New Balance Shoes

New Balance shoes - with the obligatory "N" on the side - have for years no longer been thought out of the streets of the world. Especially the sneakers of the American cult brand are a Streetstyle Must-Have, which not only convinces with its design, but also with its high wearing comfort. In addition to sneakers for everyday life, New Balance also offers high-functional sports shoes that are ideal for outdoor or gym workouts. Let yourself be convinced by the New Balance shoes and find your new favorite pair!

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Everyday life in New Balance sneakers

Sneakers have found their place in every wardrobe, because no other shoes are so comfortable and comfortable – and look so casual! The sneakers of New Balance have experienced a real revival in recent years and bloggers are also happy to show up with them in public. Whether for jeans in boyfriend style or as a cool contrast to romantic dresses, sneakers from New Balance can be combined in many ways. Men can also easily integrate their New Balance sneakers into their casual leisure cloakroom. Whether you’re wearing jeans and a T-shirt or chino and shirt, New Balance sneakers bring you stylish and comfortable through the day.

Train in New Balance sports shoes

New Balance sports shoes are not only functional but also look good. You can choose from a wide selection of sports shoes for various sports, exercising outdoors and also in the gym. The pastel colored running shoes are especially nice for ladies, with them the jogging circuit in the park is much more fun. A running panty with graphic print and a stylish sports bra from Adidas complete the cool sports outfit. For men there are great models in anthracite with details in neon colors. With robust training shoes, you can go hiking in the mountains on weekends. A long sport pant, for example from Asics, a hoodie or a rain jacket will arm you for every weather situation.

New Balance Shoes Second Hand & on sale

The shoes of New Balance are now so popular that it can happen that the presentation of the new collection before the store is a big queue. Accordingly, many popular models are usually sold out very quickly. Here, however, second-hand is a great alternative. In this way one has not only the opportunity to buy shoes at bargain prices, but can also find new models that are no longer available more cheap. Catchys offers a large selection of second-hand New Balance shoes from authenticated partner shops, in which you will surely find what you are looking for. Have fun!

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Also you love the sneakers from New Balance, but you can not decide completely in the wide variety and would like to look at an alternative more detailed? Then we have some alternatives, from the designer shoe to the cheap sneaker model. Fancy models for the larger purse are available at Gucci, for example, the sneakers at the fast fashion giant Zara are more affordable. For stylish, sporty trend models, take a look at the Nike and Puma models. You’ll also find cool retrosneakers at Adidas. Now you just have to decide for the right couple. Have fun shopping!


New Balance Sneakers

What was formerly used as a sports shoe is today an absolute must-have in every shoe cabinet. Some have even become real sneaker collectors! No wonder, because no other shoes are so cool and play such a big role in the street styles world-wide. Also the sneaker models of New Balance can no longer be thought away from the streets. From the retro model over the white classic to colorful high-top sneakers, the right model is there for every type and taste. New cost sneakers from New Balance between 59 € and 270 €. Whether for the relaxed everyday look or the cool street style, New Balance sneakers are absolute all-rounder.

New Balance Running Shoes

The sport and leisure are comfortable, well-fitting shoes. Whether jogging, sprinting or long-distance running, the right running shoes are essential for a good workout and avoid injuries. New Balance’s running shoes combine innovative technology, high wearing comfort and design look. For women and men there are suitable shoes depending on the type of training and personal requirements. Whether colored, uni or patterned, with extra padding or spikes, New Balance shoes allow you to travel long distances. The models are priced between € 85 and € 200.

New Balance sports shoes for the gym and the gym

In addition to sports shoes for outdoor activities, New Balance also offers a wide selection of sneakers for hall sports and the gym. Here, too, innovative technologies and sophisticated shoe design come together. New Balance sports shoes feature a memory sole that adapts to the individual foot shape and a Cush + sole that provides optimum cushioning. In this way injuries are prevented and the training makes twice as much fun!

New Balance hiking shoes

Also for the nature lovers among us, New Balance has the right shoes on offer. Whether on the mountain, through the woods or simply through the fields and meadows, with the walking shoes from New Balance, you can manage every route. Available in muted colors such as gray, dark blue or deep red, the New Balance hiking shoes feature durability, dirt and moisture proofing, and the patented Rollbar sole, which stabilizes the midfoot and rearfoot areas. The models are priced between 90 € and 130 €. With shoes from New Balance, the next hiking trip is no longer in the way.

New Balance football shoes

Of course, New Balance also has the right shoes on offer for the footballer. Available in many different color combinations, New Balance offers models specifically for the lawn, hard court or the hall. In particular the football shoes in neon colors are real eye-catchers. New soccer shoes from New Balance cost between 36 € and 350 €. With New Balance football shoes, you can make a super figure on every court and run right away.

New Balance Children’s Shoes

Even for the youngest, New Balance offers great shoes and especially sneakers. Stars like Kim Kardashian or Beyoncé regularly go with their children in the partner look. In addition to the perfect outfit, the shoes play an important role. Children’s shoes from New Balance are not only cool, but also very sweet in such a small size, but also very comfortable to wear. For boys, girls and even babies there are stylish sneakers in colorful colors, with laces or velcro. Children’s shoes from New Balance are priced between 27 € and 80 €. With New Balance children’s shoes the very small ones can keep up with the big ones and go with Mom and Dad in the sweet partner look.


Sizes of New Balance shoes

Shoes from New Balance are offered in the usual EU sizes and fall out accordingly. Ladies shoes are available in the sizes 35-44, men’s shoes in sizes 40-47. In addition, New Balance offers unisex shoes, which can be worn by women as well as men, these shoes are available from 36 to 47.5. The children’s sizes are divided by age. Baby shoes are available from 21.5 to 27.5, the shoes for children from 3 to 5 years are in sizes 28-35 and for ages 6 to 10 there are shoe sizes 35.5-39. Of course, the same applies: Do not forget to try on!

New Balance Unisex Shoes

Many shoemaking models from New Balance are also available unisex. There are separate men’s and women’s collections, but some models can also be worn by both sexes. The sporty, casual style of New Balance makes it possible for everyone in the shoes to feel absolutely comfortable.

New Balance Personalization

Another trend on the modem market is the personalizing of products, also known as customizing. The buyer can decide how the product looks and change details individually. New Balance also has sneakers on offer that you can personalize. First you can choose from the sneaker classics a model, then the desired color or the desired pattern is selected and lastly you can decide which sole you would like. In this way you can put together your very own personal shoe.


With New Balance shoes you can create cool streetstyle looks as well as stylish sports outfits. How about with pastel colored sneakers to a white jeans in the trendy boyfriend jeans and an airy blouse for a relaxed spring look? Or a colourful retromodel as a cool contrast to the classic black dress? Men can combine their white sneakers to blue jeans and a cool band T-shirt or even summerly with shorts and sleeveless shirt. For more inspiration look at the Pinterest board. Enjoy!


Whether it’s rappers, it-girls, bloggers or us “normal” people, shoes of New Balance are almost everywhere. Thanks to the iconic “N”, which can always be seen on the sides of the shoes, the brand’s models are immediately recognizable. The sneaker hype has made the brand even more popular and successful. The basic design of the shoes remains the same, but the diverse color combinations make each pair something special.