Daniel Hechter’s suits

Men in elegant suits have an irresistible effect, and not just since the James Bond filming. Every man should have a suit in the closet, whether for the office or the special occasion. But is not it easy to find the perfect suit? We might have a secret tip: Daniel Hechter's suits. Daniel Hechter reflects the upscale, French way of life. The first class suit style of this Parisian fashion is for every man and ensures that the gentlemen always feel comfortable. Sovereign men love exactly this cosmopolitan and successful fashion line of the fashion label, because the style is simply perfect for any occasion. The preppy suit coat of Daniel Hechter definitely convinces everyone with quality and a fair price-performance ratio. Welcome to the Suit Knigge! Catchys took a closer look at the French label for you.

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Combinations with Comma blouses

Daniel Hechter Suits – Chic and Classy

Noble suits for the gentlemen’s world should not remain the privilege of a small elite: that is the principle of suits of the label Daniel Hechter. The French fashion designer Daniel Hechter has not only entered fashion history through the lasting beauty of his suit creations. He also played a large part in the gradual assertion that beautiful suits should be accessible to all. In the classic men’s jackets by Daniel Hechter, the elegant, narrow lapel is the first. Together with the light-weight waistcoat of the jacket, the typical, reserved elegant look, which the fashion expert immediately associates with Daniel Hechter. The noble fashion and high-quality business mode is not cheap, but very cheap – and for everyone who values ​​good style.

From B like Business to H like wedding: Daniel Hechter suits

Every man should have the perfect suit! And we guarantee you, no matter for which occasion, Daniel Hechter you will definitely find. Discover business suits or suits for special events that correspond to the extraordinary taste of each one. In addition, you can add coat, jacket and waist-pleats with very high-quality shirts and ties from Daniel Hechter. Daniel Hechter combines the noble charisma of fine twine with a masculine tension and a beautiful charisma. Meet a fashion brand that remains faithful to its finest elegance! Daniel Hechter Men’s fashion for business and high-class casual, convince yourself.

Daniel Hechter suits in second-hand and sale

The quality and design of the Daniel Hechter brand has, of course, its price, which is why suits from last season as well as retro models are much sought after. Daniel Hechter Suits of the best quality and much cheaper? Second-hand or sale can be a wonderful treasure trove for a small budget. Because for the sum you pay for a single sweater, you already get several secondhand or sale parts of the brand. So you are not infrequently buying a first-class combination of different parts at the price of one. Find your new suit in Second-Hand or Sale on Catchys!

For the fitting please: Basic rules for the fit of your Daniel Hechter suit:

  1. The Daniel Hechter jacket has to cover your buttocks.
  2. The cuffs of your Daniel Hechter suit should look a centimeter when arms are hanging down.
  3. The suitcase of your Daniel Hechter suit must have a crease, a pleat is optional.
  4. The suitcase of your Daniel Hechter suit has to sit on your waist, not on the waist.
  5. The optimal Daniel Hechter pants length ends at the upper edge of the shoe heel.
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Alternatives to Daniel Hechter suits

You’re convinced of Daniel Hechter suits, but would you like to keep some alternatives? Maybe we can supply you with some labels with similar characteristics and good quality. Catchys shows you some brands with similar design. Here are our suggestions: Digel – Menswear is an international fashion brand with an innovative vision and creative spirit. From suit and jacket over shirt and tie. The right men’s suits for business, casual casual outfits for the everyday life and perfect styles for the wedding. Also as a modular suit with the possibility to combine the sizes of jacket and pants freely. At a good price of 300 € new available.For men with standing. In the office or after work. Straight or loose. Suits by Joop! fit into men who unite both: authenticity with a shot of Zeitgeist. Classic style with a refreshing splash of nonconformity. There are suits for men with standing. You show what you have achieved – and what you want to achieve. The chic suits are available at a price between 300 € and 500 €.

Popular suits by Daniel Hechter

Daniel Hechter Modern-Fit Suit: Model “Tollegno 1900”

daniel blue suit blue
This suit is made from finest Italian woolen wool, Tollegno 1900. It features a modern fit fit, a lightly fitted jacket and a trouser without pleats. The Daniel Hechter modern fit suit Tollegno 1900 is available in four colors and is absolutely suitable for workdays as well as for frequent business trips. Elegance and optimal modern fit fit, slightly waisted jacket, pants with side pockets without folds. This suit is from the Daniel Hechter building kit system. This means you can also choose different sizes of jacket and pants. Also the favorable price of about 300 € can be for many a purchasing argument. The conclusion: processing and material are top, the cutting modern and at the same time classical.

