Vans shoes

Sneakers and sneakers are more fashionable than ever and the trend does not seem to fade. On the contrary, there are always new models that are in the focus of model lovers. So also old school and retro sneakers such as the iconic models of Vans. Whether the classic in black and white, high-top or slip-on, the shoes from Vans are not only popular in the skater scene. Also it girls and bloggers have the casual sneakers apart. If you are also interested in Vans shoes, then you are in the right place at our Style Guide. Let us convince you!

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Combinations with Vans shoes

With shoes from Vans through everyday life

Of course, sneakers are best suited for everyday use. They are casual and comfortable, giving each style a sporty touch. Even with sneakers from Vans you can not go wrong. With the classic Sk8-Hi in black and white goes to university. Plus Skinny Jeans, Oversize Blouse and a trendy backpacks and your look is perfect. The guys use the model Vans Authentic in a bright color. For a pair of jeans and a T-shirt in black, the shoes look even better and the day in the park can come. With Vans shoes you can easily and stylishly through the everyday life.

With Vans shoes on the festival

Summer time also means festival time. Indulge in good music and go out with friends, festivals give a very special feeling of life. But next to the favorite music, the matching outfit is also essential and of course the right footwear can not be missing. Shoes from Vans combine optics and functionality and are therefore the right choice for a festival. The Vans Slip-Ons fit best to the light summer dress. Then there is straw hat and sunglasses< and the favorite band can come. The model Vans Old Skool with comic print fits great to jeans shorts and band-shirt – also for the men the perfect festival outfit.

Vans shoes second-hand and on sale

Vintage sneakers from Vans are particularly popular and are seen by many sneaker fans as true collectors. After all, Vans developed the first shoe specifically for skating in the 60s with the Sk8-Hi. Second-hand is the best way to search for and find such treasures. Here at Catchys you will find a wide selection of shoes from Vans. Also find your trampaar!

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Alternatives to Vans shoes

You like the sporty shoes, but you can not yet completely for the models of Vans inspire? Then of course we also have some alternatives for every purse. For all who prefer the design variant, there are stylish and extravagant sneakers at Gucci. Further classics and trend models are self-evident at Nike, Adidas or Puma – from the high-top sneaker to the slip-on, everything is here. Cool retro shoes can be found at Converse . For the smaller purse there are, of course, alternatives in the style of Vans. Whether as simple or striking and colorful, at ASOS, there is a wide selection of different sneakers. Have fun shopping and combining!

Popular shoes from Vans

Vans Sk8-Hi Shoes

Since retro sneakers are currently experiencing a regular hype, of course, the high-top skating shoes from Vans, namely the model Sk8-Hi, can not be missing in any case. The classic also finds its place in celebrities and style icons such as Alexa Chung, Gigi Hadid or Kanye West. Whether classic in black with white stripes or vice versa, but also in blue, pink or with the most diverse prints, the cool Vans sneakers are available. In addition, you can choose between models of canvas or leather. New to the Vans Sk8-Hi for women and men between 85 € and 110 €. Here at Catchys you will find some models second hand also at lower prices. The skater’s shoes can be combined to the cool casual look, but they also fit super to dress or suit, so a stylish contrast is created.

Vans Slip-On Shoes

Another real classic is the Slip-On by Vans. For a time very trendy, then the shoe was times away from the window, but meanwhile the model is again absolutely road-capable and aushfähig. The comfortable sports shoes come without any laces and can be easily worn and worn all day long. Whether with an iconic black and white tile pattern, monochrome, colorful or with imprint, no wishes remain open. Of course, this model also belongs to the collection of every sneaker lover. The new price of the Slip-Ons from Vans for her and him is between 60 € and 80 €. For even more selection is also worth a look in the second-hand assortment of Catchys. The sneakers fit perfectly into the cool and casual everyday look, with the Slip Ons from Vans make a strenuous day easier to master.

Vans Authentic Shoes

The Vans Authentic Sneakers are just the thing for those who like it quite simply and simply, without much frills. A classic canvas shoe with shoelaces, refined with the cool, distinctive skater look from Vans. Of course there are also colorful and eye-catching shoes, which are convincing with funny comic prints – from pastel colors to bright. In addition, the Authentic shoes are also available with an espadrille sole, a very special eye-catcher. The different models are available for both men and women. The Vans shoes are priced between 65 € and 85 €. Also here at Catchys, there is a wide selection of second hand Vans Authentic Sneakers at reasonable prices. Whether to jeans and t-shirt or shorts and summer dresses, the Vans shoes give each look a sporty touch.

