Esprit Skirts

On the skirts, ready, go! Fashion-conscious leg showing can be so smart. Beautiful skirts are always fashionable, as the classic embodies no femininity as a second piece of clothing. But of course, we do not want any rock, but a part that combines design and quality. Which label could be better than Esprit? Esprit is one of the world's most famous fashion brands and has been enthusiastic about fashion clothing, shoes and accessories since 1968. Typical of the fashion house is its versatility. Fashion by Esprit accompanies ladies through the day and evening: whether skirts for office and leisure or for special occasions, Esprit keeps elegant as well as sporty for customers of all age classes ready. Catchys has created a modern and varied selection of beautiful skirts from Esprit, which you can use for various occasions.

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Combinations with Esprit skirts

Skirts from Esprit – the most feminine of all times!

Although the skirt was originally worn by both sexes in earlier times and belongs to traditional clothing in male bulkheads, the skirt is considered the epitome of femininity and should be available in the wardrobe of fashion-conscious ladies in various designs. Esprit skirts are the best choice. Whether during the day at the office, in the evening while going out or other activities: Skirts from Esprit are worn on all occasions. From the classic business look with blazer , blouse and pumps to the autumnal outfit with boots and cardigan: the feminine clothing piece of the label Esprit is a true combination miracle and accordingly popular with women who are looking for a combination!

Leg show is the motto – women ‘s skirts from Esprit

Catchys offers fashion-conscious ladies Esprit skirts in a wide variety of cuts, designs, lengths and materials. You are looking for modern skirts and you need a little inspiration? Bingo! The current Esprit collection is perfect to add a fashionable highlight to your wardrobe. Esprit offers a wide range of different shapes and materials. No matter what you choose, you should show leg! Enjoy a comfortable wearing comfort, which can be increased even with models with Stretch portion. Whether you like it simple or rather sporty or extravagant: Catchys has put together beautiful skirts from Esprit that flatter the female figure in many ways.

Esprit skirts – models for every taste

Skirts from Esprit are the must-haves for your wardrobe. Depending on your mood, we slip into a mini or maxi skirt, but we also like to wear the midi length to the calf because it flatters every figure. High-quality materials and great cuts characterize the label’s skirt range. With striped, seductive leather look, then again playful in the flower pattern – with the Esprit models you can joyfully mix and match. Cleverly combined, you can go straight to the restaurant and club without problems from the office. Simply change the blouse by a glitter top and the simple Pencil skirt shines in a new light.

Esprit skirts in second-hand and sale

Skirts from Esprit are the favorites of many women because they not only convince with high quality, but also with great designs. Timeless classics from Esprit will never go out of style and represent a good investment. Catchys offers you a special variety of Esprit skirts in second hand and sale, convince yourself and find your new favorite skirt for your wardrobe.

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Alternatives to Esprit skirts

You’re convinced of esprit skirts, but would you like to keep some alternatives? Maybe we can supply you with some labels with similar characteristics and good quality. S.Oliver is a label that makes the most impact on the streets of our cities. With a sense of style, quality and consistency, the successful brand has developed into a popular fashion and lifestyle label. With each model, the S.Oliver world once again reflects the feeling of a young, urban and energetic generation. A generation that knows what it wants. And what does she want? In any case, look super chic in a skirt! All-American, what does that mean? In the case of Tommy Hilfiger a lot! The brand gets its inspiration from the urban style of American metropolises: from the college style of the East Coast privateunis as well as from the casual relaxation of the west coast. Just as extensive, just as modern, just as durable as the skirts of Esprit, the label Tommy Hilfiger inspires us. Convince yourself!

Popular skirts of the brand Esprit

The Esprit Jeans skirt

esprit jeans
A casual, sporty and at the same time timeless version of a skirt by Esprit is the jeans skirt. Probably no other It-Piece has so often reinvented itself in Esprit’s history as the jeans skirt. In the summer, it is combined with a leisure look with a T-shirt and strappy sandals. He gets a more chic note with a shirt blouse and peeptoes or pumps. For the holidays, a maritime t-shirt and cloth shoes are a good choice. In winter, you can wear the jeans skirt of the label with woolen tights, boots and sweaters or XXL cardigan without any problems. A little tip: If you combine his Esprit jeans skirt with different belts and wear the top over, sometimes in the skirt, has just put together a basic outfit in the wardrobe a lot of outfit variants. Mini, midi, maxi: There are hardly any style tabs thanks to the diverse Jeansrock landscape at Esprit. This year, however, you are absolutely trendy with skirts in A-line, which have a button front at the front or with skirts in the Distressed Look.vorderen buttons or the Edgy-Look including material mix and Destroyed-Style.

