Adidas sunglasses

Germany's sporting goods manufacturer number 1 ensures that you always have the right perspective. Adidas sunglasses not only convince by their excellent quality and longevity, but above all by the striking ironing and glass shapes, which are both sporty, as well as fashionable. This not only gives you the best view, but also looks great on your own.

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Combinations with Adidas sunglasses

Adidas Sunglasses – by professionals, for professionals

Adidas has worked with numerous professional athletes since its earliest sunglasses to design the best eyewear for you. Sporting celebrities such as Jeremy Warner (Olympic champion), Dustin Johnson (best golfer in 2016) or Justin Rose (US Open winner) love to wear Adidas sports glasses not only professionally but also privately. The reason is obvious: The special frame material makes the glasses extremely resistant and the innovative design ensures a grandiose look.

Sunglasses for every outfit

The beauty of Adidas sunglasses is that you can wear them to just about anything. This is how an Adidas ski goggles fits all winter wear. Of course, the best way to do it is to combine your goggles with appropriate adidas sportswear. But things from Puma, Nike or Reebock fit perfectly. The important thing is that the color of the temple and the color of your outerwear harmonize, the rest you can let your creativity run wild. Curved sunglasses such as the Tycane models are best for combining with trekking or hiking gear, even with a helmet or cap. You can also wear it while sailing with navy clothing or mountaineering in climbing gear and you always look sporty and fashionable.

Sunglasses for leisure

Adidas makes its sunglasses not just for professionals or athletes. The trendy design of the glasses ensures that you can wear them in your spare time. So Adidas sports glasses fit not only to the tracksuit, but also to T-shirt and jeans or sweaters. You can wear Tycane sunglasses while cycling, strolling or anywhere else. The design typical for the glasses gives you a sporty and active look.

The cheap way to Adidas Sunglasses with Second Hand & Sale

Our second hand and second season offerings give you the opportunity to get Adidas sunglasses for a fraction of the actual price. Due to the high stability and value, there is virtually no difference to a new pair of glasses – except the price. The cool retro models and antique glasses of older collections can be bought here on Catchys. Look around (or click) in peace, your dream glasses are waiting for you here.

Fake Check Adidas Sunglasses

Unfortunately, there are always buyers at the Adidas brand who fall into the fake trap and pay expensive money for fake glasses. But there are some features that make it easy to distinguish original from fake. First of all, the glasses of the glasses are a good indication. Each Adidas sunglass uses standard UV400 glass – this provides the wearer and his eyes with 100% protection from ultraviolet light! Usually there is a sticker on the glass itself here. If this is not available or the seller also have no willingness to guarantee for this UV protection, this could be an indication of a Fake Adidas sunglasses. In this case, extreme caution is required!

Alternatives to Adidas Sunglasses

Although Adidas, as a sporting goods manufacturer, has a reputation that is unique in the world, individual products of the house compete very strongly with others. Also in the field of sunglasses Adidas does not have the international market dominance alone. For example, the Adidas Evil Eye Evo Pro L has strong competition with the Oakley Flak Jacket. Both models are not only suitable for relaxed walks in the park, but are also designed for use and wearing in the sporting field. The Adidas Evil Eye and Oakley Flak Jacket do not do much in terms of color variety and look. Both are very streamlined, fit optimally and very soft on the nose and ears and give the wearer 100% protection against UV rays. Differences are particularly evident in the price, which is particularly due to the brand positioning. While Adidas has a much younger audience, Oakley’s Flak Jacket signals that these goggles are aimed at an older audience. For whom the price plays the decisive role, however, should take a closer look at the sunglasses by Uvex! Here, for example, the values ​​in terms of protection against UV radiation are absolutely comparable, since UV400 glass is also used. Many testimonials from wearers prove that the Uvex has an equivalent comfortable fit so the competition model of Adidas. With all the brands mentioned here you will find especially in the second hand area very well, because high-quality sunglasses such as models from Adidas are really very durable pieces that will not lose their functionality and appearance even for a long time in use. At CATCHYS you’ll find a wide selection of Adiddas sunglasses, choose your favorite model for you!

