Timberland Shoes

From construction worker shoes to the must-have label? Hard to imagine, but that's exactly what the Timberland label has achieved with its shoe collections! The company Timberland has been in existence since 1978. It revolutionized the shoe industry and was the first manufacturer to introduce a new production technology that ensured a waterproof boot. Today the shoes are no longer limited to their original function. Regardless of whether the Kardashian clan, Rihanna or world-famous rappers like Drake, they all appreciate the timeless modern style of Timberland shoes, because they are stylish eye-catchers. From the breakfast in the café to the hiking trail, you can not choose a shoe more perfect. Are you still curious and want to know more about Timberland? We at Catchys give you an overview of the shoe collections of the American trend label.

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Combinations with Timberland shoes

Stylish eyecatchers in great shapes for him & her

For women, Timberland offers a good change in the shoe cabinet. In addition to the classic boots, you can also find sandals and plateau heels in the collections of the label, which can be combined very well to swinging summer dresses . Comfort is not saved in the airier looks, which makes long walks no problem. But the men’s collection is not limited to boat or sailing boots. Timberland delivers you a wide range of sneakers – from superlight to weatherproof you have the agony of choice. The sneakers from Timberland fit not only well to casual outfits from jeans and T-shirts, but also to quino pants and shirts. Especially the black and white shoes are among the most popular shoes of the success brand and can be optimally integrated in every wardrobe. With Timberland’s red shoes, a colorful accent can be put into the look.

Timberland shoes – hip & functional at the same time

With the yellow lace-up boots, 1973 was born a robust, practical and absolutely stylish shoe, which was particularly enthusiastic in the rapper scene. Later came the characteristic boat shoe to the collection, which was also quickly absorbed by the global streetstyle scene. This meant that the company had finally arrived at Fashion Olympus. Even today still Timberland accompanies you away from the pre-determined paths for fashionable fashion-goals!

Timberland: The charming shoe for any situation

The robust leather shoes meet the taste of every nature lover, big city man and hip fashion victim. Especially the brown shoes of the label radiate a modern casualness and can be combined in many ways. Sporty boots and sailing boots make an equally good figure on the deck of a sailing yacht as on the pavement of the hometown. A chino pants and a shirt , the sporty and elegant leisure look is finished. And the beautiful ladies’ sandals and ballerinas do not just look lady-like and elegant, they wear as well as they look.

Timberland Shoes Second-Hand & on sale

Timberland shoes stand for excellent materials, which are processed to products of particularly long-lasting quality. Unfortunately, they are at least as expensive as they are beautiful. That’s why it pays off when you buy them second-hand. Catchys offers you a huge selection of second-hand and second-season designer and branded products, and quickly and easily summarize the best offers from different stores, so you can easily browse through the selection. Have fun shopping!

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Fake Check the Timberland brand

Due to the high popularity and demand, Timberland is also one of the brands that is heavily falsified, because this involves a huge loss. In order to recognize a copy immediately, we give you some possibilities to examine the product. Counterfeit Timberlands have often printed the logo in the wrong place (eg on the shoe tongue). But even if the logo is in the right place, on the outer heel, you will notice discrepancies and slight differences in shape, distance and color. Genuine Timberlands show a faultless and high quality logo! The seams can also indicate a fake. Genuine Timberlands have high-quality seams that are evenly processed in four rows. The thread color used also corresponds to the color of the shoe to ensure a clean surface color. Often fake shoes are provided with uneven stitches and additionally with threads which are too light or too dark for the shoe. Another indication is the texture and weight of the shoes. All genuine Timberland shoes look not only good, they also feel good. If you have the opportunity to actually hold the shoes before buying and inspect them before purchase, then use this. The leather, suede and the high-quality rubber at real Timberlands have a little more weight. If the shoes are flyweights, this points to bad materials and they are thus a fake.

Alternatives to Timberland shoes

Timberland Boots are the most popular winter boots when it comes to fashionable ladies and gentlemen. But with just under 200 €, original Timberlands are not exactly affordable. Catchys has put together the most beautiful alternatives for about 100 €, if you do not want to do without the look. An equally fresh and urban style like Timberland Boots radiate Docker’s shoes. Dockers offers robust and sturdy shoes that exude a fashionable, adventurous flair. Dockers Boots are made of high-quality and hard-wearing smooth or suede leather as well as Timberland Boots. Due to the individual lacing they offer a particularly good fit and high wearing comfort. For a price of about 70 € Dockers are therefore a real alternative to Timberland shoes. If you are looking for an alternative to Timberland boots, Tommy Hilfiger is the right choice. Tommy Hilfiger shoes impress with their stylish casualness, the velor leather harmonizes excellently with the contrast seams and gives each model an unmistakable look. The sole is refined in stylish contrast optics. For about 100 € a wonderful alternative.

