Desigual skirts

Who does not know the eye-catching colorful patterns of the Spanish brand Desigual. A piece of clothing from Desigual can usually be identified at first glance, because the design and the colorful prints are so characteristic. The label wants to radiate joie de vivre and that succeeds with the clothes in any case very well. Even with the women's skirts Desigual everyone can feel this light hippie feeling. Whether in a light balloon skirt, a tight mini, knee-length or floor-length, Desigual offers the right model for everyone. Get convinced with our guide around skirts by Desigual.

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Combinations with Desigual skirts

To the office in a skirt of Desigual

At first glance, Desigual may not seem like the classic business wear, but with the right styling, a desigual skirt can be just right for the office. In a figure-hugging pencil skirt with colorful embroidery you are ready for the meeting with the boss. Add an airy chiffon blouse and elegant pumps , then nothing can go wrong. In the lunch break with colleagues in a colorful bell skirt, plus a simple T-shirt with blazer and your business look is ready.

Through the summer in skirts of Desigual

Women’s skirts by Desigual are simply in a good mood and where does that fit better than in summer? That’s why the skirts of the Spanish brand are also great for the warm season. In a colorful balloon skirt with an extravagant print, we go to the ice cream parlor in the city. In combination with airy top and sandals, it does not make you sweat so easily. For the summer party in the garden, there is a straight-cut skirt in knee length with a large floral print. With white sneakers and a T-shirt and you’re ready for the barbecue with friends.

Desigual skirts second-hand and on sale

If you’re looking for a definite desigual skirt, but it’s not available in any of the stores or online stores, then second hand is your last chance. Because there you can find real bargains. Even at Catchy’s you have a large selection of second-hand desigual skirts, there is something for every taste. And that too at great prices and only from selected partner shops. With a little luck, you’ll find exactly the part you’ve been looking for for so long. Good luck with searching!

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Alternatives to Desigual skirts

If you have not yet found the right model for you in the large selection of Desigual skirts, then here are some alternatives for you. A wide range of colorful bell skirts are also available at Dolce & Gabbana. Extravagant midi skirts can be found at Gucci and also Massimo Dutti offers many skirts in different styles. For the smaller purse, there are of course some alternatives. For more eye-catching models, check out Zara’s selection. More casual models are also available at H & M or Mango. No matter in which skirt you fall in love, have fun shopping, styling and wearing!

Popular skirts by Desigual

Desigual mini skirt

At least since the 60s, the mini skirt is no longer indispensable to fashion. At that time, cult model Twiggy had worn and popularized him. Over the decades, the Mini has been interpreted differently by many designers. Like the Spanish fashion label Desigual. In Desigual, all characters are hippie and you can see that on the mini skirts as well. Colorful flower patterns, colorful embroidery and detailed embellishments, mini skirts by Desigual are real eye-catchers. The models are perfect for the summer and show sunburnt legs. New mini skirts by Desigual cost between 69,95 € and 109,95 €. Simple tops and playful sandals are the perfect companions for the miniskirts from Desigual.
desigual miniskirt
desigual midi skirt

Desigual midi skirt

Midi Skirts have had a tough time in fashion for a long time. They were considered old-fashioned and stuffy and were certainly not on any stylish lady on the must-have list. However, Midirock’s image has changed fundamentally in recent years. Today you can see midi skirts on the poles in almost every shop and they are also very much liked by the trendy blogger. Desigual also offers a large selection of midi skirts. For those who do not want to show too much skin and who the mini is too short, a midi skirt is just the thing. With many playful and above all colorful details the Desigual midi skirts become the center of every outfit. Price you get the skirts new from 69.95 €. Whether in summer with sandals or in autumn with ankle boots, midi skirts by Desigual are all-rounders and can shine all year round.

