Tom Tailor Shoes

We can not get enough of shoes. As practical, the Tom Tailor brand offers everything from fashionistas to men, from trendy sneakers to classic pumps. In the summer, fashion-conscious women find here their trendy Espandrilles in bright colors and eye-catching designs. With plateau strap sandals you can prove greatness! Men also get their money's worth. First of all, you can find noble moccasins or sneakers in classic black and white for your office look. In our Tom Tailor Style Guide, we will tell you which shoe models are currently most popular and what else you should know about Tom Tailor shoes.

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Combination possibilities with Tom Tailor shoes

Plateau sandals by Tom Tailor for your next date

We have enough of uncomfortable pumps with penny heels with which we constantly hang in the asphalt. After all, there is nothing more embarrassing than elegant to go next to your DreamDate and then possibly also add. Therefore our tip: Platform sandals from Tom Tailor! What is important is that you feel comfortable with your outfit and then also radiate. This does not mean, of course, that your first dinner date is your old sneakers the best choice. On the other hand, plateau sandals can be combined with feminine dresses and maxi-coats and a sock-blouse. Decent jewelery and a color-coordinated bag round off your look. So your next date should be nothing more in the way.

Tom Tailor Mokassins for men – the perfect shoes for your office look

Even the masters of creation would like to be dressed in the office top. If you are also lucky that your outfit may be a bit more relaxed, we recommend the beautiful Tom Tailor moccasins. If you plan your outfit in the morning, these summery shoes will provide you with a good mood. No annoying sweating like in the hard, classic business shoes. Tom Tailor’s moccasins are made of soft leather and guarantee a comfortable fit even after several hours. In the office you wear them best for a casual polo shirt or a fine cashmere sweater and a chino trousers. We find them particularly beautiful in the colors brown, wine red and dark blue.

Tom Tailor Women’s Ankle Boots – The Perfect Casual Shoes

The boots of Tom Tailor definitely belong to the must-haves in your shoe cabinet! No shoe is more suitable for leisure than ankle boots. Especially during a city stroll with your best friend, your shoes must be comfortable and keep warm, if the shopping trip lasts until the evening hours. Tom Tailor’s boots create both with bravura. With small details such as rivets, eye-catching buckles or bright colors, you can take a look. The stylish ankle boots from Tom Tailor can be combined as a stylish break with romantic summer dresses and skirts or quite casual with jeans and T-shirt. If you want to win a bit in size, you can also go to ankle boots with heel. These are even perfect for your party look. Whether it’s a sexy pencil skirt with top or a cool jeans and a glittering T-shirt, Tom Tailor’s ankle boots complete your look.

Tom Tailor Shoes at Second Hand & Sale

True bargain hunters can find something in our second hand area. But also popular models, which were quickly sold out, can be found here within a few weeks. If you are not a fan of second-hand gloves, you can also make a few cheap bargains. The good quality of the Tom Tailor shoes makes them durable shoes, which you will have for a long time your pleasure.

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Alternatives to Tom Tailor shoes

No question, the shoes of Tom Tailor are among our absolute favorites. The models are beautiful and affordable. But we can not get enough of shoes, so we want to get a bit of change in our wardrobe every now and then. We are constantly searching the world wide web for nice alternatives, which we would no longer want to deprive you of. If you love the classic, simple style of Tom Tailor shoes, we recommend the brand Tommy Hilfiger. Here you can also find simple sneakers, wedge sandals and many other models at fair prices. Also with the Spanish fashion chains Zara and Mango you find similar beautiful models at reasonable prices. Have fun shopping!

Popular footwear from Tom Tailor

Tom Tailor sandals in metallic look for women

tom tailor sandals silver
Lace-up sandals in the metallic look are the must-have for your next summer. A special highlight is clearly the beautiful metallic finish of high-quality imitation leather. The lace sandals have a small heel with a height of 1.2 centimeters and a shaft height of 9.5 centimeters. The thermoplastic rubber sole ensures a particularly good wearing comfort. On the inner sole is the Tom Tailor logo attached. They can be closed by a practical zipper on the shaft and a drawstring to adjust the width of your sandals. The sandals fit nicely to your white cotton dresses, skirts and trousers, but also to black clothes to make them look very beautiful.

