Aldo Sunglasses

The Canadian company Aldo is mainly known for its state-of-the-art shoe design. Since the start of the label in 1972, the founder Aldo Bensadoun has successfully pursued the goal of always being on the cutting edge with his designs, but never neglecting his own individual direction. In this way, Aldo Bensadoun has secured a firm place in the international fashion industry over the years. The collections of Aldo should be affordable for all style-conscious ladies and gentlemen with a small purse, who can not afford to wear designer fashion, but still want to participate in the exciting fashion world. This credo, however, applies not only to the shoes of Aldo, but also to the category of accessories, which Bensadoun dares for the first time in 2000 - and this is more than successful! In particular, the sunglasses of the Canadian company are an absolute must-have, because they not only protect the eyes from dangerous UV-rays, but are also real eye-catchers, which can be easily upgraded by any simple design. Aldo offers a wide range of versatile designs, from classic aviators to cool cat eye sunglasses to sunglasses with round, mirrored lenses, Aldo has the right sunglasses for every type, taste and occasion.

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Combinations with Aldo sunglasses

Aldo sunglasses for you

Whether classic-elegant, playful-romantic or cool and edgy, at Aldo every woman will find the right sunglasses. A model in the classic aviator or wayfarer form is an absolute all-rounder and can be combined elegantly to the waisted blazer, pencil skirt and high-quality pumps to the office as well as casual to comfortable leisure looks. It is more eye-catching with an oversized model in the fashionable Cat-Eye shape, this is great for leisure or holidays. Simply a floral midi-dress in retro look and a few nice leather sandals, the beautiful and comfortable leisure look. The round sunglasses from Aldo are perfect for the festival fans among us, especially the spectacles with the colorful tinted or mirrored glasses, for example, in trendy rose gold, ensure immediately good mood. In combination with fringed vest, jeans, and small leather backpack or bucket bag, the festival summer is best to enjoy!

Aldo sunglasses for him

Aldo not only offers a wide selection of sunglasses for ladies, the men are not too short and can find their dream model in a large and versatile assortment. The classic Aviator sunglasses can be combined not only with casual everyday outfits, but also elegantly to the suit. The “Dralia” model, on the other hand, is more casual and fits perfectly with cool retro outfits, such as dark jeans, band T-shirt and leather jacket. This sunglasses model from Aldo is also suitable for holidays, combined with sporty chino pants and a patterned shirt, you can stroll along the beach promenade without the sun glare.

Aldo Sunglasses Second-Hand & on sale

As the designs of the Aldo sunglasses are very trend-oriented and fast collection changes, it is not unusual that particularly popular models of the Canadian dealer are sold very quickly. Here, however, it is a good idea to look for second-hand sunglasses. In this way one can not only get online models or models that are no longer available in stores but also save a lot of money. Catchys offers a wide selection of second-hand Aldo sunglasses, some of which are even in practically new condition. Furthermore, all Aldo Sunglasses offered on Catchy’s website come from authenticated partner shops, so you do not run the risk of falling into a fraud. Enjoy browsing and discovering!

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Alternatives to Aldo Sunglasses

If you like the style of the Aldo sunglasses and are ready to spend more on your dream sunglasses, you should take a look at the Dior models. Similar to Aldo, Dior is also determined to stand out from the crowd with his sunglasses. For example, the “So Real” model by Dior with a striking, mirrored design is a great high-end alternative. In the premium segment, the sunglasses from Ray Ban offer themselves, from classics like Aviators and Wayfarers to round, mirrored spectacles no wishes open. Trendy low-budget alternatives are offered by the fast-fashion retailers Zara and Mango, for example, who follow the current trends on the catwalks and offer them within a short time at affordable prices in their stores and online. Have fun shopping!

Popular models from Aldo Sunglasses

Aldo “Welaclya”

The “Welaclya” sunglasses model for women impresses with its Cat-Eye shape in the oversized look. Due to the wide, rose-colored frame with a slight shimmer, this model looks particularly feminine and fits perfectly into spring and summer. “Welaclya” is made of high quality acetate, which makes the glasses particularly stable and durable. In the manufacturing process an advanced casting technique is used, which leads to the unique design and the particular hue. The model “Welaclya” is equipped with high-quality C39 lenses, which prevent unpleasant mirroring and at the same time allow a particularly clear view. The new model is available for 50 €. The “Welaclya” is the perfect companion for beautiful spring and summer days, because the pastel color design immediately provides a good mood. Just combine a swinging, floral midi dress and a pair of beautiful sandals to complete the perfect look for a romantic lunch. If this is too sweet, just wear cool, white sneakers as a contrast to the playful dress, creating a relaxed leisure look.

