Fossil Sunglasses

Among the spectacle wearers, Fossil has long established itself. For ladies, everything from colorful cat-eye sunglasses to classic flying glasses. The label also has a lot to offer for the gentlemen - from the timeless aviator shape to rectangular models, reminiscent of the classic Wayfarer form from Rayban. The label Fossil stands for authentic Outschool mixed with an uncomplicated and casual style. The brand composes timeless and modern elements to create the "modern vintage style", reflecting the label's credo: Long Live Vintage. So design long-lasting and timeless vintage accessories.

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Combinations with Fossil Sunglasses

Fossil eyewear look for ladies

To an elegant Cat Eye sunglasses, one should also keep his outfit appropriately chic. With a classic shift dress and pumps, which underline the Sixties flair of the sunglasses, you can not go wrong. For those who prefer a more casual look, the sunglasses have a round look that gives them a smoother look. This model by Fossil with the name Bowdoin Round fits especially to trendy, but casual outfits. How about a white short-sleeved button-down shirt with high-waist shorts and slippers à la Gucci, for example?

Fossil eyewear look for men

Fossil also has wonderful sunglasses in the assortment for the man. The model Bardwell Rectangular, is very similar to the popular Wayfarer model from Rayban, but costs only half. You can wear almost anything from suit to casual shorts. Airbrushes are the timeless classic under the sunglasses with which one can never go wrong. The chic and more angular model combined with a printed shirt and chino pants create a chic everyday look. The more casual model in the vintage style can be combined to create a casual look for the day. With casual sneakers, hoodie and jeans, you are well advised here.

The unisex model of Fossil – Aviator

An aviator simply gives every imaginable outfit a certain coolness. For the female creatures among us is therefore also a casual outfit to be recommended, for example, a sweater with Mom jeans and sneakers, and finished is a cool everyday look from the university to shopping tour everything rocks. The same is true for men, best always remain casual! This means a short-sleeved shirt with or without print a skinny jeans that is rolled up and a cool and modern look, which is perfectly supported by the sunglasses.

Why buy Sunglasses from Fossil Secondhand?

Fossil is not for nothing for timeless and classic design. Fossil sunglasses are usually worn for more than a year. It is worthwhile taking a look at Secondhand for Fossil Sunglasses to get some great deals and discounts. So good for all who do not want to spend huge sunglasses for a high-quality branded product. Despite the timeless design of the sunglasses, they still come trendy, so look for models from past decades. This is the way to find genuine vintage treasures from past decades.

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Alternatives to Fossil Sunglasses

If you do not want to spend so much on a fossil sunglass, Guess models are as well advised. If you find something more trendy, you’ll find Mr. Boho. The relatively young label, like Fossil, sells watches and sunglasses in a variety of shapes, colors and styles, the models cost around € 60. Also at H & M and Zara you can find great models, which are priced very cheap, but qualitatively not to a Fossil sunglasses. If you want similar timeless models and good quality, look at the cult label Rayban something. The sunglasses models are priced slightly above those of Fossil, but with a Rayban you have exactly the same as with a fossil sunglasses a long-time loyal companion.

Popular sunglasses from Fossil

Fossil Bowdoin Round

This retro-inspired round sunglasses for women flatters especially square faces and makes them softer. The frame of the sunglasses is made of metal to provide enough stability. The sunglasses come with a nude colored transparent frame and mirrored gold-brown lenses, as well as a brown frame in horn optics with running brown lenses.

Fossil Abbery

The elegant Cat-Eye model for women is designed for every facial shape, but it also brings out heart-shaped faces. The frame is made of plastic as well as the glasses. The model Abbery is available in coral with brown glasses, black with gray glasses and brown in horn optics also with brown glasses.

Fossil Alex

This is a unisex model in classic aviator style. The frame consists of a new and narrow golden metal frame, flattering every facial shape. The glasses of the sunglasses have a brown tint with a Uni course.

Fossil Bradwell rectangular

This casual square model for men gives round faces more tension and makes them look longer. The Bardwell rectangular is available in two versions, one with a gray transparent plastic frame and gray glazing. The other model also has a plastic frame. However, this is brown and has a light horn optic. The glasses of this model are brown.

Fossil Chatfield Navigator

The model is similar to an aviator-style sunglasses, just a bit more angular and flattering, especially round and oval faces. The frame of the glasses is made of metal and is black with gray glasses, brown with brown glasses and dark gray with smoke gray glasses. These glasses support a casual as well as a chic look – it can be combined universally.

Fossil Jacey

This sunglasses for women are a stylish aviator style pilots. It fits into every face. One should however notice which color flatters one the most. Both models have a golden metal mount. The tint, however, varies between pink / brown which makes a cool complexion particularly well fitting and a warm brown which underlines a warm complexion.

Materials & Colors of Fossil Sunglasses


Above all, the aviator-style sunglasses from Fossil usually have a metal frame, mainly in silver and gold. Furthermore, Fossil still has the model Bowdoin Round in the range consisting of a mix of plastic and metal. A metal frame is usually very thin but still more stable than a plastic model. If you have a nickel allergy, these glasses are not recommended, since nickel is often used for the production of metal frames. At the moment, round metal frames and flying goggles with a frame made of metal are totally trendy, as a metal frame looks both cool and chic and can be worn to almost anything.


The Abbery models for the woman and Bradwell for the man both own a plastic frame. Plastic is the more versatile material of both. It is available in all possible forms and can be colored as desired. It is also possible to create a frame in horn or wood optics with plastic. Plastic is also the more timeless material of both. Fossil has frames made of plastic in nude transparent, coral, gray, brown, black and frames in horn optic – so there is something for every complexion and style. A plastic frame is less elegant and classy than a metal holder and is therefore more suitable for a casual look, which also depends on the shape of the glasses.


All Fossil sunglasses are made of plastic, which is cheaper and more common than sunglasses with genuine lenses. They are available in different shades and colors. The model Bowdoin Round has gold-brown mirrored glasses, which come very retro. In general, mirrored glasses look more vintage and cool, and are therefore a real eye-catcher. Fossil also has sunglasses with a running tint in the assortment. For example the models Bradwell rectangular, Bowdoin Round, Jacey, Abbery and Chatfield Navigator. A running tint refers to glasses which become darker upwards and lighter downwards. This tint is available over all different brown tones to gray. There is still a Uni tint, which can be found only in the unisex model Alex in brown. All Fossil lenses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection.

Popular styles with Fossil Sunglasses

Fossil offers an assortment of sunglasses that leaves nothing to be desired. Whether it’s stylish with the Cat-eye model Abbery or casual with the unisex model Alex, there is something for every taste. Sunglasses make the perfect look perfect. Through a vintage sunglasses, an outfit looks even more retro or by a casual aviator an outfit even more casual.