H & M Skirts

Thanks to H & M, every true fashionista can live and love their individual dream of personal style, as the H & M skirts make it possible. In the summer, we love the H & M Pieces in a romantic version, in the winter we prefer it rather mystically. While between spring and autumn we focus on the uncomplicated and casual H & M Rock. As we always decide, the H & M Rock makes us look instantly good on every occasion. They are absolutely reliable in terms of style and combined with our favorite tops, handbags and shoes always create an exciting chic. So that you are perfectly equipped for any occasion, you only need some of the H & M skirts in your wardrobe. If you have it, nothing can happen to you in fashion circles. Celebrities such as Olivia Palermo, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Beyonce, and Adriana Lima will also know this. Yes, absolutely right, because these Beautys actually carry H & M. Sometimes, it is the discreet H & M skirt and then it is the statement piece from an extravagant fabric with an unusual pattern, which can also look at you. For the legendary collaborations with world-famous writers, such as Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Jimmy Choo, Alexander Wang, Balmain and Versace, H & M has become a living legend. We love the Swedish minimalism of the label and can not imagine a life without a H & M Rock meanwhile! We do not want to, either ?!

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Combinations with the H & M skirts

The H & M Rock for the Rock’n’Roll Attitude

The H & M Lederrock is an absolute all-rounder and even in the cooler seasons a faithful companion. In the fall he looks too flat overknees simply top. For a casual style, just grab a warm sweater and a leather jacket. This is your fashion perfection. For the final touch, of course, cap and a shoulder bag may not be missing. With such a rock’n’roll look, dark color codes look particularly great. In winter, however, you should grab a coarse-knit pantyhose with ankle boots. With a coat you choose in the color of your H & M leather rocker, and a hoodie, you create a sophisiticated style, which has a rock’n’roll touch but still very urban. In the summer, you can pimp the H & M leather skirt on ultrahot by combining a print t-shirt, a washed-out jeans jacket and white sneakers. The outfit has then a slight 90ties chic, but is nevertheless absolutely up to date. A black sunglasses and a cool handbag make the look perfect! Is cool for the first date or a shopping tour with girlfriends. But also for the university or for a cinema visit you are so always instantly styled well.

The H & M Rock for the retro style

Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Rihanna; They all wear the short, blue H & M jeans skirt in used-style in a trendy 00-chic. As an all-rounder, the jeans skirt can be integrated into every look. But we love the retro style of Gigi Hadid. The supermodel wears a casual white print T-shirt, which she puts into the skirtbund, and a brown velvet blazer. Especially cool are the white high-top sneakers. The coolness overload factor is provided by her Michael Kors shoulder bag and her Ray Ban sunglasses in black. The best thing about such a pair of jeans is that you can even break it with a few tricks, even an autumn and winter look: just a pantyhose and hard-boiled ankle boots and your Everyday Outfit. With a parker, a cloak or a fur coat, you’ll give the whole thing an elegant twist.

The H & M Rock for your Freedom Ethno Look

Who likes fashion, will love the H & M Maxirock. He is the favorite of many fashion girls and rightly so. Either in a clean design or with folkloric patterns in the form of prints and knitters, you can style your H & M Maxirock into a bohemian ethno look and thus create envious looks. As a top, you can simply choose a t-shirt or a blouse that is monochrome and clean. Say, the shell has no patterns or prints. Or choose a pattern as a cool style break that bites a little with the existing print on the H & M Maxirock. For that you have to hold the accessories such as shoulder bag, hat and the sunglasses a little more reserved. Natural sounds are best suited for this purpose. For an ethnostyle at its best, you go to a H & M Maxirock in a High Waist version. You should choose a t-shirt or a casual blouse, which you definitely plug in. Here it is particularly important that you choose a jacket that is cut short and ends at the waist. This gives the outfit a retro flair and completes the styling.

H & M Rock in Second Hand & Second Season

Do you remember the H & M skirts from the high-end collaborations? We are talking about the incredible designers like Isabel Marant, Versace, Balmain or Karl Lagerfeld! The skirts from these lines were sold out within hours and for good reason. A look at the creations and the fashion girls were shocked. With us you have the perfect chance to get the pieces as second hand or second season version. This is how you can prove your fashion flair and be a true fashion queen by placing second hand items that have an absolute rarity. H & M skirts from the numerous collaborations are no longer produced! Show the crowd what a fashion professional you are and do not miss the vintage treasures.

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Alternatives to the H & M skirts

If you are looking for alternatives for the H & M skirts, then it is primarily what you are looking for. Basically, you will find similar models at Mango, Pull & Bear and Zara, which are also superficial. If you are also on quality value, then you will also have to accept a slightly higher price. For all jeans-rock fans labels like 7 for all Mankind and Levi’s are the right address. But if you are looking for more pieces in the direction of Boehme style and ethno design, then you must definitely look at Isabel Marant and Ganni. Our favorite is the Isabel Marant Pleated skirt Yoni in a mini skirt version. The smocked stepped skirt is a Fil Coupe model an absolute fashion statement. The skirt is made of cotton and is the all-rounder the must have at all. In terms of mini skirt, leather skirt and Maxirock, you are right at the Parisian label. If you are more of a clever and minimalistic type, then your new address is Michael Kors. The hotpiece is the ribbed Michael Kors pencil skirt, which fits as a styling wonder for every occasion and can be worn all year round. The best thing: With this piece you can build up every look!

