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White shoes by Lacoste

A must have in summer and winter

White Lacoste shoes are a must-have for the warm as well as for cold seasons The color white is such a neutral color to fit everything. Especially in the summer, in which one carries beautiful colorful clothes or skirts, white sneakers are perfect as shoes for the outfit. White sneakers are not only worn during leisure time, but also women and men combine to suit a suit or a typical workout like white sneakers. Even in winter, white sneakers are increasingly combined. Typical combinations are: tubular jeans with coats or with parkas.

But what makes Lacoste’s white sneakers so special?

René Lacoste chose a crocodile as a company logo, which is connected with the event in 1923. Lacoste is nicknamed “The Crocodile” by a journalist after hearing of a bet involving a crocodile suitcase. A few years later the sportsman designed a logo inspired by this nickname in the form of a crocodile.

Above all the combination of the green crocodile on the white background gives the shoe a distinctive feature, which makes the shoe more striking and special than normal white sneakers.

Buy White Lacoste Sneaker in Second Hand?

It is often asked whether white sneakers are really worth a second-hand purchase, as wear marks are quickly apparent. However, a white retro Lacoste shoe has a great rarity and is very popular again. If you are not convinced by this, we also offer sale products in our bargains next to Secondhand, where you will surely find something.

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