Aldo “Qilalla”

The “Qilalla” model by Aldo is one of the most popular sunglasses for women, because it flatters not only every face shape, but is also a real eyecatcher. The frame of the “Qilalla” is made of metal and is particularly thin and filigree, so that the glasses, which are a mixture of classic aviator and fashionable cat eye form, are particularly good. A particular detail is the fine metal arch, which runs slightly above the nose bridge, slightly offset from the spectacle lenses, indicating the Cat Eye shape. You can choose from a variety of styles, a gold-colored frame with blue or dark gray tinted lenses, a rose-gold frame with bordeaux or pink-tinted lenses or a black frame with black glasses. In this way, every woman can find the right color for herself. The glasses are available for 18 €.

Aldo “Dralia”

The “Dralia” model by Aldo is one of the favorites in men’s sunglasses and scores with its cool retro look. The aviator-shaped model has a gold-colored, filigree frame made of high-quality metal with a double bar and dark gray, almost black-shining sunglasses. These glasses set an edgy touch in every outfit and can be combined with the classic suit in the office or to festive events as well as casual leisure looks. Due to the light metal, the glasses are comfortable to wear even during long periods. New is the sunglasses model “Dralia” for 16 € can be purchased.

Aldo “Frenarwen”

“Frenarwen” by Aldo a particularly futuristic-looking sunglass model for ladies and with its extremely accentuated Cat-Eye shape made of gold-colored metal and the iridescent, mirrored spectacle lenses. The model is available for every facial shape and can be purchased again for 16 €. “Frenarwen” looks especially edgy, like a tight, black leather pants, a T-shirt in a trendy boyfriend-cut and tempting pumps or cool sneakers.

Aldo “Hiugel”

Another favorite among the men’s sunglasses from Aldo is the model “Hiugel”, which impresses with its cool Vintage Vibe in a matt finish and can easily be integrated into every look. The “Hiugel” is a timeless model and an absolute must-have accessory for every man, due to its minimalistic look with the restrained, filigree bent temple ends. The model is available again for 16 € and with a gray, black or transparent plastic frame.

Aldo “Shames”

The “Shames” model is the right choice for all ladies, who like their accessories and especially their extravagant sunglasses. “Shames” consists entirely of high-quality acetate, which gives the model a minimalistic yet futuristic look. The model has large, round glasses and is available in simple gray, but also in candy colors such as green, fuchsia and blue for 18 €. Especially in the summer, these sunglasses can easily be upgraded by a simple outfit. If you like it loud and striking, this simply combines colorful prints with a “shames” sunglasses in the respective favorite color. One thing is for sure: With the “Shames” you definitely get excited!

Frequently used materials at Aldo sunglasses

Aldo sunglasses made of acetate

The sunglasses of Aldo can not only be simple and reserved, but also loud and extravagant. For the latter, high-quality acetate plays an important role, because the material allows the sunglasses designigns at Aldo incredibly creative freedom in their designs. Whether laser-cut, milled or highly polished, acetate makes it possible to implement new design ideas again and again and offer the customers in every collection new exciting models. Even in color, acetate offers almost endless possibilities. In addition to the creative advantages, acetate is also practical because it is light and thus increases the wearing comfort even in a longer period of time.

Aldo sunglasses made of metal

In addition to acetate, Aldo also often uses metal for his sunglasses. This can also be used in many ways, giving each sunglass an elegant, high-quality look. The high-quality metal can be used to form very narrow, filigree straps, which nevertheless do not lose their grip and stability. Furthermore, metal is very durable and easy to carry thanks to its light weight.

Aldo glasses from CR39

Aldo uses mainly plastic glasses, mostly from the usual CR39, for his sunglass models. The biggest advantage compared to lenses made of real glass is the weight, because plastic lenses are much lighter and therefore also more comfortable to wear. In addition, plastic lenses are break-resistant and can be equipped with a special coating to make them even harder and scratch-resistant.

Popular styles with Aldo sunglasses

The sunglasses from Aldo offer almost endless combinations. Since it can be difficult to decide for an outfit. How about the eyecatcher model “Shames” in eye-catching Fuchsia to a completely gray look with dark gray jeans, a T-shirt and a cozy cardigan? In this way, you have it comfortable and shines “Shames” as a stand-alone statement accessory. Or the “Welaclya” as a romantic contrast to tight leather pants, oversized sweaters and casual sneakers? With this casual look, you can master everyday life not only comfortably but also stylishly! With the “Hiugel” the gentlemen can do nothing wrong, whether to jeans and T-shirt or chino and shirt, this model makes every outfit complete. For more inspiration look at the Pinterest board. Have fun with styling and combining!

Typical Aldo sunglasses

The design of the Aldo sunglasses is based on current trends, but never loses its personal line. The designers of the Canadian success company want their customers to feel comfortable in their designs and have fun with styling them. For this reason, in addition to classic models such as the aviators and wayfarers, there are always a lot of striking, unconventional designs in the collections, which should encourage the wearer to experiment with their style. This is why the sunglasses from Aldo are very affordable because the customer is not to be afraid of a wrong investment. Although the prices for the sunglasses with predominantly under 20 € are very low, nevertheless, attention is paid to high-quality material, which is durable and stable. Characteristic for Aldo sunglasses is the use of mirrored and colored tinted sunglasses, which set a statement with every simple outfit.