Vans Old Skool Shoes

For those who have fallen in love with the Vans Sk8-Hi shoes, but do not prefer high-top sneakers want, there is the perfect alternative. Namely the Old Skool from Vans. The design differs only in the shaft height of the Sk8-Hi model. The iconic strip on the sides remains the same, and the cut is basically the same. The Vans Old Skool sneakers fit like the fist on the eye in the prevailing retro mania. Also, you can choose between classic black and white and bright, colorful colors, some models are even available with velcro. Whether leather, suede or canvas – the sports shoes are extraordinarily versatile. The Vans sneakers for women and men cost between € 75 and € 100. Here at Catchys you will also find some second hand models at bargain prices. The Vans Old Skool shoes make you a Streetstyle star and give your outfit an extra-portion of casualness.

Vans Atwood Shoes

The brand Vans was originally known as the Skater Brand at all. This great influence from the scene can be seen even today in clothing and of course also in the shoes. The best example here is the model Atwood, a classic skat shoe. There are no crazy colors or patterns, the focus is on comfort, sport and casualness. The model is available mainly in muted tones. So when skating, the view is not directed to the outside, but to the exciting tricks – just right so! The Vans sneakers cost € 65. Look also at Catchys, Vans Atwood shoes are also available here at second-hand prices and at low prices. The sneakers do not only make every skater look perfect, but also any other outfit.

Vans children’s shoes

Vans also offers a wide selection of sweet children’s shoes for the youngest. Whether cool Sk8-His, casual Atwoods or trendy Old Skools, which the adults wear, fits the children always. There is a large selection of models in different colors and patterns and a difference to the sneakers for men and women is actually not recognizable. The shoes are available either with laces, hook-and-loop fasteners or simply for hatching. Vans children’s shoes are available between 35 € and 70 €. Also here at Catchys are the cute shoes second hand to have. In Kinderschuhen of Vans kindergarten, playground and Pausenhof can easily be unsafe and the discovery tour can go.

Facts about Vans shoes

Sizes of Vans shoes

The shoes of Vans are basically available in the shoe sizes 35 to 47, but with some models it can vary. The sizes are given in EU sizes. Since most models are available unisex, that is, for women and men, the sizes can be somewhat larger for women and slightly smaller for men, so try to try them here anyway. In addition, the Vans shoes will be even more comfortable with each carrying and fit perfectly to the foot.

Cooperations of Vans

In addition to the classic shoemaking shoes from Vans in black and white, there are always sneakers with eye-catching prints and patterns. These often come about through cooperations. For example, Disney figures or Snoopy and the Peanuts adorn the sporty shoes of Vans. This makes even the most casual sneaker a funny but cool trendy shoe.

Vans Unisex Shoes

Just about all of Vans shoes are unisex. This means as well as women as well as men can wear the same models. There are hardly any models designed exclusively for one gender. The cool sneakers in retro style are just perfect for everyone. Shoes from Vans can be worn by everyone, so there are even more possibilities to style the new favorite sneakers.

Popular styles with Vans shoes

There are infinitely many ways to integrate Vans shoes into the outfit. Whether casual or even chic, the stylish sneakers loosen every look and become a real street style classic. In the case of diversity, the choice can also be a little harder. Maybe the slip-ons with iconic tile pattern, plus boyfriend jeans and white T-shirt? The Sk8-Hi shoes in white, plus a light summer dress with flower pattern and a straw bag? Or also the skating shoes Atwood in combination with high-cut trousers and sweaters? For more inspiration look at the Pinterest board and find your favorite look!

Typical Vans shoes

What began with a shoe for skaters in Anaheim, California in 1966 has now become a true sneaker empire. Not only skaters still wear the casual shoes, but also fashion icons and street style stars all over the world. Whether classic in black and white or in bright and colorful with comic prints, Vans shoes captivate with their diverse design. A retro shoe paired with modern elements that are always trendy, but still never lose the charm of Vans, that makes the great popularity of Vans shoes. With shoes from Vans you can not go wrong. Whether you’re looking for a stylish everyday look or a chic dress or suit, with Vans sneakers, every outfit becomes an eye-catcher.