Fila Shoes

Shoes we women can never have enough. It is a good thing that the Italian sporting goods manufacturer Fila brings cool, new shoe models to the market every season. The label, which has already been more than 100 years old, has always remained true to its line. The company was known mainly thanks to Swedish player Björn Borg, Nick Carter from the backstreetboys and US singer Rihanna are big fans of the label and often carry their models in public. If you are not yet familiar with the label and its shoe models and are looking for new sneakers, boots or sandals, you should definitely read our Fila Style Guide!

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Combinations with Fila shoes

Fila boots for a casual street style

Are you looking for a casual street style? Then we have a top suggestion for you. Combines the Grunge Mid boots from Fila in camel to a black skinny jeans and a large oversized print t-shirt labeled “FILA”. With this look, you definitely take a look at all of you. Another way to style your boots is to combine them with a dark gray, tight jeans, a black and white striped basic shirt and a cool, black leather jacket.

Fila sandals for a comfortable style

We are sure, no other shoes split the opinions so much as badelocks or sandals. After the iconic Birkenstock sandals, we now wear trendy Fila sandals. Particularly casual we find the models with the classic blue-red-white stripes and the Fila logo, inspired by the classic Fila tennis headbands. You combine them best with a torn jeans and a cool basic shirt. A special highlight of these shoemaking models is that they are so beautifully comfortable and we would like to wear them around the clock. They simply bring a bit of comfort into the otherwise strict fashion world and are a good change to dizzying high heels and narrow half-shoes. Moreover, they do not follow a current trend, but are timeless and can be re-worn every year. One thing is clear, either you love them or you hate them. We love, love, love them.

Fila sneaker for your officelook

If you do not get your usual work uniform in the morning, you probably know the daily “what do I have in the office” problem. But do not panic, we have the solution for you. Instead of despairing, you are welcome to consider our styling suggestions. The Fila sneakers can also be worn without problems in the office if you combine them correctly. Important is, however, that they look as new as possible or at least well maintained. In addition, you should make sure that you combine the sneakers with classic basics. So choose the right jeans for your outfit without eye-catching washes or cut-outs, a cotton pull in muted colors and a trendy long vest in matching colors. With the accessories you can still grab something more eye-catching jewelry and also your bag may be a bit more colorful. But always pay attention to your overall look. The more noticeable the sneakers are, the more unobtrusive the rest of your outfits should be and vice versa.

Fila Shoes at Second Hand & Sale

Surely you also know the situation, that you have fallen in love with a part, you could not afford it at the time and it is now sold out. Do not worry too much now and take a deep breath. Just let a few weeks elapse, because you are likely to find your favorite part in the well-known second hand shops. Especially Fila sneakers’ special editions are sold out quickly and only second hand is available. Often these are so coveted that if you own a few, you can even sell them profitably. If you would like to save a few euros should also necessarily look for sale products. Fila shoes are timeless classics that you can wear over several seasons.

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Fake Check Fila Shoes

the plagiarism industry has now realized that Fila shoes are very popular with all fashionistas. We will tell you how to effectively protect yourself from being sold out and learn how to distinguish the original from counterfeiting. In most cases, shoe counterfeits are very easy to recognize as only materials of low quality with a short shelf life are used. Therefore, every single cent you put into a fake product is wrongly invested. In addition, you are guilty if you knowingly buy a prudent trader at a dubious dealer. In order to avoid this, you should definitely check the tagged or glued label and the cardboard of your Fila shoes. If you do not find a production number on the shoe box, it is very likely a fake. In addition, you should pay attention to material defects on the fila shoes. Many bad plagiarisms have poorly processed seams or are not made of real leather. Also the price of the shoes can be an important reference for you. Compares to the prices on the original Fila page. Last but not least, you should also shop at authorized, trustworthy shops. Catchys will only guide you to approved online shops that guarantee the originality of your Fila shoes. Shops with the brand name in the domain, as for example is with very high probability no shop with genuine Fila shoes. Do not be fooled by original article descriptions in these dubious shops. Most of them simply copy the texts and pictures from the original brand pages. In general: If in doubt, always keep the fingers of shops, which do not appear to you in any way, and use our partner shops, such as Second Passion.