Popular models of Adidas sunglasses

Adidas Wildcharge

First, the Golden twenties seem to have nothing to do with the Adidas sunglasses Wildcharge, but if you look a little closer, you discover there at least the origin of this classic, based on the model Panto, the glasses par excellence of the twenties, The idea for the model Wildcharge was born. The unisex model can wear both men and women, and the Adidas sunglasses are with their full rim top current! This model can be worn for a leisurely Sunday afternoon walk, as well as for a smart suit or office – this pair of spectacles, which are available in a total of eight different colors, combine the breath of the 1920s with modern and trendy fashion trends. The Adidas sunglasses is also a real technical highlight, because ribbed inner sides for a secure fit on the head and perfect adaptation to the different nose shapes thanks multiply adjustable nose pads, make them really wearable for everyone. The Adidas sunglasses have a patented trigger mechanism for the straps, which can decouple under load and then easily clicked back – making the Adidas sunglasses almost “unbreakable”. The eyes are also protected from UV400 lenses.

Adidas 3Matic

Michael Jackson, Madonna, Bob Dylan – big names who also wore great eyewear and even made some of them world famous. For example the Wayfarer by Ray Ban – the absolute classic of all glasses! However, those who do not have the necessary pocket money for an original Wayfarer, may be lucky, because Adidas has come out with the 3Matic a revised and sporty version. Based on the so-called ‘square shape’, the 3Matic has a much larger full-rim in matt, which creates a very sporty and convincing look with much harder rounded corners and an almost horizontal bridge. To have is the 3Matic in a total of seven variants. Although very masculine, this model can be worn by both men and women.

Adidas Arriba

Futuristic – that’s the word that best describes the Adidas sunglasses Arriba. Paco Rabanne, one of the great fashion designers of Spain, known for fashion and designs with many sequins, would have enjoyed his glasses. The only frameless eyewear model by Adidas can put both men and women on the nose. Although designed for use in sports, these glasses will not let you down in everyday life. Whether the occasion is a leisurely stroll through the park or a mountain bike ride through the mountains, the Adidas Arriba sunglasses do their job. Due to the very large monoblock, you not only have an optimal field of view, but also an optimal all-round protection for the eyes – this is ensured not only by the glass acting as a kind of protective shield, but above all by the very flexible, but equally sturdy frame made of plastic. The Adidas sunglasses are available in a total of six different Variants.

Materials and colors in Adidas sunglasses

Adidas plastic

Without this building material there would probably be no sunglasses from Adidas at the present time, since just about all models of Adidas sunglasses have this base. Often Adidas plastic is within the scope of the glasses, which is why the models of the traditional German house in their wearers enjoy great popularity, because the plastic by Adidas is considered particularly resistant, flexible and the glasses remain despite sweating the sport on the noses of the wearer. Because of these outstanding, positive qualities, the glasses have not only made it from the business to everyday life, but even to the top sport. However, those who do not want to take part in the Olympic Games right away are also well equipped for all everyday situations with Adidas sunglasses.

Adidas colors

Anyone who has followed the 2012 European Football Championship in Poland and Ukraine knows that bright tones and neon colors are again in fashion in the sport. Although there are always fashion items that move in this color world, are really at home neon-colored but especially in the field of sports. Many models of Adidas sunglasses, such as the Evil Eye Evo Pro L, are available in all colors of the rainbow. From white milk fringe with azure glasses to black rim with translucent lenses to black rim with purple lenses – Adidas has something for everyone, and not just the Evil Eye. But although neon is currently very much in vogue and you rarely see the fashion-conscious without a corresponding part in the gym or on the football field, Adidas sunglasses models will also find those who prefer classic colors like black, silver or white.

Popular Styles with Adidas Sunglasses

Whether traveling, in the pedestrian area, while walking in the park or playing mountain biking and football – Adidas sunglasses are simply the all-rounder among all sunglasses. Although every sunglasses model by Adidas is different, almost all variants can be worn to any outfit. For example, the Adidas 3Matic sunglasses can easily be worn by racers, footballers, basketball players or golfers – but it also helps to create an eye-catching look in less sporty settings. Very popular is the Adidas Sunglasses 3Matic, for example, in combination with classic black jeans, white sneakers, white top and blue denim jacket.