Popular models of H & M skirts

The H & M Jeans skirt

hm jeans skirt
Casual, yet ladylike – so the H & M jeans skirt is best described. This piece comes in a sexy high-waist style and sets new trends with floral appliqués. The jeans skirt is held in a 5-pocket-format and is made of washed strech denim with open edge at the hem. As an essential, this H & M skirt has to be in your wardrobe, because only with good basics can also create stylish looks. This H & M skirt is perfect for modem girls who love the easy-day look with basic top, t-shirt, Carmen blouse and a jeans jacket. As an all-rounder, you can style the item into a casual outfit with sneakers. The party styling works just as well with a noble top and high heels. Moreover, this iconic jeans skirt is suitable for all seasons and can be worn throughout the year.

The H & M Maxirock

Show your beautiful legs – screams the H & M Maxirock and indeed in its best form. Especially cool: The slit hikes here in the middle! The long H & M skirt is designed in a wrap skirt design and consists of crepe fabric. With the binding belt you can match the H & M skirt perfectly to you and you have an eyecatcher with it. As a must-have, this fashion statement definitely belongs in your wardrobe. In summer and spring it is the all-rounder, since you can integrate the Maxirock into every look. From casual to bohemian to ethno – everything goes here! You can not make a mistake here. Even in autumn and winter you can catapult the H & M skirt with a leggings or pantyhose to the next fashion level.
hm maxirock

The H & M folding skirt

hm folding skirt
Anyone who thinks of Plisseerock has long ago a rather conservative and boring look in mind. But the H & M pleated skirt made of pleated woven fabric teaches us a better way. The calf-length piece is an eyecatcher especially in combination with casual tops such as cropped tops, T-shirts and casual shirts. The best way to do this is to always make items that take the H & M Rock the rigor, so the whole thing does not look too much “grandma”. Jackets like jeans jackets and leather jackets are absolutely predestined for a sophisticated look. For a party outfit you should definitely wear the H & M skirt with high heels. Cool: Clutch or bag in silver metallic. As an all-rounder, you can wear this H & M folding skirt in any case super all day and adapt with a few styling tricks, such as the matching accessories, also quickly to the upcoming occasion. Whether it’s a meeting, a dinner, a shopping tour or a movie tour, the H & M Rock can do it all.

The H & M pencil skirt

Which skirt flatters every figure and really stands for every woman? Exactly, an H & M pencil skirt! The Knielange Piece from double jersey with elastic high-waist waistband puts the proportions of every woman in the perfect light. Of course, a black H & M pencil skirt is absolutely office-compatible. With a long-sleeved blouse plus pumps, ankle boots or sandals, your business look is perfect. With a black lace top and silver accessories the whole thing becomes party-ready. The H & M Rock has long since moved into everyday life. With superstars like Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid is already long in the closet. For example, you can combine an Everyday style with a H & M pencil skirt in summer to lace-up tops. This gives a casual style. White sneakers are here but then the must have. But regardless of the season you can wear this H & M skirt really well over the whole year. With a pantyhose you are armed for the cold temperatures. With a coat or parker even the winter can come.
hm pencil skirt

The material of the H & M skirts

A clean finish is essential for the H & M skirts. The material is therefore also the best starting point for you to mock or fake a fake. Although H & M can not provide high-quality quality, it must be a minimum. Therefore, you must pay attention to the following points: – For an original H & M skirt, all seams must be uniform and at the same intervals. – The material must feel luxurious and supple. It must not smell chemically. – If patterns are on the second hand H & M skirt, then that must also be clean and symmetrical.

Popular styles with the H & M skirts

We love good styling and therefore we are also crazy about the H & M skirts because we guarantee a special look. Not only do we see this, but also the superstars. Hard to believe, but true. H & M skirts are so popular with the Beautys that the VIPs wear even on the Red Carpet. Victoria Secrets Angel Jourdan Dunn is showing off in a Balmain x H & M mini skirt in red for an absolute eye-catcher. While actress Olivia Wilde poses in a H & M Maxirock at the Elle Style Awards in front of the photographer. Topmodel Miranda Kerr is still full on the H & M Jeansrock and It-Girl Olivia Palermo oozes to her black H & M leather skirt before running camera. With so much styling and possibilities, a bit of fashion orientation can not hurt. Because we all want to look good and master the styling ABC. To ensure that you are at least as good as the Hollywood stars, we have compiled the Dos & Don’ts for successful H & M rock styling at Pinterest in a fashion Guideline. To give you more inspiration for your new second hand H & M skirts, as well as other second hand must-haves, we have summarized the most beautiful looks in a Pinterest board.

Exciting facts about H & M skirts

The design of H & M skirts

In terms of design, H & M offers an absolutely comprehensive range. Depending on what you live for a style and what H & M skirts you are looking for, you will find your H & M category and will surely find it there. At H & M you can find both bright prints for teenagers, as well as the “Conscious Collection” for environmentally conscious fashionistas, as well as the “premium quality” line for more demanding fashion women. If you are looking for casual H & M skirts from sustainable materials, then you should look at H & M LOGG. At H & M Divided there are more extravagant and eye-catching H & M Rock Designs. H & M Trend always offers models that correspond to the current zeitgeist. For the denim line, you can find your Must Have H & M jeans skirts, which make every heart beat higher.

The collaborations of H & M

H & M is a pioneer in collaborative work. However, nobody starts out as a fashion pope, Karl Lagerfeld, as the first H & M collaboration is launched. His typical style also characterizes his H & M rock line: lots of black, classic cuts and a touch of Chanel! Within an hour the collection is sold out. Other team-ups like with Victor & Rolf, Stella McCartney, Versace, Roberto Cavalli and Isabel Maran. The current aesthetic of the respective label is also transferred to the H & M Rock designs. At Isabel Marant, H & M skirts are influenced, influenced by the Boheme and the ethno flair. While with Versace much gold and black dominate. At Stella McCartney, on the other hand, H & M skirts are released with a sporty and casual chic.