Popular shoemaking models of the brand Timberland

The original Timberland Yellow Boot

timberland yellow boot
The Timberland Yellow Boot – designed to keep for generations! The Timberland 6 inch Yellow Boot has never been designed to become a fashion icon or a lifestyle accessory, but the only thing it should do is to be a durable, durable boot that will keep your wearer secure and dry Feet. The Timberland Boots have been true to this heritage ever since. This is why the highest standards are set for processing. A lining of soft glove, four-fold seams and authentic honey-colored quality soles ensure outstanding comfort. Soon after, you found the Yellow Boot on the catwalk, but not only in the classic yellow, but also in great colors like gray, black, blue, beige, white or red. If you ask yourself which outfit you choose explicitly then we would have a few tips for you: A cropped jeans or a slim fit jogging pants and finished is the urban casual style. For the girls: The classic combination of boots and high-waist skinny jeans is already a heartbreaker. Fashionistas, however, place real statements by a courageous composition of hotpants and the yellow boat or loosen up with them the Nightclub outfit with the little black.

The original Timberland boot

Just as a good Timberland boat is a must in the winter, so should also be a beautiful Timberland boat shoe to every summer wardrobe, which provides for optimal support on slippery surfaces on the deck. Natural, tear-resistant premium leather, durable nylons and brass eyelets gave the boots from Timberland the reputation of being the most durable boots ever. And no, you do not need a sailing license! What began as a practical shoe has now become a modern classic. No matter whether you’re a lady or a girlie, you’re not limited in choosing the color of your new boot. From dark colors such as gray, black, blue to bright summer colors such as beige, white, red, the boat shoe is offered in a wide color palette. The absolute classic is, however, the brown model. Through its classic-modern look, this popular model survives every trend and remains year after year, no matter what color, modern. However, many of Timberland’s boots have not yet entered a boat, because the boat shoe is, in many cases, a pure fashion product and perfect for any outfit. With your new Timberland boot, which fits perfectly with denim, chinos or summer shorts, you carry American Seglerstil in the middle of the city.
timberland boots

The Timberland Earthkeepers

timberland earthkeepers
The Timberland Earthkeepers are very special shoes that make the company even more appealing, because Timberland is not only committed to its tradition and heritage but also to the environment and its protection. Starting at the Design through the deliberate selection and use of the raw materials right up to the production of the Earthkeepers accepts Timberland responsibility and tries to minimize its ecological footprint. The Timberland Earthkeepers collection is the most eco-friendly of the label. For the boats, renewable, organic and recycled materials are used. They are based on the highest standards and use the Green Index to minimize the ecological footprint. The Green Index is a rating system designed to ensure that Timberland contributes to the environment. The value is on the front of each Earthkeepers shoe box.

Timberland Footwear Collection

Of course, Timberland now offers a wide range of shoes. There would be, for example, sneakers, flip-flops, shoes, sandals with or without heels, hiking shoes or slip-ons. Whether for men, women or children, Timberland shoes take you everywhere. Whether it’s a stroll through the city or a metropolis, a walk through the park or hiking in the woods or meadows, the high-quality shoes in powerful forms accompany you on every journey. However, the main focus is on the target group, which maintains a modern, active and spontaneous lifestyle, but also those who simply love the classic, rustic charm of the Timberland shoes. Every shoe is inspired by the past and made for the future.
timberland sneakers

Timberland shoes – the technology behind it

Finest leather: High quality, robust, durable

Timberland is now known for the careful selection of the best leather for more than 40 years. The right choice of materials is extremely important to produce high quality shoes and the right leather is crucial when it comes to achieving the best possible result. Starting with the original “Wheat” nubuck leather up to special tweezers, Timberland always chooses only the finest leather, which is not only sturdy and durable but also supple. The leather is handcrafted at the highest level, giving it important attributes such as comfort, durability and water resistance.

Waterproof – A commitment to keep feet dry

Ever since the company was founded, Timberland has seen it as his commitment to produce shoes that keep the wearer’s feet dry at all times, so he can confidently resist any weather condition. Silicone-impregnated leather, sealed seams, water-resistant and breathable Gore-Tex ensure that the water stays outside and the feet can breathe at the same time. In order to ensure this, every Timberland shoe goes through a test procedure. However, one thing is common to all Timberland shoes, namely the high quality, because the company has been standing for years with its name. For all shoes you can buy at Catchys, you have the certainty that only original Timberlands are offered with the best quality.

Popular styles with Timberland shoes

The beauty of Timberland Boots is that they can easily represent the centerpiece of your outfit. Robust and fashionable, the Timberland boots are an ideal base for a down-to-earth style. Combine your new Timberland 6 Inch boot to light denim jeans with a soft wash and a dark bomber jacket. Both together form a wonderful contrast to the boat. Under the jacket you can wear a simple gray t-shirt. All the garments underline the casual look of the style. You prefer a sporty-slender sneaker from Timberland? Style this to a chino, which takes up the color of the shoe, plus a dark shirt, to contrast with the rest of the outfit. A casual jeans jacket and you’re perfectly equipped for colder days.