Daniel Hechter Men’s Suit: “Suit New”

The Daniel Hechter men’s Suit Suit “Suit New” is an extra-sporty suit with a stylish check pattern. This again consists of 100% finest Italian woolen wool, Tollegno 1900. This model convinces with its high-quality workmanship in combination with a modern fit fit and is available in two colors, casual gray and modern beige. A white slim fit shirt, brown suits and a blue tie, and even James Bond will sink into the ground with envy. Especially well: all Daniel Hechter suits and thus also the model “Suit New” are manufactured exclusively in Europe. Circa 300 € are a great price for this high-quality and modern suit.
daniel hechter new suit black

Daniel Hechter Mix and Match Model: “Regular Fit Black”

daniel hechter regular fit blue
With the Daniel Hechter Mix and Match Regular Fit in classic black, the French label has succeeded in returning the elegance of fashion. Charmant returns cool black to the fashion image: so you are directly to the gentleman. Of course, this also has consequences for your stylistic appearance. The precise silhouettes of this model show clear contours and give a hold. The regular fit of Daniel Hechter definitely promises Toughness. A well-groomed material of Tollegno in the finest Italian choir is, of course, part of it. A stylish appearance and the applause are sure to you.

Daniel Hechter Business Suit Modern fit Pinpoint Design

Pin point structures at Daniel Hechter suits are the first alternative to Uni suits. They are more than a highlight, because they are pushing the entire wardrobe. Combined with extravagant accessories such as a tie or belt, Daniel Hechter’s light weight suit – in Finest Italian Wool quality – is an ideal choice Companion on business trips. Catchy is pretty sure: “If it was a Daniel Hechter, it will most likely be one again.”
daniel hechter pin point suit

Frequently used materials and colors of Daniel Hechter suits

Daniel Hechter stands for high-quality workmanship and noble materials. The Daniel Hechter suits are mostly made of a fine Italian Schurwoll mix, Tollegno 1900 with elastane. Why the suits are suitable for all living situations or events – the elastic performance stretch material is wrinkle-resistant and low-ironing. Which also makes a business trip of several hours not a problem. The high wearing comfort due to the stretch content prevents kneeling and elbows. The temperature-balancing fabric warms in winter and cools in the summer – Daniel Hechter suits are so popular and comfortable companions that can be worn all year round. All suits are made by a modern fit fit which appeals to the younger fashion generation in particular. That is, the suit combinations of Daniel Hechter often include a slightly waisted jacket and pants without pleats. The classic Daniel Hechter suit in a modern fit fit is available in four colors (blue, gray, black, brown) and is absolutely suitable for workdays as well as for frequent business trips. Of course, there are colorfully also more fancy models. How about a bright red, or a subtle dark green? Definitely no everyday colors in men’s suits. Also the relatively favorable price can be for many a purchasing argument.

Popular styles with Daniel Hechter suits

A men’s suit does not have to be boring, even if it is from Daniel Hechter. Rule number 1: It is only the right combination. We at Catchys show you casual and stylish combinations with your Daniel Hechter suit. With a classic Daniel Hechter suit in blue (with or without stripes) you are fashionable “up to date” in the coming seasons. It is therefore worth investing in a more expensive model. In the warmer season, a single-breasted breed with one or two buttons of Merinowolle is recommended. The absence of socks gives the style a nice casualness. But be careful: in conservative professions this is often not goutiert. In this case, thin socks made of mercerised cotton are the best choice. You are a guy who likes fashionable chic, but also casual and casual? Then you could like this street look with a Daniel Hechter from France. Hat and braces give you a wonderful nonchalance and coolness. And the light-weight suit pants, which will keep you loyal to several fashion seasons, will keep you cool even at 30 degrees.

Find the perfect suit

A businessman carries a Daniel Hechter suit every day, others only on special occasions. But one thing is common to all: they all want to look good in it. This can only be done if the Daniel Pants suit fits perfectly. What does it matter?

The color

The allrounder among the Daniel Hechter suits is the anthracite color, such a model should have every man in the closet, because it can be sporty, but also serve as evening wear. The classic and the number two is a model of Daniel Hechter in dark blue. This is good for the office, but is a sport more sporty than the anthracite color. All other colors and patterns – whether brown or with pinstripe need all men want to have variation.

The fabric”

A Daniel Hechter suit is usually from Schurwolle. In principle, the choice of material is “the finer, the more formal”. Thicker fabrics at Daniel Hechter such as Flanell or Tweed look rustic. These materials are more fibrous. They have more grip and are rural by their tradition as a fabric of British hunting suits – for the office it is nothing.

The jacket

Whether a Daniel Hechter jacket really fits or not, experts recognize at several points. For example on arms, neck or size. In classic terms, a tailor measures the length from the highest point on the neck to the floor, divides the value by two, and pulls two centimeters to find out the optimal length of the jacket. One basic rule is that the Daniel Hechter jacket has to cover the buttocks.

The pants

With classic Daniel Hechter cuts, the rule was loud: the pants should fall backwards as far as the upper edge of the shoe heel. When walking, the pants should never release the shoe completely – so that the socks can not be seen.