Alternatives to Fila shoes

“A woman in good shoes is never ugly,” said Coco Chanel. And there we are absolutely right. With the shoes of Fila you are definitely well dressed. However, we also have some cool alternatives for you that are at least as beautiful, as the footwear from Fila and they do not follow in style. If you are a big fan of the Fila sandals, but would like to bring some change into your wardrobe, we also recommend the casual slippers from Reebok. These come very close to the style of Fila’s sandal models. But Nike and Adidas also offer a few similar alternatives. At New Look and Blink, there are a few cheaper models where you can save even more and then maybe buy two or more models. No matter what shoe model you choose, we wish you lots of fun with fashionistas!

Popular footwear from Fila

Fila Crosscourt 2f sneaker

An absolute favorite of our catchy editorial team are the Crosscourt sneakers from Fila. This iconic model is available in several color combinations, which can be perfectly combined to the most different outfits. The padded, removable deck sole gives you a feeling of running on clouds, guaranteeing hours of comfort without the hassle of bubbles. The slip-resistant outsole and the padded entry edge support the feel-good factor in these sneakers. In addition, the side ventilation holes avoid unpleasant welding odor of the feet. The upper material of the Crosscourt is made of high-quality, insensitive artificial leather, from which you can easily wipe off small dirt. The Crosscourt 2f sneaker is an absolute must have in your sneaker collection.

Fila grunge lace-up boots

Another highlight is Fila’s robust grunge lace-up boots. This boot of the label is a true all-rounder. It is suitable for your cool street style as well as for an outdoor adventure. Due to the gripping profile sole and the EVA midsole with high wearing comfort, they are suitable for longer tours without annoying foot pain. Particularly cool is the casual material mix of high-quality leather and textile. In addition to this, it can be easily pulled up compared to many other boots due to the pull tab at the heel. Whether you’re dressed in an oversized quilted jacket or a cool, parka parka, you’ll always have a good figure in these knuckle-high grunge boots from Fila, guaranteed!

Fila Fx-100 sneaker

If you are a fan of high top sneakers, you will definitely like the Fila Fx-100 sneakers. This casual shoemaking model in retro style convinced us immediately. The tongue and the upper with Velcro closure ensure a good fit. The reinforced heel area and the padded, removable cover sole allow you a 100% wearing comfort. Also for this shoemaking model, the Italian cult label used a cool material mix of high-quality leather and textile. Combine this sneaker to almost anything. For a casual street style, you wear them into a light, washed-out jeans with cut-outs and a casual print T-shirt.

Fila Disruptor Low Sneaker

With this sneaker model the ghosts are guaranteed. Either you love them, or you hate them. One is guaranteed with the Disruptor Low Sneakers from Fila you are the star of the next Oldschool Party. They are the perfect cult accessory in vintage style. Particularly cool are original models from the 90s. Therefore, you should definitely search some secondhand shops for them. We especially like this sneaker model in the color Nude. The wide sole provides a wonderful contrast to your slender legs. The handy sole is also very practical here, for which the Fila brand is so well known. The pull tab on the tongue and heel allow for easy putting on of the shoes.

Popular styles with Fila shoes

You’ve found your favorite shoe model from Fila, First or Second Hand? Wonderful, then you only need a few styling ideas and it can start. The beautiful sneaker models from Fila give your outfit a sporty touch and with their colorful designs become an absolute eyecatcher. You can even wear them in the office in a classic way. To white Fila sneakers, you’ll wear a classic black blazer, a plain basic T-shirt and a tight-fitting, plain-colored jeans or chino trousers. We find above all that some of Fila’s footwear models are very similar to the design of half-shoes but look much cooler than the classic business shoes. The trademark of the label is the grippy sole, with which most of the shoemaking models of the Italian sports article manufacturer are equipped. Therefore, these models are suitable for both leisure and sports activities. You can find more inspiration in our Pinterest board.

Typical Fila shoes

The shoes of the sports article manufacturer Fila are among the Streetstyle favorites of fashion-conscious women and men. Since their great hype in the 90s, Fila’s shoe models are currently celebrating their comeback and have taken the leap from the tennis court into our wardrobes. Whether Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr – all well-known fashion bloggers and influencers wear shoes from Fila. The retro models with modern accents have become absolute must-haves for our wardrobe. Also in Second Hand and Sale Fila shoes are a favorite. The cult brand also impresses us with colorful designs, high-quality materials and functionality. The shoes can be worn on many different occasions, such as a stroll through the city with the best friend or an exciting outdoor adventure. Basically, Fila offers mostly sports shoes and sneakers, but also grunge boots or the iconic sandals are among our favorites of the brand.