses models by Guess, which are based on the style of the 90s. These models convince us through sporty contrasts and dynamic designs. They give the wearer a casual touch with a touch of extravagance. With these curvy models you are always on the right. Graphic designs combined with strong colors round off the design of these title defenders.

Sunglasses by Guess for the Safari look

The Safari Trend is also highly popular. Also discover your wild side and wear Guess sunglasses in camouflage or butterfly shape. Also special for this look are sunglasses by Guess in the tortoise pattern. Brand hot are now the colors beige or light gray. We are especially in love with Guess GU6209-T0-1 in a brown tortoise pattern.

Sunglasses with metal frame by Guess for a minimalist look

You are the other looks to go away and you prefer more straightforward minimalism? Then we have exactly the right thing for you. The guess guess with metal frame is perfect for this look. The models should be as simple and simple as possible. Your outfit is in the forefront with this look and the matching sunglasses from Guess is the icing on the cake.

Sunglasses by Guess at Second Hand & Sale

Secondhandmode offers a great way to get rid of the wardrobe and give a new home no longer worn treasures. Well-known fashion bloggers always cut their wardrobes and offer their designer favorites in shops like Rebelle or Vestiaire Collective. We at Catchys only lead you to trustworthy shops so you do not have to be afraid to get a cheap plagiarism in the second hand. On the contrary, you will find in these shops great second hand models of Guess sunglasses, which were already sold out quickly. Also in the sale is a variety of great models, which you can already buy at reasonable prices. We love Vintage Fashion and Second Hand!

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Fake Check Guess Sunglasses

Finally, you got your new favorite model of Guess sunglasses and can hardly wait to wear them. But wait a minute, how can you be sure that the new favorite piece is an original and not a fake? Meanwhile, there are very good plagiarisms, which are difficult to distinguish from the designer originals. However, we have some helpful tips for you to find out if your new favorite sunglasses are original or fake. A very safe indication of the originality is the small card that is attached to your sunglasses and certifies its authenticity. If this is not available, it could be that you have a fake. Another indication could be the inscriptions on the inside of the brackets. If you can simply scratch them off, it is certainly not an original. When buying on the Internet you should absolutely only on trustworthy sides shop. Catchys will only guide you to approved partner shops. There is no danger of getting cheap plagiarism. On the safe side, you can go shopping at the Guess Store. Also the price is a good indication. So compare the different glasses prices of Guess. It is very unlikely that you will get a model for under 10 € if the same model on the official Guess website costs 230 €. The Guess logo should also be read on the spectacle case as well as on the spectacle cleaning cloth. Also pay attention to the correct spelling of the brand and the form of the letters. Cheap plagiarisms often have mistakes here.

Alternatives to Guess Sunglasses

You love the noble and fashionable style of the Guess sunglasses, but you do not have the necessary small money for these beautiful design models? Then we have a few alternatives for you, which are at least as beautiful and save your money bag. Fans of the Guess sunglasses GU 7422 01B we recommend the Polaroid sunglasses PLD 4005 / S D28 (IX) SHN Black. It is very similar to Guess’s model and is almost half cheaper. Other models from Polaroid also impress with a great price-performance ratio. The mark is the number 1 for polarized lenses. Therefore, all lenses are equipped with a polarizing light filter. So you have a comprehensive protection against UVA, UVB and UVC rays. But not only the technical facts convince us, even the noble design is in line with the Guess brand and is therefore a good alternative if you want to save a bit. Another alternative would be the Quay Australia brand. Here you will also find a range of beautiful sunglasses which are always based on the latest trends and still available at a low price. The collections offer models in all possible spectacle shapes and colors. However, you have not found a suitable model for both brands and you definitely want a model from Guess? Then check out Guess sunglasses in the sale. Most models are also still wearable in later seasons and noble fashion classics. A positive side effect is that they are cheaper than new models. We hope you enjoy shopping

Popular sunglasses from Guess

Guess Sunglasses GU 7444 45F

This gorgeous sunglasses model from Guess is a dream come true. The transparent acetate frame and the light pink are absolutely trendy. The gently curved glasses give you a feminine chic. The XXL size of the glasses underline your glamorous look. The glittering “G” adorns the metal frame. The frame is made of a combination of plastic and precious metal and makes this model particularly robust.

Guess Sunglasses GU 7422 01B

The guess sunglasses GU 7422 01B unite several trends in itself. The XXL Eyeglasses in Cat Eye Form lend the wearer a feminine look. We particularly like the model with dark brown metal frame and light brown glasses. These shades flatter the face particularly well, as they radiate a gentle warmth. With these glasses you will definitely not be in the mood for the big celebrities from America.

Guess Sunglasses GU 7419/72 F

The sunglasses GU 7419/72 F is your perfect companion for the beach. But you can also wear this beautiful model in everyday life. The classic lines and the expressive full-rim frame make them a fashion classic. The gentle rosé fits both dark and blond hair. Especially cool is the color of the glasses. This sunglasses model from Guess is a real must have!

Guess Sunglasses GU 7407 / 52F

Another favorite of our Catchy’s editors is the GU 7407/52 F sunglasses by Guess. This sunglasses model with Monoscheibe catapults you directly into the league of trendsetters. With the GU 7407 / 52F you definitely take the look at you. The noble design gives you a cosmopolitan touch. The brown glasses fit perfectly to sunburned skin. This gorgeous sunglasses model is the perfect accessory for your outfit.

Guess Sunglasses 7496-S / 53E

Attention! This sunglasses model instantly triggers a have-wanting feeling. These trendy sunglasses are only suitable for absolute power women who like to have the To look at oneself. The elegant full frame and the timeless design make these sunglasses a classic that you can wear for many years. If a classic black is too much, we recommend this beautiful color combination in brown and turquoise. In addition, the light brown glasses do not distort the visual impression so much.

Guess Sunglasses 7423 / 55B

Finally, we present the Guess Sunglasses 7423 / 55B. This beautiful model gives you a breathtaking look with its noble design and classic lines. Especially the hue Havana in a warm brown tone, we find very beautiful with these sunglasses. This color can be perfectly combined with your spring and summer outfits, even in autumn and winter.

Various glass options at Guess sunglasses

Classic sunglasses

The classic sunglasses are usually available in the Guess brand in an 85% tint in green, brown or gray and offer a comprehensive protection against UV radiation. Sunglasses models with classic glasses fit perfectly to any outfit. These sunglasses are used for most sunglasses and are usually also the cheapest models.

Polarized sunglasses

You can not be dazzled with a sunglasses by Guess with polarized lenses. Classic sunglasses can not intercept reflections. The polarized lenses, on the other hand, have a polarization filter that can absorb reflected light, protecting your eyes from UV rays.

Mirrored sunglasses

Another trend in Guess sunglasses are models with mirrored lenses. These have a colored coating on the front, which makes it impossible to see from the outside. Positive side effect: Sunglasses models by Guess with mirrored lenses are not only absolutely cool, but also protect your eyes from strong reflections.

Popular styles with sunglasses by Guess

You found your dream sunglasses from Guess? Then we have some styling tips for you and your new accessory. Trendy XXL sunglasses in black can be worn perfectly in everyday life. For a cool city look you combine them with a nude colored blazer, a white viscose top, a wide chino trousers and nude colored sandals. Sunglasses by Guess with mirrored lenses also fit perfectly into an everyday look. Sunglasses with turquoise lenses combine coolly to a green parka, a rose top, oversized jeans and rose colored high heels. You can find more inspiration in this Pinterest board with great styling ideas – have fun discovering!