Desigual maxi skirt

At Maxiröcken you always get the picture of a warm summer wind, floral wreaths and relaxed music, all around the topic of hippie. In a maxi skirt on a market in Ibiza stroll, that’s easy to imagine, right? This attitude of life is also brought by Maxi skirts by Desigual. Whether it’s a crocheted lace, a wrap skirt or just soft flowing, you can only feel good in a Desigual Maxi skirt. Again, you have the choice between colored prints, flowers and boho patterns, but also plain models in white with simple embroidery are there. Since the decision can be difficult. Priced, the Desigual maxi skirts can cost up to € 120 new. Second-hand at Catchys, there are some models starting from just affordable € 25. With a lightweight top, flip flops and straw hat, the maxi skirts become the absolute summer favorite.
desigual maxi skirt
desigual balloon skirt

Desigual balloon skirt

Balloon skirts are a particularly playful rock style and certainly will not be liked or worn by everyone. At Desigual balloon skirts belong to the fixed repertoire in the collections. They also fit perfectly with the Spanish brand, coupled with extravagant patterns and bright colors, the balloon skirts are an eye-catcher and show the iconic Desigual Style. Whether in mini, midi or maxi, skirts in balloon form are definitely noticeable. But again, the hippie inspiration plays a big role. New there are balloon skirts Desigual from 35 € and up. But good used models are also available here at Catchys and that from just 20 €. All brave people combine a flashy blouse and playful sandals to create a balloon skirt, so the colorful hippie look is perfect!

Desigual bell skirt

Skirts in Glockenfrom are always feminine, girlish and also a bit romantic. With their loose, playful case they are practically inviting to dance. Also at Desigual there is a very diverse and extensive selection of bell skirts. Of course, color, color and even more color will be used here as well. Whether in black with a bright floral print or blue with detailed embroidery, the creativity knows no bounds. With airy bell skirts by Desigual you can easily stroll through the summer and let the warm wind blow around your legs. And in the selection, everyone will surely find the right model for themselves. Priced, the bell skirts are new from 69.95 €. You can also choose between many different models here at Catchys. Starting at 29.95 € there are second-hand bell skirts by Desigual.
desigual bell skirt
desigual denim skirt

Desigual jeans skirt

Although the label Desigual is not known for its denim skirts, the fashion classics also find their place here, and of course in the usual colorful manner. A denim skirt is not the same as denim skirt, but rather a small work of art. Whether in patchwork design, with ruffled inserts or intricate embroidery in ethnic look, Desigual denim skirts show what denim can do. Especially in the summer, the Desigual models are the perfect companions due to the colored details. Since you also like changing jersey dress against denim skirt. Between 79.95 € and 99.95 € cost the jeans skirts new at Desigual. There are also some models here at Catchy’s second-hand bargain prices. Whether with a t-shirt for the university or just with a bikini top for the beach, in a denim skirt by Desigual you always make a good figure.

Materials at Desigual skirts

Skirts by Desigual are usually made of cotton or polyester or even a mixture of the two materials. Sometimes even spandex is added, so for example, the combination of 95% cotton and 5% spandex makes the clothes extra stretchy and comfortable to wear. All materials used are always high quality and also very easy to care for. So you can actually just about all models easily wash in the washing machine. Nevertheless, in order to avoid an accident, always pay attention to the Care Label!

Popular styles with Desigual skirts

Due to the often very colorful and extravagant designs of the Desigual skirts, it can be difficult to find the right suit, which does not appear disguised or overcast. But there are still many ways to create a good look around a skirt by Desigual. Maybe a Desigual denim skirt with colorful ethnic embroidery, a white T-shirt and espadrilles? Or a mini skirt with a colorful floral pattern in combination with a light off-shoulder blouse and romantic sandals? A feminine blue flared skirt with eye-catching print looks great in combination with a plain ruffled blouse and sunglasses. More inspiration for styling Desigual skirts on our Pinterest board. Have fun styling!

Typically desigual skirts

The designers at Desigual are committed to absolute joie de vivre in their fashion, and that’s what the label wants to stand for. Here, the focus is not on commerce and money, but on the customer and the personal bond between the buyer and the brand. The designs of Desigual skirts show this feeling of closeness and joie de vivre very well. If you see somebody in a skirt of Desigual on the street, you associate this person immediately with a certain creativity and perhaps stubbornness. And that is also the great thing about clothes, with it you can express yourself and show who you want to be. Desigual understood this principle very well and uses it for himself.