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Combinations with Chanel sunglasses

Chanel sunglasses for him & her

The label Chanel currently only creates sunglasses for women and is based on the classic, old-fashioned Chanel style: the legendary quilting pattern of the French label – as can be found in the 2.55 bags – is just as popular with one or other of the Chanel designs Sunglasses used. An absolutely classic sunglasses look, which can be combined ideally with the comfortable shopping outfit in the casual style with gladiator sandals, maxi-dress and XXL-shoppers or the stylish business look in an elegant style with a figurative pencil skirt, white blouse and sexy heels.

The colorful Chanel sunglasses for everyday life

Monotony does not know Chanel. The French label is reinvented every season – even with the sunglasses, there is always a colorful change in addition to the classic models. If you like it visually like striking, can in the everyday life to grab a bright red sunglasses. Just a destroyed boyfriend jeans, a white casual t-shirt and simple sneaker or birchstock. The easy look is finished with a WOW factor.

Chanel sunglasses as a sight

Thanks to their unmistakable Chanel look, the sunglasses of the French label are particularly well-suited to the fashion of – of course Chanel. If you want to be fashionably dressed for professional reasons or in your spare time, you can be dressed from head to toe on Chanel. Chanel Tweed Costume and the fashionable Chanel Sling Pumps: the traditional Chanel Chic never gets out of fashion and with the matching sunglasses the look becomes a stylish eye-catcher.

Chanel Sunglasses at Second Hand & Sale

If you want to treat a Chanel sunglasses, you have to dig deep into your pocket. Because this accessory is luxury and a real investment piece. The models are particularly popular because of the elegant look and the high-quality workmanship. It can quickly happen that the latest model of Chanel sunglasses is sold out. Especially popular glasses are then only second hand to find. Catchys offers both Chanel sunglasses from last season as well as absolute vintage models. Convince yourself and secure the new vintage treasures of Chanel.

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Fake Check Chanel Sunglasses

Copy Cats drift all around and even before Chanel sunglasses make no stop. Especially in holiday resorts, there are some “Chanel” sunglasses for a five. Of course you should leave your fingers behind. Here you do not have to be a fashion victim to realize that these sunglasses are absolute fakes. So that you can really be sure when choosing a used or reduced Chanel sun glasses, we have created a small fake checklist for you. So you can easily distinguish a genuine Chanel sunglasses from a copy.

Alternatives to Chanel sunglasses

You love fashion and like to spend some extra money on accessories? Besides, do you long dream of an elegant Chanel sunglasses? So far you have not been able to penetrate so deeply into your pocket? Chanel sunglasses are quite costly and rarely a bargain. Unless you’re shopping second hand. But if you want a new model in the classic Chanel look, then you might find a cheaper model with the same design. If you are open to the design and do not pay attention to the label, look at other labels and well-sorted fashion houses. Many fashion brands offer sunglasses that come close to the look of a Chanel sunglasses. You like the Chanel 4222 C1174Z 54 20 sun glasses from the signature collection? Then perhaps the model Naked Eyes from Le Specs would be something for your sunglasses collection! The same look – at a fraction of the price. Well, how about? Also fashion chains like Zara offer much cheaper alternatives to designer sunglasses in almost every season – maybe your favorite Chanel model? Let yourself be convinced and try it out, then you will soon find your dream sunglasses in the Chanel look.

Popular sunglasses from Chanel

Chanel Runway Sunglasses

The sunglasses of the luxury fashion house are unique and like jewelery on a very high (style) level. The French label creates several lines for the sunglasses: the runway models of the Chanel sunglasses reflect the luxurious style of the label. The butterfly-shaped frame of the glasses, combined with the filigree design, makes the sunglasses appear graceful yet absolutely stylish. The delicate, lightweight straps made of high-quality material give the wearer a feather-light and luxurious wearing experience. The designer Karl Lagerfeld is responsible for the models. He puts on the big glasses, curved frames as well as shapely temples with the sunglasses. The Chanel Runway sunglasses are new every season and the label surpasses every time. Every model is always fashionable and designed specifically for the runway: Rocky chain details on the straps of the Chanel sunglasses or unusual patterns compliment the unique Chanel look. Here is more really more! Which almost always remains the same: the initials of the label “CC” can be found on every sunglasses. The models from the Runway collection you can get upwards from 360 Euro upwards.
chanel runway sunglasses second hand
chanel signature sunglasses second hand

Chanel Signature Sunglasses

It’s going to be colorful! And the Chanel sunglasses of the Signature line. Chanel and colorful? This works out! Especially in the case of the accessories, the French fashion house likes colors and patterns. Coco Chanel has frowned upon this in his lifetime. But chief designer Karl Lagerfeld runs his own line and creates every season new cool models in bright colors. Let’s remember the Chanel sunglasses 2012: There were really in every color! The Chanel sunglasses of the Signature line also have glasses that are shaped like light butterfly wings – Karl Lagerfeld’s favorite style and what the master loves, that is often implemented. For all Chanel sunglasses, high-quality lenses with uniform colors as well as color gradients such as black, brown, gray or blue are used. Especially the Chanel sunglasses of the Signature line are distinguished by their diverse colors. The models are priced here from 200 euros upwards. Especially for hyped retro sunglasses you have to grab something deeper into the bag.