The Esprit Mini skirt

No question, barely a piece of clothing puts long, brown-burnt legs in a better position than a mini skirt. It is therefore no wonder that men and women alike enjoy the miniskirt, the one to look at, the others to wear. Well-groomed legs are however the a and o for this garment. The cut of the skirt should also be carefully chosen. A-line Skirts from Esprit are suitable for women with slightly wider hips or stronger thighs. Small, tightly sewn-together pockets on the Esprit Miniröcken can make a pimp. The Miniröcke of the label are available in many different colors, shapes and cuts. The main thing though is that you feel comfortable in your esprit skirt.
esprit mini

Skirts by EDC by Esprit

esprit edc
Always be fashionable at the height and attract all eyes, who does not want that? With the edc by Esprit women’s clothing this wish could come true. Because the casual parts of the edc collection convince with youthful, fresh looks from cutting-edge designs and passports. The style is of course also applied to the skirts, they are a successful mixture of urban fashion, elegant elements and timeless aspects, so that you are not only absolutely trendy-dressed with edc by Esprit skirts but you also decide for imperishable pieces you always can be combined again. These skirts accompany you in your everyday life, during your leisure time and in your professional life, and always make you look good! The good thing about edc skirts: Different styles can be realized. The colorful patterned maxi-coats are ideal for the modern hippie chic. With circular sunglasses, casual braid belt and batiktop, the look is perfect.

esprit Skirts with stretch part

Esprit offers a wide selection of skirts for ladies who like to have it comfortable: skirts with stretch section. A stretch skirt by Esprit is comfortable and makes every movement with. Under a short coat, a varnish coat or a parka, the stretch skirt is a good figure, because it adapts to the feminine shape excellently and underlines the feminine charisma. Whether long-sleeved, polo shirt or long sleeve, to a stretch skirt fits everything. Depending on how the stretch skirt is cut by Esprit, you can wear it also ideally in the office. Especially in pencil form the skirt conjures a good figure and you look stylish and fashion-conscious at the same time.
esprit stretch

Which Esprit Rock suits me?

Comfortable skirts for everyday life

Esprit skirts with stretching part provide extra comfort. These are comfortable to the skin and provide an excellent wearing feeling. In addition, they conjure a dreamlike silhouette and flatter the curves of every woman. These stretch skirts of the label are also available with a fantastic belly-way effect. They hide problem zones and make you look slimmer.

Skirts for casual street styles

Short jersey skirts by Esprit are the perfect piece of clothing for fashion conscious girls who love it uncomplicated and comfortable. A jersey skirt of the label fits almost all outfits and with its short form the legs in the foreground. He is a great figure. In combination with long-sleeves and tops, the jersey skirt becomes an eyecatcher. Whether it’s a plain or a pattern: a jersey skirt from Esprit is indispensable for fashionistas.

Skirts for the summer feeling

Sometimes it has to be something more! Maxi skirts from Esprit are a hit – and not just on the catwalks of big fashion events. They fall loosely, play around the figure and take care. The long skirts of the label flatter especially women who combine skirts with simple shirts and tops. In no time these skirts ensure a good mood and bring back the summer holiday with its extensive beach walks within reach.

They were rock stars in the closet: Esprit skirts – so you rock your look!

A skirt of esprit – so many possibilities. It does not matter if it is hot or cold, skirts of Esprit always have a season. A leather mini of the label looks great in summer with sandals and an airy blouse, while in the winter it makes a great figure to pantyhose, knit sweater and leather boots with heel. The tight-fitting Pencil-Skirt by Esprit is not only suitable for the office look, but can also be polish with pumps and top to the outfit. A-line skirts from Esprit make your waist look particularly slender and conceal any pelvis on the thighs. In the spring, colorful models are really fond of sun and sea. And when the summer starts, we prefer to wrap ourselves in a ultra-thin maxi skirt, which comes into its own with sunglasses and Crop-Top.

Esprit – the brand

Esprit is an international, young lifestyle brand that makes fashion and luxury affordable and enriches life with fresh, stylish ideas. The history of the international model set Esprit is a typical American success story, as it is in the book: The American Qay of Life. In 1968, Susie and Douglas Tompkins, the “fathers” of the fashion chain, set out to sell their self-made clothing in a van by California. Already in the 1970s it became a well-known company, which also expanded to Europe. The combination of freedom, joy and inspiration with the latest fashion trends and high quality standards make Esprit one of the most popular and best-selling brands in the world. Esprit offers a wide selection of rock designs for all ages and tastes. The models are characterized by the Californian “Way of Life” and reflect naturalness and authenticity. Esprit customers are self-confident, open-minded and passionate and want to emphasize their own style with the choice of their skirts. Quality and comfort are very important to them.