Tom Tailor platform sneakers with metallic details for women

If you’re looking for cool, comfortable shoes for your next party outfit, the platform sneakers from Tom Tailor with metallic details are just the thing for you. The material of the shoes consists of a high-quality polyester fabric in glitter optics. At the heel you’ll find trendy metallic details, as you may know from the sneakers by Isabel Marant. A small metal plate with the Tom Tailor logo is attached to the shoelace. You can seal the sneakers with a practical lacing. The flat, thermoplastic rubber sole ensures an optimal feel-good comfort in these shoes.
tom tailor sneakers silver

Tom Tailor ankle boots with lace details for ladies

tom tailor lace ankle boots
The Tom Tailor ankle boots with lace details are the perfect summer boots. The material of this model is made of high quality imitation leather with romantic lace details. The decorative chains and ribbons are particularly eye-catching. In addition, a metal plate with the Tom Tailor Denim logo is incorporated into the top details. The ankle boots are perfect for your leisure look but also for festivals. They have only a comfortable, very flat sole of 3 centimeters. This shoe model is also equipped with a thermoplastic rubber sole, which ensures a comfortable wearing feeling. The shaft has a width of 13.5 centimeters.

Tom Tailor leather laces for men

Men we recommend these beautiful lace-ups by Tom Tailor. They are simply true all-rounder talents and can be combined into a great number of outfits, no matter what you’re going to do. The material of the shoes consists of a high-quality, easy-care leather imitation with a light structure. You can easily wipe off small dirt with a damp cloth. On the tongue and side is a small logo badge attached. You can close them with a simple lacing. The heel height is 1.3 centimeters. These casual laces are perfect for your leisure looks, but can also be worn in a suit if you’re lucky enough to appear in the office with a casual look.
tom tailor shoes blue men

Tom Tailor fabric sneakers for men

tom tailor sneakers
Are you looking for comfortable sneakers for your leisure time? Then look at these beautiful fabric sneakers from Tom Tailor. The material consists of a solid, high-quality fabric. On the back cap and the sole is the Tom Tailor logo attached. A special highlight is the beautiful decorative seam on the side. They can be closed by a simple lacing. The heel height is 1.5 cm. With an attached front cap, they remind you of the look of classic boots, so you can also make a good figure on the holidays and on the beach with these chic sneakers.

Popular styles with Tom Tailor shoes

No matter what you plan to do, Tom Tailor will surely find the right shoes for your outfit. In the summer, you will definitely need a wide selection of trendy sneakers and sandals. For a casual denim look you wear your white sneakers from Tom Tailor to your blue jeans, a white basic T-shirt and a cool jeans jacket. If this is too much of a denim, you simply change the jeansjacket by a leatherjacket or a trenchcoat with changing weather. In summer, combine your sandals and sandals with your airy dresses and skirts. Put a little bit on color here and maybe take some playful models with flowerprints and applications. Men combine their moccasins and sneakers quite casually to chino pants or a suit for a casual business look. For the holidays, you should definitely get Roman sandals from Tom Tailor. They fit very well with men’s jeans and chinos. In our Pinterest board you will find even more inspiration for your outfit with Tom Tailor shoes!

The style of Tom Tailor shoes

Since 1962, Tom Tailor has been selling his collections from Hamburg to the whole world. The fashion of the collections is aimed primarily at women and men who value individuality and activity. With the shoes of Tom Tailor they should be able to express their self-esteem and authenticity. In the individual collections you will find sporty and casual shoes as well as sneakers and sandals for leisure and comfortable looks as well as classic, elegant models such as pumps or blouses. The label attaches great importance to high-quality fabrics and materials when processing its shoes. Also with the rubber ice the label respects to a high quality, as this is essential for a good wearing comfort.


Tom Tailor offers beautiful shoemaking models for women as well as men in their collections. In addition, you get all the usual sizes. Men can even find shoes up to the size 46. Ladies find models up to size 42. Beautiful side effect: you can find here beautiful shoes at absolutely fair, affordable prices. Modern designs, beautiful colors and great details make sure that you can not choose between the models for a single one, but actually want to have it all. For your relaxed looks, you’ll find lace-ups, boots and trendy sneakers at Tom Tailer. Strappy ballerinas or playful sandals are suitable for your romantic looks. For example, gentlemen can also find beautiful Espandrilles or Roman sandals for the next holiday. The Tom Tailor brand is another plus for its sustainability thinking. They pay attention to the low environmental impact and the use of high quality materials in the production of their shoes. They also place great emphasis on social and personnel policy. The target group of the brand ranges from young to old. For a better orientation we have found out for you the line of Tom Tailor you are looking for how old you are: TOM TAILOR offers casual wear for female and male fashionistas from 25 years. TOM TAILOR POLO TEAM offers you premium sportswear. TOM TAILOR POLO TEAM is the right line for the younger target group aged between 15 and 25. TOM TAILOR POLO TEAM offers you premium sportswear. Bonita is the line for female and male fashionistas from the age of 40. Do not wait any longer and find also your new favorite model of Tom Tailor for small money!