Chanel Bijou Sunglasses

The Chanel sunglasses from the Bijou line are really special and luxurious. These models were inspired by the classic pearl jewelery that Coco Chanel loved so much. Therefore the name of the collection. For: Bijou means jewelry and Coco Chanel adored glamorous baroque jewelery. In terms of jewelry it was always a pleasure to be lush and extravagant. Simplicity in this sense was not in its nature. This is exactly what Karl Lagerfeld takes in this collection: The Chanel sun glasses of the Bijou line are extravagant and absolutely breathtaking. Artful patterns and heavy details adorn the individual sunglasses. The attention to detail is particularly evident in the Bijou line. Each glass and sunglasses are characterized by an excellent inlay work on the temples. The classic, timeless Chanel sunglasses combine with an elegant color selection of black, Schildpatt or Braun. In addition, each sunglass of this glamorous collection is characterized by the iconic double “CC”. Depending on the design in different sizes and positions.


chanel bijou sunglasses second hand

Chanel Pearl Sunglasses

A very particularly beautiful Chanel sunglasses collection is the pearl line, which was created absolutely in the sense of Coco Chanel. The great designer was of the opinion that pearls illuminate the face of a woman and this is exactly what happens with this Chanel sunglasses collection. The sunglasses of this line have beautifully placed small pearls on the temples. Allegedly, Coco Chanel was inspired to the collection by the prayer beads of the nuns in the orphanage where she grew up. The young designer always liked to wear pearls as a sign of her femininity. Head designer Karl Lagerfeld continues this line and gives the sunglasses a modern look. As a stylish eyecatcher, the Chanel sunglasses are still wearing a bead. A feminine style that is made for you eternity and can be combined with all looks. Particularly glamorous these Chanel sunglasses but to the classic little black on a cocktailparty or an outdoor dinner.
chanel pearl sunglasses second hand

Frequently used materials of Chanel sunglasses

Chanel beads and mother-of-pearl coating

A special feature of the material are the Chanel sunglasses of the Pearl line. These models are genuine jewelery in the ranks of Chanel sunglasses. High-quality pearls and mother-of-pearl coatings are used, which have been incorporated into the eyeglass frames. This gives them a feminine charm and a stylish look.

Chanel Leather

The luxury label attaches great importance to high-quality materials. So, Chanel uses some leather for decorating the temples on some sunglasses models. For the most part, smooth leather such as lambskin is used. Lamb leather is one of the smooth leather varieties and is very resistant. It is also waterproof, breathable and windproof. The sunglasses can withstand all weather conditions. The stirrups are made of leather – with the classic Chanel quilting as it is also found in the Chanel bags – an eye-catcher.

Chanel plastic

Chanel sunglasses are made of a high quality plastic. All models use high-quality lenses with uniform colors as well as color gradients such as black, brown, gray or blue. For retro models, the color of the lenses may differ.

Most Popular Styles With Chanel Sunglasses

Chanel sunglasses fit through their elegant look to almost any outfit and any occasion. With the right Chanel sunglasses you can easily upgrade your style and give your look a touch of glamor. Luxury always goes! Chanel sunglasses are accessories for eternity. The Parisian chic of the French label makes you dream and gives you the feeling of elegance and style. Whether you’re wearing a black Chanel sunglasses, or a striking Chanel signature, we’ve put together the most stylish Chanel sunglasses for you. Get inspired! What will be your next look with Chanel sun glasses?

Checklist Chanel Sunglasses

  • Engraving: You recognize an original Chanel sunglasses on the “Chanel” engraving. This is usually engraved on one of the two glasses. Also pay attention to high-quality milling.
  • Packing: If you buy a Chanel sunglass, then this should be neatly packed in a case (leather with cleaning cloth) as well as in a labeled Chanel box. For an original Chanel sunglasses the black box is printed from a robust cardboard box and clean with the logo (white Chanel lettering).
  • Serial number: The serial number also always indicates whether it is a fake or an original. Of course, the genuine Chanel sunglasses also have a serial number. This is always engraved in a glass of sunglasses. The code contains both letters and numbers without spaces between the characters.
  • Model number at the temple: Another indication of the authenticity of the Chanel sunglasses can be found on the left temple. This is marked with the model number and the size. In most cases the marking is as follows: model number (four digits, one letter), color code (lowercase letter c, three to four digits, followed by one or two additional digits and / or letters), frame measurement.
  • Guarantee: New models of the Chanel sunglasses are always handed out with a guarantee card. Here, features about certain details of the sunglasses as well as the dealer are noted.